Topic: Some thoughts on the vastness of Life going on and on.
ED. COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No.600 Held 19thth July, 2005.

Life Goes On and On

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

I suppose what we are thinking of tonight is almost a story to tell you people.

I have often remarked on my friends and I speak of a group, being ‘we’, and we try and pass on a modicum of knowledge to you people, but tonight we would like, if possible, to make you realise the vastness, the incredible area of knowledge, that is your life, and what periods, in your terms, of time involved.

Now some of this on our part is supposition, it’s thought, “Is that the answer?” because though we have knowledge, some of which we have imparted to you, we realise that there is so much more that we don’t know. So we have made a story in our imaginations, “Is this what it is all about?” and so we will pass on to you what we have been thinking. You do not have to accept it; it may be quite incorrect… you have freedom of choice. Then again there may be little pieces of it where you think, “Well perhaps”.

So we will start, somewhere, there is no time, but there is a dimension that we don’t know about, another one that is far greater, that has minds, thought, far beyond our ability of understanding, and from these minds came the idea of earth. There was a planet that could possibly sustain life, and so it began to evolve, the single cell. Now we want more than one cell, so let us divide it, and as you no doubt have read, came the gradual evolvement of sea life, nothing on the land, just the sea.

But this became boring. Let us go further. Could those creatures, some of them, survive without water, without living in the water? And so some began to come out of the water. Some grew, and grew enormous, because the oxygen was far greater than is in the world today. And so the animals, we will call them animals, grew very big… but they just existed, they really didn’t think very much.

“This seems a shame”, say the great minds of another world, “What must we do?” And gradually the scientists, we will call them that, the scientists, evolved a very small brain or in modern terms, computer. This evolved over a period of time and became the thinking animals, the apes, and as you know this evolved to man. But the thinking ape and man, both realised that there was something beyond themselves because the ape felt affection, the ape liked toys, the ape began to look at things and wonder, and man even more so.

Mankind evolved sufficiently to think, “There was something beyond this”, and started to think of various gods. Well no doubt in your reading you know the evolvement of man, and it is your evolvement too, because that first cell that split, was the beginning of ‘you’. You probably haven’t thought of it that way, but if we could trace, way back thousands of years, that’s where we started from.

But my little group of friends have now got to the stage where we are thinking, that the school is earth. Do we, in the primitive beginnings of man, do we really reincarnate? It is logical – but we don’t know, the same as we don’t know what the ultimate is! But it’s a thought until we evolve enough, to start thinking that death is not an end, it is a beginning… and once we can accept this, perhaps there is no going back. But it is that acceptance that we all must have – that is what we are thinking.

Once we can accept that there is something beyond our period of time, (which is vast beyond our comprehension, because there is no death), mind, thought, (I think someone once said to you, “If you can think, you are”), and we can think, but we don’t always get the answers. But our thinking at the moment, is that we have all evolved from a single cell that a brain has manufactured, has put into being, and that brain is what we call God, and we have all evolved from that in this changing world, because it has changed from the time of that first cell splitting, to what we are today.

Our world to us, that is to those who are in the land of ‘death’, for want of a better word, our world is as solid to us as yours is to you. We have almost the facsimile of your world, only I assure you it is much better because we don’t have the encumbrance of a physical body, but if our world is solid to us, after we have died, there must be others, going on into infinity. There must be other worlds, other dimensions, and that is what we are all seeking… and the more knowledge we gain on all aspects of life everlasting, the quicker our journey possibly will be.

That is why over the years we have asked you to extend your thinking. I think we once suggested to you that you pick on one word, and see how far you can take it.

Tonight I hope we have given you the idea, perhaps of one world, and extending it, as the possible answer to life everlasting.

These are just the thoughts of a group of us who like you people, get together, and we talk, we throw ideas into what you would call a melting pot, and try and see what we can work out.

I think that for tonight, that is as far as we possibly can take you. I hope we have opened your minds just a tiny bit, to the vastness of your life, going on, and on.

I don’t know whether we can answer your questions, but if you have any we will do our best.

Sitters (H & J): No thank you Ling.

Sitter (K): Yes please Ling. How is it that you speak of a possible other dimension, as if it is something outside your realm, and yet I think Elizabeth came to us from another dimension that was within your realm. She spoke of being in a place where everything was white; where everything was just thought, yet where there were many differences. Now is Elizabeth’s dimension really outside your world, for I understood it to be within it? Thank you.

Spirit: The lady Elizabeth is someone whom my little group have never contacted. Her thoughts, her being, are beyond us. Whether she has reached another dimension, or whether she is at the ‘university’ shall we say, of our dimension, I don’t know. I cannot really answer your question… I don’t know and neither do my friends.

Sitter. Thank you Ling.

Spirit: Well my friends, I hope I or we, have given you something to think about. It is so important to extend what you are, and that doesn’t mean getting another house or having a bigger car. It is extending the being that goes on forever, the thought that is you, the part of you that we all call God because each one of us has that God-force within us and that’s what we are all looking for, knowing that it is there somewhere.

Make the opportunity to extend your thinking, even just sitting by yourself and thinking, “What is it all about?” You may be surprised at the thoughts that come into your own computer.

Good night, and God bless you, from us all.

Sitter: Thank you very much Ling. Goodnight.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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