Topic: Alan suggest some time off for our circle.

Take Some Time Off

(Note: Prior to circle commencement several circle members had been talking and wondering about how long the circle could continue. Because with our advancing years, and attendant doctors visits and operations, and our medium’s increasing headaches, together with our general lack of energy, we were becoming apprehensive, particularly as a number of meetings have of necessity, had to be cancelled).

Spirit (Alan): Good evening this is Alan.

It is some considerable time since we have spoken. But I come with a guilty conscience, because my friends I feel we have taken advantage of you over the years.

You have been dedicated and loyal people to spirit and we realise that each one of you in your own way is a little tired at this time – we don’t mean spiritually.

Because remember that you are young, you are youthful, but tired physically, and because of this we are not asking you to give up completely, but we are suggesting that for two months you do not have a circle, other than a healing one.

What we suggest is that you have a break all of this month, (we are just at the beginning as I understand it), so that is all of August and also September, then there will be two months when we hope we will all be together again, and then there will be a Christmas break.

I feel for all of you that it would be a good thing. I hope that you will come back to us feeling rested and recovered from your various physical, (because they are purely physical), ailments.

And to help you we would suggest that you take time off. You may say that you have time off, but at least twice a week do something a little different, something you may not normally do. It is this sort of anticipation, of looking forward to something, that helps the physical body.

Think back to your youth. You were planning just about every day of the week as to when you would see this person, or when you were going to a dance, or what you were learning… there was stimulation! In some way, have something that would interest you now. We suggest that at least twice a week, even if it is only for a short period of time, you try some new stimulation.

Don’t go at it with too much vigour. This is something that we have learnt when we went on the long caravans that I used to tell you about, mind you, to be honest we couldn’t hurry… have you ever tried to hurry a camel? (Mirth) And also the sandstorms would hold us up… so you learnt patience.

So whatever you choose, take your time, be patient, but enjoy it. Relax; admire nature around you, commune with it, read books on Spiritualism, (on Spirit not necessarily Spiritualism), listen to others, talk amongst yourselves.

We would suggest and it is only our suggestion, that you make your healing for these two months fortnightly, so you have at least a week in between, that you can plan for whatever you want, and come together and talk about what you’ve done.

Or perhaps you may even enjoy doing something together, the four of you. We don’t want you to part in any way, not completely. You are valuable to us and we hope that we will all be together again, but we want you to have a time of pleasure, of gaining knowledge, relaxation, as well as stimulation.

Is there anything you would care to question here as to what you should do?

Sitter (K): Alan do you want us to have our healing sessions on Tuesday nights as at present, or during the daytime, or what do you suggest?

Spirit: It is up to you people. You decide yourselves at the close of the circle what is most convenient for you. This is your time, your time of rest and relaxation, but make it regular please.

Sitter (K): I think your suggestion has come at a good time Alan, for some of us are feeling rather jaded indeed. Thank you very much.

Spirit: Well we feel a little remiss ourselves that we haven’t done something about it sooner, but you have been of so much value to us, and so loyal.

Sitter: And we hope we may continue.

Spirit: Thank you and God bless you. And make sure you do have a rest! (Laughter)

Sitter (K): Thank you. To you our love, and to all our other friends there with you our love goes likewise.
Thank you for everything.

Spirit: You can’t see it, but they are waving to you and smiling, hoping you will enjoy yourselves.

Sitter: Thank you, and we will see you again hopefully two months from now.

Spirit: Thank you, the first Tuesday in October.


Sitters: Goodnight.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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