Topic: Changes to our circle format.
ED. COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No.608 Held 13th November, 2005.

Changes To Our Circle Format

Spirit: Good evening, this is Alan.

We think it might be advisable to slightly change the format of your circle. For one thing Ken you will be pleased, as it will save you some work. (Laughter)

On moonlight nights, light nights, don’t worry about completely blacking out the room. There will be nights that are quite black and if anyone is showing you lights or anything of that nature you will have the opportunity, but on the other nights where there is the ordinary natural light coming into the room above the curtains – let it happen. This will be an opportunity, for each one of you to perhaps develop an ability that you are unaware of at the moment.

For example you may just hear the odd word; you may hear your name. If you hear a lot of words, remember you are one of four people, so make only a brief comment. You may see pictures. For example it may be a garden, so just make the comment, “I see a garden”. Later on when you are having your relaxation time and your cup of tea, if you want to go into more detail, that would be a good time to explain more about your flowers. In the circle, as there are four of you and it is just for half an hour, (no longer), brevity will give more opportunity for more contacts, and each one of you may have some little thing that you want to comment on.

If you see somebody by chance, like you have Ken, just say “I am seeing a woman, she is sitting on a rocking chair (or what have you). You won’t forget it, and then you can go in for details later on. That will give the opportunity perhaps for another person to come through. Now these people (or sounds) that you might hear are like yourselves, they are learning. You may get exactly nothing, but you can be assured there will be people here trying, like you are. The main thing is to not spend too much time describing what you see. By all means voice it, but make it brief… and they will make their effort brief too.

And another thing, you need have no concern about the type of people coming through, you are protected. But for those of you who have not tried this sort of thing before, there are two people in your circle, who are quite capable of stepping in should it be necessary – you have nothing to fear… just relax and enjoy yourselves, and you never know what might happen. This is not going to be a physical manifestation.

Sitter (K): When does this take place, this development type of system? Is it at the end after we have had our usual half hour…?

Spirit: Oh no, it is in your half hour.

Sitter (H): We have healing first do we?

Spirit: You have your healing, you have a speaker possibly, and you have a half hour…that’s what you do now isn’t it?

Sitter Yes we sit in the dark for half an hour.

Spirit: Well it may not be dark if it is a moonlight night, and in that time you will perhaps have another adventure.

Sitter: Ah, I’ve got it.

Sitter (J): Sounds lovely.

Spirit: But you are trying and so are others. Don’t be disappointed if night after night you think, “Well, we didn’t get far did we?”, because others here are probably thinking, “Oh, we didn’t get very far did we?”

Sitter (K): In that half hour where we usually chatter amongst ourselves, if that is not going to happen now, do we just sit quietly and hope that we hear, or see, or whatever?

Spirit: Yes, except if you see something, or hear something… you may just say, “I’ve just heard the words ‘eighteen sixty nine’. That’s it. Later on you may say, “I think I heard a bit more, it was…” You let the other people know, but you do not spend a lot of time on your description because they are entitled to receive their experiences too. All your detail you can discuss over your cup of tea later. Say “Oh that eighteen sixty nine, that was when so and so happened I was told”, but you don’t go into all that at the time.

Sitter (K): And if somebody comes through, do we allow them to give their message to us, if it is coming like that?

Spirit: Yes, yes, because they’re struggling. Acknowledge it just by, a “Thank you” and then say to your group, “That person said so and so”. Or the picture may change, you may see a car go round a corner and stop outside a house, so you would say, “I saw a car, it stopped outside a house”. That is all you need say, but in your mind you try and see if the car has a number plate, or see what the house is like, and that you can discuss later. Every person must have their turn, or one or two turns.  My friends you may get nothing, because the people on our side are also learning.

Sitter (H): Thank you.

Sitter (J): Will we hear this out loud Alan or is it just heard mentally?

Spirit: It would be mentally, more than likely. If you hear it out loud clap your hands. (Laughter).

Sitter: Thank you Alan.

Spirit: No don’t do that literally, don’t do that literally!

Sitter (K): Alan if somebody goes into trance, and a speaker comes through, do we allow this to continue?

Spirit: No. You have that in the medium you’ve got. This would be a development of a different sort. It may be your medium that it happens to, she may be the one who sees the pictures, who hears the voices. The voices are heard like the clairaudient, the clairvoyant, the mediums, that’s how you will hear these things, or see them.

Sitter: Thank you. It sounds rather exciting Alan.

Spirit: It may be, it may not be, but it is just on the nights to save you putting up the towels and trying to black out, because we feel that it is not going to be physical but it may be an interesting development that could happen for you… but don’t be disappointed because there will be enough disappointment on this side. (Laughter).

Sitter (H): Does this start from next week Alan?

Spirit: Well if it is light, yes, and in the meantime I think possibly there will be another speaker tonight, so I will say “Good luck to you, we wish you well”.

Sitters: Thank you very much.

Your Soul is Like a Diamond 

Second Spirit: Good evening, this is Ling.

Sitters: Good evening Ling.

Spirit: I will only spend a short time with you tonight, but it is with a thought for you to have. You are told you are spirit, your soul, but what is it? If you are wanting to project into your inner being, it must be rather difficult for most people to do this.

It has been suggested by people who are wiser than I am that we are like a diamond, but a diamond that has many flaws, and it is those flaws, those many facets of that diamond, that we are trying to clear.

So think perhaps of a fault you have got, as being a little flaw in a diamond, a diamond that has the ability to be one of the most wonderful things in the world, in the universe, it is a creation which you are helping to make pure and beautiful. It is one way of looking at your spirit, as a diamond that has got its flaws, (don’t feel downhearted because I say that, we all have), but it is those flaws that we are trying to get rid of so that the beauty, the light, the diamond that is our soul, can shine forth.

It is just a thought that someone had, and I thought too that for me at any rate, it rang a bell.

Sitter: What a nice way of putting it.

Spirit: Well that is all for tonight and we wish you every success in your little adventure.

Sitters: Thank you very much.

Spirit: Look on it as that. Don’t expect too much, don’t be despondent, but with joy in your hearts offer yourself to perhaps help someone else, who is trying very hard, to communicate in some manner. Understand?

Sitters: Yes thank you.

Spirit; Goodnight and God bless you.

Sitters: Thank you. Goodnight Ling.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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