Topic: Using 'Mind to Mind' to influence for good.
ED. COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No.603 Held 12th October, 2005.

Mind to Mind

Spirit: Greetings.

As you no doubt remember, last time we spoke we were talking about people having sufficient knowledge to be capable of surviving, or at least having the initiative to try, and to make the best of circumstances.

Unfortunately your generation is probably the last of the self-sufficient group of people, but there is no reason whatsoever why the generations to come, and who are here with us now, can’t also be capable. But what they have to learn is to be individuals.

Have you realised that insidiously, people are being controlled by many big organisations, by the people at the top, whom you would say, “Are lining their own pockets”. For example, a new lot of cars are put on the road and they may be black. Suddenly everyone must have a black car. If they cannot buy it, they try to inveigle someone else into buying it for them, or they steal it. Perhaps a new fashion in shoes comes out. I am not saying that they will steal shoes, but people will want to follow the fashion. I don’t think that there is a facet of living that isn’t influenced by media control, and this applies all over the world.

The primitive man, where he does exist in small areas, once he has been touched by so-called civilisation, he begins to want also. Gone are his thatched huts, and he uses corrugated iron. Gone is his comfortable clothing, he now wears synthetics, but somewhere, someone, is making a lot of money out of this. People have got to learn to think for themselves, to think as individuals. We will say that it is the in thing to have orange carpets. People must learn to be individual and say, “That does not suit me. I will hunt until I find a brown one or whatever, even if it is old. I don’t have to copy everyone”.

And the same applies very much to music. We are not saying that good music as your generation and older would appreciate it, doesn’t exist, it does, and a few in comparison to the rest of the world still appreciates it… but media once more has influenced people’s thinking so much, that they go in for listening to what I think you would agree, is just a “racket!”

Sitters: Yes we do agree.

Spirit: Now you are probably thinking, “What can we do about it?” But if you’re thinking like that my friends, you have forgotten one of the basic things, of what you call Spiritualism… think of “Mind to mind”.
You may not be able to go to a person and say, “Look, you are thinking wrongly, you would be better off, if you had this or that, simplified your life, thought for yourself”. They would most likely tell you to mind your own business and perhaps rightly so. Everyone has freedom of choice.

But, we all want to influence for good, whether it is us in spirit or you in the physical body, who are still spirit, (for you are a spirit with a physical body). So when you know of something you don’t approve of, that you feel is harmful to people, in your mind send out thoughts for good.

You do your best with healing, is that not the same thing? You try to contact the minds in spirit, so that they may contact the minds in body, thereby influencing them; but you know that it can be done directly, from one physical body to another and it doesn’t have to be for the healing of the body, it can perhaps be for healing of the mind. Try to re-educate people into thinking on other lines.

I am not saying that you should try and influence governments, but individuals. Don’t try and change the laws of your country. They have been designed for what is felt to be the best for your country, the same as our good manners have been designed so that people can live comfortably together.

But what you are trying to influence, is the thinking of people that they must think for themselves… they do not have to do what the media says. They certainly must obey the laws of their country and the conventions of their country, but apart from that, they can think for themselves, and if they can’t get a black car, well why not have a yellow or whatever instead, and so on. They don’t have to listen to poor music; they don’t have to read literature which is corrupting.

Influence them that they may take the opportunity for good, because it is there. You know it is there, you may not always abide by it, but you know it is there. These people of whom we are talking, the ones who as you would say, “Have gone off the rails”, they need to know that by thinking ‘good’, ‘doing good’, they will feel good. And to those young people and adults who are doing their best, send them your thoughts of upliftment, like you would send to people for healing. We will do our best, but it is a world that at the moment for one reason or another is in turmoil, and the more of us who can influence by mind to mind, perhaps the sooner it will smooth out, and people will start living as they are supposed to; living and learning, so that they too may eventually have the joy of spirit, and of realising what they are.

Is there anything you would care to ask, where we may be able to give help, on the subject that we have talked about?

Sitter (K): A comment here… I would be a bit wary of this mind to mind direct, and not going through you folk, for I’m thinking of the witchdoctors in some places who can go mind to mind, and kill people. There must be some sort of safety measure built in. Could you please tell us what it is?

Spirit: You in your mind to mind are doing it for good, and good overcomes evil. If you are ever worried you have been told how to put up a barrier, build a wall and nothing can hurt you. You have spirit on your side.

Sitter: Thank you, but I was not worried from my point of view, but am worried from the recipient’s point of view, for if my thinking to him is not quite received in the way it was sent, could things go wrong, and he ends up in trouble?

Spirit: Most unlikely, because you have always got spirit around you, they would be doing their best. They know when you are sending out thoughts of love and compassion, and helpfulness to people. You are not directing people what to do, you are not saying, “Now don’t buy that car, buy that one!” You are just asking them to think for themselves.

Sitter: Thank you.

Sitter (J): Thank you Ling, that was really helpful. It would be wonderful if we could in some way influence for good, our bored generation where young ones don’t want to do things and at the same time, say “I’m bored!” It’s just what they need.

Spirit: True, it is wonderful if you can help, but also remember that you are not Gods yourselves, you are just human beings on earth with a spirit, or you are spirit, and you try and help other spirits. You can only suggest.

God bless you all. Goodnight.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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