Topic: Your picture - the art of living - follow up.
ED. COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No.599 Held 12thth July, 2005.

Your Picture - The Art of Living - Follow Up

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

We would like to think that you have thought a little more about the art of living, and the picture that you are creating with your life, because it is this picture, in fact many facets of it, that you and friends will gaze upon, when you venture to us.

One wants a picture that one is proud of, mind you, not too proud because pride in itself is not a virtue, but a picture that you can look on with a sense of achievement. This is, as you most likely realise, not necessarily in material things. It is perhaps more credits to be gained in the giving of self, but that too is not necessarily a virtue; withdrawing yourself is sometimes more so, to allow the soul that you are dealing with, in other words another fellow human being on the path, to develop.

No doubt each and every one of you has had the experience of being cosseted by friends, relations, family, to the extent where you might feel like saying, “Give me space, let me work this out myself”, it has happened to us all.

Because you, are going to paint your picture, and you are responsible for that picture, remember that it is a long path that we follow to the ultimate light, it has many curves and many stumbling blocks… but if we look on it as a great adventure, a great experience, try also in your thinking, although we realise that this is impossible physically, but in your thinking try and embrace the world; that you wish the best for all mankind. Thoughts help you paint pictures too.

For the moment we will branch slightly, in so much as we have said to delve into other religions, know a little about them, so that the world can unite in one big brotherhood. Now this may seem a very sorry way to look at things, but what happened in London may do more good for brotherhood of man, than anything that has happened for many years, because in London at least, people have realised that they are one group, they are human beings, and no matter what their thinking is religious wise, they are all affected the same way when it comes to tragedy.

(Note: This week four Muslim fundamentalist suicide bombers blew up a lot of innocent people in Britain. Because these victims belonged to many religions, religious leaders are now uniting against terrorism).

As we were saying, it is a hard road to follow, it has many bends and has many stumbling blocks, but as you come to each one, try yourselves, to add a little bit more light and a little bit more colour, into that picture or those pictures, that you are going to take with you, because as you realise yourselves, that is all you can take… just what you have achieved in your thoughts and in the development of your soul.

So if possible, even though sometimes it is very difficult, take an interest in making it a good picture, so that you may take a step further when you come here, because every step you take, is just a bit nearer to that light, and in the mean time don’t scorn the various religions that say, that they have found the light. As you understand it, they may not have found the light, but they have found a path that will help them, and if it is that one that they choose at this time, well it may be helping them. We must to be a united brotherhood, not close our minds, when we have found, what we believe to be the light.

If we were to meet personally, if I was to sit in your room with you and we started a discussion on our belief in religions, we may possibly end up wanting to punch each other on the nose, because we all have different opinions, but we are all going the same way.

So friends, on this note take up your brushes, and paint your pictures… that you will bring with you, when you come.

Now it would be difficult for you to ask questions on tonight’s talk, but if you have any we will try and answer them.

Sitter: No questions Ling but a comment. I have been reading a book about various religious activities and am completely bewildered. I can’t imagine any sensible person going along with the ideas that many of these religions bring forward, and insist on, with their adherents. People are told they must do this and they must do that, and I would have thought that any person thinking for themselves would think, “This is ridiculous”, and so have nothing further to do with that particular religion. I just can’t understand why they stay.

Spirit: Many of these people are lost people, frightened people, and they will grasp at anything; also the people who are telling them to do these things, are probably looking to fill their own pockets, through fear. But basically, whatever that religion is, it must have had a good start somewhere.

Sitter: Thank you.

Spirit: It is a hard road in many ways friends, but it can be a joyous one. Keep your minds open and travel it with joy.

Goodnight from your friends.

Sitters: Thank you very much. Goodnight.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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