Topic: Exhibitionism.
ED. COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No.604 Held 19th October, 2005.


We wish to talk tonight on ‘Exhibitionism’.

You may have noticed this flourishing attitude that people have, (from quite young to reasonably advanced years), this “Look at me” attitude, and it could be that in many cases there is nothing to look at… a human being without a sensible thought in their head. This applies mainly to the young, starting at about eight years old and going on to about twenty… a lot of loud, raucous laughter – for nothing.

There are still some people dedicated to learning, and applying themselves to living, give them credit – but it would appear that they are in the minority.

This showing off attitude continues in adults and examples would be… parking the new car out on the road just so that the neighbours can see it, or inviting people into the home, so the visitors can see that you’ve got better things than they have. Both are a form of showing off, whereas in reality you may find that the car is not paid for, nor is the furniture in the house.

But if they had done something worthwhile in their life, like they had helped someone on the road, on the path of life, physically, perhaps mentally, then they wouldn’t speak of that unless it was in a scoffing manner, which some would do like “I helped old so and so, the silly old B”, as I think some may say.

It’s a form of showing off, this shallowness, and it is penetrating throughout the world in all stations of life, even amongst the very upper crust, so called. They may be comfortably off, but they want everyone to know it.

There again there are the unassuming men and women who do give of their time, and in some cases their money, to help others. But they’re not the ones who are making the noise; they are not the ones that the young are following, the so called ‘Pop’ of society. I will give one example which I find particularly obnoxious; perhaps because I come from another culture and am old, but the music… it is diabolical… it is upsetting to the vibrations of earth.

Sitters: Yes we agree.

Spirit: And these people are admired and copied. It is so wrong, my friends.

So if ever you have the opportunity, put in a little word for moderation, for behaviour standards, for upliftment of the soul, because these people, who are thinking only of self and showing off their loud voices or their physical bodies, are at the same time, many of them, showing off their emptiness. It is very sad for they are not making the most of their opportunities.

But this isn’t always with the uneducated, it can happen with people who have what is called an education… but the ‘I’ factor comes into it too, and they forget that they have been given an opportunity to help others, and this manifests itself in one area that we are particularly sorry about – and that is in mediumship.

There are many mediums, and many who could possibly develop as mediums. There are some too (whose numbers unfortunately could almost be counted on one hand), who are the rare and true mediums,

These latter, are people who are unassuming, who make their living maybe travelling the world to many countries, many places, and probably in many cases also having to put up with second rate accommodation. It can be quite insulting, the way that they are treated – but these few people are really genuine.

When I speak now, I speak not of them, but of people who are possibly on their way to being true mediums, and who could be genuine. They do not demand the limelight, they do not shout from the rooftops, and they usually don’t get the red carpet treatment, (I think there is an expression), the ‘razzmatazz’. ‘The blowing of trumpets’ I presume it means. There is none of that for them; they get on with their job. It doesn’t matter the type of mediumship, whether it is clairaudience, or clairvoyance, or overshadowing, or trance, or that rather great skill that some have, of being able to draw what they see, if these people are genuine, they are like pure gold in your world.

Find out about them, appreciate them, and whenever you can, help them. Whether they are well known, or humble people who probably don’t even let on what they are capable of, if you come across them give them your respect, because in that field, the quiet, unassuming, ‘get on with it’ types, are truly to be cherished.

And in the everyday world, try and curb wherever you can, this showing off, this “I’m better than you, I’m louder than you, I’m more way out in my garments”, and try and point out to the person, that it’s not the noise they make, or the loudness of their clothing… but it is what shines out through their eyes, what they are, their soul, that really matters.

I hope that this has given you something to think about, even if you are not in a position to do much about it, at least your thoughts are there with this problem.

Goodnight and God bless you.

This was Ling.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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