Topic: Jesus as He Really Was.
ED. COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No.613 Held 14th February, 2006.

Jesus as He Really Was

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Tonight we would like, perhaps we should say, ‘to bring to life as he was’, a man who has been revered for two thousand years, and we are speaking of Jesus of Nazareth but we will call him John, because there are many people by the name of Jesus. So to give him a European name, we will use the name of John which is a translation.

There have been many tales told of this man. Now to get things correct, I have not met him, but his teachings surround us, whether you are on earth or whether you are with us. Now when I say teachings, I may cause a disturbance here when I say that it is not the teachings that you may hear in various churches.

So we will go back to John who grew up in what you would call a village, with loving people around him. He was brought up in the religion of that day, but as soon as John got to the questioning stage, and began thinking, he started asking questions. The teachers were surprised at the ability of this young boy, to put into words, thoughts that they may have had but didn’t question. This continued through his schooldays until people were beginning to talk about this boy John, who seemed to know something that they couldn’t understand, but neither did John quite understand.

But he was practical, his family was practical, so he learnt his trade. He was a carpenter. He was not a glamorous person as he has been illustrated. He was just a hard-working poor man; but as he got older, and having learnt his trade, he used it as a means of travel. So he said goodbye to his parents and his hometown or village, and started to travel using his ability as a carpenter, to pay his way. And he travelled far, because surprisingly enough in those days people did travel, and everywhere he went he questioned, and asked, and when he got to different countries he found different religions, different ways of thinking… but still all aiming the same way.

And this he continued to do, until he was well on into his twenties when he returned, because by now he felt he knew some wondrous things that he could pass on to others who might understand, like to boys that he had been to school with, who had been similar to him but didn’t pursue the questions so much. And, as you know, he spoke much, he told simple stories, they called them parables. They were simple uneducated people whom he was talking to, but if you read, perhaps in the new version of what you call your bible, you would understand that these stories, that seem a bit vague to you, do have an inner meaning that people with no education would understand, people who lived close to the earth or sea, because most of  his friends as you know, were amongst the fishing folk and they too, were aware of communication with something they couldn’t see.

Now today, what is concerning us a little, is not the people of the conventional churches, who have made a lot of money from this man… there have been a lot of wise men amongst them, a lot of good teachers, but there has been a lot of shame too and it is creeping into what you call Spiritualism.

Jesus a God, no!  Jesus is just plain John, a medium like many others, but one with far greater ability than most.  But there are people today (I don’t know whether you people have come across them) who say, “Oh Jesus” (or John as we call him), “was a medium, so am I, so I have that ability.  I am the same as that man”.  Shame on those people!

If you ever hear anyone talking like that, move on, and as tactfully as you can point it out to others that this is a shallow, probably money grabbing charlatan, because that man whom we are calling John was far developed… way beyond anyone that we know who is on earth today.

There have been many teachers over the centuries, before and after our John of Nazareth. They have communicated with spirit, and they still do, and many of them have been wonderful teachers and wonderful examples to humanity, but if we want to look up to one person, it would be to the man Jesus, the man we call John.

Take away all that has been manufactured about him, the misprints in translations, the things, the words, and the knowledge that is hidden, because there has been much of that, because if people become too wise they lose that fear that death holds for most. And once humanity can overcome that fear it will be, like in the time of our John, man to man, woman to woman, just talking and learning, sitting in a field, or in their rooms over their evening meals, without the ceremony and the great pretensions that there are now.

This talk we have given mainly to help you understand, that John was a simple, wonderful teacher for that period of time. He was not a god, and he is still teaching, and if you can read his words, simply written, and think for yourself while doing it, it may help you as he has helped others.

We would like to leave it at that but if there is a question that you would care to ask we will try and answer it.

Sitter: I would be interested as to whether you know anything of his death. The churches say that he died on the cross, but I’ve heard from several sources that that is not so, that he just lived out his life, but that he went away from where records were kept into other lands and nothing further is known. Would you happen to know which is correct?

Spirit: I have never questioned this. As far as I know he died like hundreds of others, by crucifixion. He was not chosen as being anyone different, to meet this death. It was a common occurrence of those days, and the fact that his friends, who were mediums, saw him a short time afterwards would lead us to believe that that was the time of his death.

Sitter: Thank you I hadn’t thought of it that way.

Spirit: And also, think of it this way… that wonderful man, and with the knowledge he had and the want to pass it on to others… would he not have spoken in other countries, would he not have continued his work as he understood it? In other words it wouldn’t have been restricted to one country because I believe it is thought that he might have gone to Europe. Where has he manifested there, as the great teacher?

That is all I can think of, to perhaps explain on the subject.  Does that help you?

Sitter: Thank you very much.

Spirit: Well I think for tonight, we have given you quite a bit to think on and perhaps to study. Remember that man called John, who was person such as you, and who was seeking his way, and his understanding, so he could pass it on to others.

God bless you and your circle.

Goodnight. This was Ling.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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