Topic: Know yourself. Do you like yourself?

Do You Like Yourself?

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Tonight’s talk may be put in the form of questions, but we do not expect you to answer. It is just a form that you could possibly use, in talking with others, but also in your learning and disciplining of yourselves.

First, “Do you like yourself”?

Most people would say, “Oh I wish I was a bit younger”, “Could be a bit taller”, “Could have a few more brains”, “Wish I could dance better, or sing”, etc. They are all purely physical things.

Do you like yourself?

If for example, within a couple of hours you were to meet your guide, your friend, your angel, whatever you like to call the one soul here that knows you as well as you know yourself, and to that one person, that one spirit, you have to give an account of yourself – once more, do you like yourself?

Would you be proud, or pleased, (pride is not an acceptable virtue), but would you be able to say, “I have done my best spiritually, I feel I have done no harm, I have done some good and in your mind if you were to meet yourself, would you be proud to accept yourself as a friend?

Everyone is on earth to learn, and eventually take with them when they die, the personality and the learning, that they have achieved in their lifetime. Again, do you like yourself?

We can say, “We are spiritual people, we do this that and the other, because our church or whatever, says it is the right thing to do”, but in yourself, are you what is acceptable to yourself?

When you die, many people imagine that all is going to be well. Physically it will be, there will be no pain, ill health, or any of the corruption that comes to the human body – but what you call mind is still there. You cannot change what you are once you are in spirit, until you have accepted what you are. Now is your time, not to look on others and say, “He’s done this or that, or whatever”, but to look on yourself… because life now, where you are, is your school.

Here there is no Hell, there is delight, there is great knowledge, there is upliftment, wonderful music, singing, it’s all here, but you have to earn it. Once more, “Do you like yourself”?

Imagine the greatest person that you know, or have known of in history, (many Europeans of course would pick on the Nazarene)… would you feel yourselves worthy to go before that person and shake their hands and know that they would accept you, perhaps as an equal, or at least trying to be an equal? Know yourself!

It is all there too… all the wonder, for everyone, no matter, (I don’t like using the words), but how ‘base’ or ‘rotten’ or ‘criminal’ that you are, if you can accept that you have these disadvantages, possibly of your own making, but even if circumstances have led you into these circumstances – rise above it! Know yourself. Make the effort, whether it is physical or mental.

We cannot emphasize enough – the knowing of self!  None of this, “I’m all right”. Really ask yourself, “Are you”?

Now if you are passing this on to other people, by no means perhaps emphasise as much as we have tonight. We all have freedom of choice, and it’s a very big important choice for all to make, and I think it has been said before, ‘To your own self, be true’.

I think for tonight we have said enough on that subject, unless there is something you may care to ask?

Sitter: Yes, could you please comment. You say, “Do you like yourself”?  But I could answer that both ways. There are some things that I am pleased to have done, and there are some things that I am not pleased about at all. Overall then how does one answer?

Spirit: You cannot live in the past. If you have realised what you have done that you don’t like, and have corrected it, and made sure it never happens again, you are on your way. But you have to be sure, to know, that you have corrected that fault… and you can’t bluff the one person that knows you, and that is the person who stands behind you all your life; because each and every one of you has a guide, teacher, angel, call them what you may. And, believe you me, we all need them – including yours truly whom you probably think is quite a fine person, but I, in myself, know my faults, and it is a big help to know them.

So on that note God bless you, and make for yourself a wonderful world when you come over here – it’s up to you.


Sitter:Thank you Ling. You’ve given us a lot to think about.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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