Topic: Unbelievers, villians, etc.
ED. COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No.610 Held 29th November, 2005.

What about Villains?

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

There is a question that is often asked by the public to people who are mediums and it is one to which there is only one answer, although we are sorry to say that there are many mediums who give a variety of answers.

The question would be, “When I die, because I understand that there is a God and another life, is it better for me than for a man who is an atheist or perhaps a villain of some sort?” The answer is “No!” There is no difference in so much as you are judged and helped according to what you are.

For example, we have someone who considers themselves, we will say a good Christian or perhaps Spiritualist and they have attended their place of meeting or worship, and as they come out of that building there was a very disreputable character leaning against the gatepost, and they are inclined to sidestep as they go around him. “Oh if only he knew better” is probably going through their minds.

At the same time a man is coming along the road, whose language has much to be desired and he only works when he has to, a very uncouth character, but he goes up to this man and says, “Hello there fella, are you sick or are you suffering from what you did last night? Well never mind, come along I’ll help you” and he puts his arm under the other man, pulls him to his feet, and they stagger off together. He is saying, “I’ll get you a cup of tea or a cup of coffee, something in your stomach might set you right. Come on fella, hold up”.

Now if those people were to die that same day, I think you know who would be appreciated most, and who would deserve to move on. He could face up to that man, but the others for all their sanctimonious “I’m better than thou” attitude, would in time have to face up to that man they didn’t help and tell him why. One was a good, (I think the expression is ‘Samaritan’), the other was thinking purely of self.

It is not your appearance; it is your attitude to your brother that counts. It is your thinking. You may not be in the position to help that person, but you could at least have asked him if he was all right. He might have had a stroke, a heart attack, you are not to know. You could have asked.

That applies in all walks of life, in all little instances that can happen; don’t turn your back on someone who needs a bit of help. It is your thinking as I mentioned, or we mentioned, before.

But there is another aspect to this, and that is of smothering people. People must have their dignity. If you immediately, (for example we will take that same man) take him into your home and do everything for him, you’re feeling good, but you’re taking away his dignity, his opportunity to make something of himself. Offer help by all means, but don’t do it for the person. Take him into your home if that is what you wish, but suggest, if he is capable, “Mow the lawn for me please, I would appreciate that, and it is a means of you paying me back.” The person keeps their dignity.

It is happening too often in this world you live in, particularly with Europeans, that help is given continually, and nothing is given in return, and this is having a very bad effect on the recipients. People must keep their dignity. If they don’t want to do it initially, it must be pointed out to them that someone has had to pay for that benefit that they have got, therefore in some way they should return it. Even in your own families it should be give and take, so each and every one of you keeps your dignity, and enables you to advance within yourselves.

It is a very big thing that you are undertaking, living, living on earth. Your mind must range over a wide field, thinking all the time, “Is this the right thing to do?”, “Is this benefiting the person I am with?” But stop all the time too to develop your own soul, by appreciating the beauty that surrounds you. The beauty of a person, a flower, a view, it’s all there. It is another way of helping other people too, point these things out.

So when your turn comes to pass over, and if there is someone else at the same time, know that you can stand with dignity beside them and not be ashamed of what your life has been. You have the advantage of having had a lot of knowledge given to you over the years – don’t let it go to waste. We ask this of you, and we hope that we can give to you too, to help you.

Is there anything you would care to ask about?

Sitter (K): I’m a bit confused Ling. The answer to the first question you say is ‘No’, but I wonder if in some circumstances the answer could be ‘Yes’.

With knowledge of the hereafter, in some cases (as I understand it), it is easier, than it is for the person with no knowledge… who maybe has to go into a sort of a hospital and perhaps wait around for quite some time, while the person with some knowledge, well it’s better for them in that they go through more speedily. Would I be right?

Spirit: In some ways you are, in others no.

The person who has the knowledge, and hasn’t taken advantage of it in doing what we know we should do, (naturally it is human to err), but even so, if you ignore what knowledge you have, and the other person who has no knowledge and is a good person automatically without having any teaching… I think I would know whom I would choose to move on the fastest.

Sitter: Thank you.

Spirit: Don’t ever strive for perfection my friends, it’s almost impossible, but do your best. In your heart you know when you are doing your best. It is natural to slip sometimes, it can’t be helped – but know it! Acknowledge the fact, “I should have done that, I’m sorry”, and if you are genuinely sorry put it behind you. But remember it is there and if you aren’t genuinely sorry, when you meet your friends, your teachers, they will remind you. So we hope, we all hope, we don’t have too many “Sorrys”.

Blessings on you all, and on your circle.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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