Topic: Ling brings a message from Soo Lee, about music.

A Message about Music

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.
Tonight I am really repeating the words of a very charming young lady, whom not all of you are acquainted with; she goes by the name of Soo Lee.

Soo Lee is someone whom you haven’t heard of for some considerable time for she, in her own way, is traveling far in her knowledge but it is in one field, and that is the field of music. When we all met not long ago that young lady felt that we were neglecting your education. She felt that you should be guided more in music, so it has come on my bowed down shoulders, to repeat her words. Does that sound dramatic?

Sitters: Yes. Yes indeed. Very. (Laughter)

Spirit: For my own known knowledge in this field, is I’m afraid abysmal; but I will try and remember, and repeat what she has said. She would love to have come to speak to you herself, but it would involve a number of other people in transmission. I’m sure you understand.

Sitters: Yes.

Spirit: Now she points out that music, question mark, has a very wide field, a very wide meaning, from plain evil, bad, stimulates the worst in people… to music that can uplift the soul to the stars.

So what she would like you people to do, when you have time, is to think on what you are hearing; put it in to categories. She herself, and those she associates with, in listening to many of the wonderful composers have found that those who look to nature usually produce the most uplifting music.

We all enjoy music of a dance, of many nationalities and many types, we enjoy bright songs, songs of joy and we enjoy military music, many of us, the marches, they are uplifting, and stimulating.

But she asks us to listen more, to the music of those who create from nature, the well known, our Vivaldi, Grieg, Mozart – their music has a light quality but has an uplifting quality. Many of the others, well-known names, Bach, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, also have the same wonderful uplifting effect on people, but not all their pieces. Many of them have warlike attitudes, but through that music, perhaps there is a theme. Well if you are sitting listening quietly, completely relaxed, you can almost feel yourself leaving your body, and it is real joy!

And this is what Soo Lee feels each and every one of you, (and in that she is meaning all people on earth), should try and develop, and appreciate, because she explained that in her life in spirit, it has meant so much.

She has been able to put aside the frivolousness that she felt enveloped her, also the evil that had been around her, and from the music, she feels she is well on the way to finding God. And that is the greatest gift she feels she can offer anyone – to perhaps show them one path that leads to god, one of many, all of which we must follow, but that is her one, and she would like to share it.

We remember Soo Lee as a lovely little person, very bright, and as she said, ‘quite frivolous’. Now she is a charming, delightful soul, and we hope that with each path she travels, she will also have the joy that she has in her music.

Now I don’t know whether I can answer any questions that you may want to ask on this particular topic, because I myself am very much a beginner in that path.

But I hope that perhaps it is open to you the thought, that there are many paths to follow, you will never be bored with eternity!

Now, are there any questions?

Sitters: No thank you Ling.

Spirit: Well I’m sure that you all send your love to Soo Lee, and perhaps one day we will have the pleasure of bringing her to you again.

Sitter: Thank you that would be lovely.

Spirit: God bless you, and enjoy the rest of your evening together.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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