Topic: More about music.
ED. COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No.612 Held 7th February, 2006.

More About Music

First Spirit: Good evening, this is Alan. I bring you greetings from all those who have worked with you and in particular, from one whom you do not hear from very often… Soo Lee.

Sitters: Thank you.

Spirit: Soo Lee has developed into a wonderful teacher and you can guess… of music. She feels that it opens great aspects of healing… that for people who are mentally afflicted in particular, if the right music is played for them, the vibrations of that music in many cases have the ability too sooth, and adjust, their mental trauma. And she feels too that this applies to all human beings.  The music may be such, that you for example may not understand it, but a person in another country who has been brought up to different sounds would appreciate and find something soothing in participating in some manner, with music.

She feels that it is not necessary to play an instrument, although that is wonderful therapy. And it is not necessary to listen to what you call classical music, although, she feels that certain pieces can lift you, (and she laughs when she says this), “Into the realms of the angels”. She would like everyone to participate in some manner with music.

Another example she suggests, and perhaps you could pass it on to some people, that they try listening to something that they appreciate, and if they are capable, whether they are little children or adults, they dance to it. The movements are up to them, but if they have a background and a certain amount of knowledge of dancing of any type, that helps, because they can listen to the music and relax more, as their body has learnt the movements.

For many who are old, they may not be capable, but they can move a hand or nod a head and thus participate in the music. You ask us quite often for upliftment for people. Soo Lee says that it is there for you all, at all times, if you care to make use of it.

So, she particularly wanted you people to hear this, and I think this may interest you too, a little of the story of Soo Lee’s development, and that could be anyone’s.

Initially when you ‘pass over’, ‘come through the gate’, ‘go through the vale’, call it what you like, but when your physical body dies, you have as you have heard, a time of adjustment. You may come over, (and apologies to you Ken here if it doesn’t apply), as a teacher of some subject. Well, you may feel that you are a teacher, you know how to go about teaching your particular subject… but you may not be able to teach spirit people, because it is, (an expression you have), “A completely different ball game”. So it is necessary for you, or anyone to learn a different way of teaching… communication direct from one mind to another. And in this realm it is totally different too, because there is no male and female as such. Certainly we see each other as males and females.

This was a lesson that I found difficult to learn. My life as you may remember was really all with men and boys. We had our women folk but we may not see them for months, sometimes even years… as we travelled very slowly in those days with our merchandise.

So when I passed over, the thought of, at that time, working through our present medium would have horrified me. I wouldn’t have done it! It was something I had to learn… that no matter what the sex of the body is, it is the spirit, the soul, that counts. And this is an adjustment that many, many people have to make, particularly if they remember being repulsed by the person on earth. They have got to learn to adjust to that type of person, or that particular person, so that they can pass on knowledge to them. We have to become universal in our thinking, whether it is male or female, young or old, and it doesn’t matter the colour.

So when people pass over who have knowledge, such as you people, and you think, “Right I will do this when I’m over there”… you may not friends. You may have a lot of learning to do first, an adjustment time, and our Soo Lee was one of those. It was many years in your time before Soo Lee became the person, the soul, the spirit that she is now, that is able to be innovative in her thinking and also universal in her thinking. She is not only thinking of the people who she is with now, is committed to, but she is thinking of the world and how she in her way, with her knowledge can help them.

I hope that this has been a lesson for you people, (she pestered the life out of me to get me to repeat it), but I believe what she taught, because I have had experience… and I’m still learning I assure you and I’ve been here a long time.

But now, to your circle. I would like to change the format. We would like to have the healing after the communication, as I think that would be easier for the medium. We will see how we get on. Also, not next time, but from then on could you spare us again afterwards, the experimental half hour, no, perhaps we will make it from the beginning of March, for then the temperatures will be cooler and easier on you people.

Sitters: Thank you. Yes.

Spirit: Well that is all I’m saying tonight, but I think you’ll have another visitor for a brief time.

Good night and God bless your circle.

Sitter: Thank you Alan thank you very much, and please would you give our love and thanks also to Soo Lee.

Spirit: Certainly. Goodnight.

Note: Cooler in March? Yes, New Zealand is upside down to the UK.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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