Topic: God, Maths and A Little Girl.
ED. COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No.614 Held 21st February, 2006.

God, Maths and A Little Girl

Note: Before the circle we had been speaking about being asked by someone, “How would you explain God?” and although the reply included ideas like ‘an intelligent, benevolent energy or power’, the inquirer did not appear impressed. We felt that there must be some better way of explaining, but as to how, we didn’t know.

Topic 1: Explaining God.

First Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Sitters: Greeting Ling.

Spirit: As you are well aware we all have difficulty in explaining what we call God. One idea which you may possibly use and which is basically fact… you personally, are part of God. You have that God power within you, and when you die as you know, there is only one person who truly judges you, and that is yourself. It is the God within you.

This may be difficult for many people to accept, and some may laugh and smile and think, “Well I’m right, I’ll judge myself to suit myself”, but it doesn’t work that way, because all the power of God within every individual, is focussed on the person who is judging themselves. So though they may waver, hesitate… for want of a better word call it their ‘conscience’, it is that which will prevail.

It is just one way that may help you explain the power of God.

Sitter: Thank you.

Topic 2: Homework - on the importance of teaching maths in schools.

Spirit: Now another thing perhaps for you to try in educating yourselves, is during the week get yourselves a small piece of paper, which only you will see, and write briefly a few sentences as to why maths should be taught in schools.

And apart from that, list ten things in which maths is not applicable. Write them down reasonably quickly, but do put some thought into it, and then next week you may like to discuss what you have put down, with others, but not until you four are together. When you have discussed it, possibly one of us will discuss it with you also.

Topic 3: We talk with a spirit child.

Now apart from that we have a little visitor tonight, just for a short time. She was one of our special little souls that went to earth just for a few short years. During that time she remembered a lot of where she came from. She was able in her own way, to teach many people lessons.

She is over here now and has not quite settled, because she is not seeing what she calls the pretty lights that she is used to. Now the pretty lights as we understand it is what emanates through the physical body depicting the soul of the person who dwells therein. And tonight she impulsively pointed out that she could see some, and it was you people, who had the type of lights that she wanted to see again. So for just a short time she is coming to talk.

She is still very much a little girl. You may not perhaps understand her. She may not be able to communicate, but she will in her own way be chatting. So we will leave her to be with you for a short time.

Sitter (J): That will be lovely. Thank you.

Second Spirit (A spirit child):(Chuckle) It’s good, good. Roof, Roof…

Sitter (K): Ruth? Oh, hello Ruth.

Sitter (J): Ruth, hello.

Spirit: Hello.

Sitter (J): I’m Jenny.

Sitter (K): And I’m. Ken,

Sitter(H): I’m Hilton.

Sitter (K): What would you like to know Ruth?

Spirit: Have you got a Mummy and a Daddy?

Sitter (K): Yes, we all have Mummies and Daddies.

Sitter (J): And my Mummy and Daddy are on the same spirit side with you.

Sitter (H): So are mine.

Sitter (K): Yes so are mine.

Spirit: Ooh. Mine aren’t.

Sitter: Well we are all quite old.

Spirit: Oh.

Sitter (J): But we still have fun.

Spirit: Oh. Do you play?

Sitter (J): I play with my grandchildren. In the water and all sorts of games. It is such fun.

Spirit: Do you boys play?

Sitter (H): Not to the same extent I don’t think.

Sitter (K): Not in the way you play. We play with things called computers.

Spirit: Don’t know.

Sitter (H): A kind of machine.

Sitter (K): You tell us about your favourite toy.

Spirit: You mean my teddy bear.

Sitter (K): Yes, I had one of those too.

Sitter (J): So did I.

Sitter (K): What was yours called Ruth?

Spirit: My teddy, Charles.

Sitter (J): Charles, that’s a nice name.

Spirit: Mummy called him Charles. She made him.

Sitter (J): Did she, that was clever. You’re a lucky girl.

Sitter (K): You had a clever mummy you know, and someday you’ll meet her again. Did you know that?

Spirit: I want her now.

Sitter (K): What I said is true, you will.

Sitter (J): You will darling.

Spirit: Mmm.

Sitter (J): You know when I lie in bed at night; sometimes I see lots of pretty lights. They are so pretty. I get pink and turquoise and yellow and it’s such fun. Do you see pretty lights?

Spirit: Only when there are people. I like some people with their lights, others I don’t like.

Sitter (K): About liking people, well it’s the same for us all.

Sitter (H): Perhaps we don’t see lights, but we feel, as to whether we like them or not.

Sitter (J): You sound like a special person, a special friend.

Spirit: Mummy says so.

Sitter (J): Yes I’m sure Mummy’s right. I’m sure she’s right.

Sitter (K): Have you got some other little friends over there too?

Spirit: Where’s ‘over there’?

Sitter (K): Over where you are. Have you got friends where you are now?

Spirit: There’s a nice man, he’s a funny colour and he wears a nightgown.

Sitter (K): Well that man’s trying to help you. I’d like you to look around and just see whether you can see anybody else there that you know. It may be a friend or a relative, or somebody else there, as well as that man who is there to help you. And if you can, if you can see anybody, do tell me.

Spirit: Don’t know what relaviv is.

Sitter (K): Oh like your grandfather, or uncle.

Spirit: My Teddy’s named after Uncle Charlie.

Sitter (J): Oh that’s lovely, that’s really nice.

Spirit: Uncle Charlie grew flowers. He showed me how.

Sitter (J): Oh really, you were lucky, and did your flowers grow.

Spirit: Oh, some.

Sitter (J): (Mirth) Well everybody has that problem. They don’t always all grow.

Sitter (K): You know the people who are there with you now, well if you talk to them a bit, they could probably take and show you lots of pretty flowers, and lots and lots of pretty things. You only have to ask them.

Spirit: Will they teach me to grow them. I want to grow them.

Sitter(J): Of course they will, I’m sure they will, and you might find lots of animals over there too.

Sitter (K): Have you got a pussy cat?

Spirit: No.

Sitter (K): Ah, well what about a dog, have you ever had a dog?

Spirit: Mmm. Not mine.

Sitter (K): What was doggie’s name?

Spirit: He lived next door.

Sitter (J): Ah that was nice, and did you play with him.

Spirit: No.

Sitter (J): Just looked. Well that was nice. Was he a nice dog?

Spirit: Made a noise.

Sitter (J) (Mirth) Well our little dog makes a noise too.

Spirit: I think I’ll go.

Sitter (K): Well it’s been lovely talking to you.

Sitter (H): Very nice talking to you.

Sitter (J): It’s been lovely talking to you.

Sitter (K): And don’t forget to talk to those people who are near you now, because you are in a different place from us and they can do lots of things for you we can’t.

Spirit: The man with the nightie has got his sandals on.

Sitter (J): That’s nice; he needs something on his feet.

Sitter (K): Now you try talking to him and I’m sure you’ll become very happy.

Sitter (J): Yes he’s so nice.

Spirit: Mmm. You’ve got pretty lights. I’m going now. Goodbye.

Sitters: Goodbye.


Sitter (K): I’m glad we could understand her all right.

Sitter (J): Yes she was easy to understand.


First Spirit (Ling): We are pleased that you understood. She hadn’t reached school age but obviously her mother had given her a reasonable vocabulary.

Sitter (K): Well we do hope that between us all, we have been of some help to her.

Spirit: She is so relaxed in herself.  Did you recognise the man in the nightshirt? (Laughter)

Sitter (K): Yes the man with the sandals as well. (Laughter).

Spirit: Well it’s a very hot humid night for you people, and I think we have given you something to think about, so blessings on your circle from us all. And congratulations young Ken on reaching eighty years on earth. (Mirth)

Sitter (K): Oh thank you.  I liked that ‘young’ part. (Mirth).

Spirit: To us you are. We normally celebrate your arrival over here, not the length of time you stay where you are. (Laughter)

Bless you all.

Sitter (K): Thank you very much once again for coming to us.  We enjoy it, and we do hope that tonight we have been able to help. Good night.

Spirit: Good night.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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