Topic: More Maths and A Poem by Pythagoras.

More Maths and A Poem by Pythagoras

Topic 1: Maths (continued).

Spirit (Ling): Greetings. Our friend has had what you call a ‘Senior Moment’. (Mirth)

(Note: As circle commenced the medium had forgotten that we now have the Spirit Talks before the Spirit Healing.)

We are pleased that you have put thought into our little exercise, and you have come to many conclusions as to the vastness, of the mathematical world. But there are two aspects which you didn’t mention, I should say that there are millions but there are two in particular, and that is the mathematical finesse of your own physical body, your heart beats and your lungs go in and out, you eliminate on a reasonably regular basis.  And doctors who attend to the malfunctions of your body are mathematicians because they can tell by listening if you are malfunctioning. It is a remarkable piece of mathematical equipment, your own physical body.

Apart from that, we in spirit, do not concern ourselves with maths. As you know we haven’t got a sun or a moon or anything like that to give us a sense of time; there is no time. But we do have some very clever mathematicians in numerous fields, but the one that concerns you, and I don’t think you thought of it, was healing.

As you know, you are a mass of cells, all, we hope, doing their own job, but when they too malfunction and healing is asked for, that’s when our mathematicians step forward, and if it is suitable for the person involved, and is possible, they adjust mathematically the cells of the physical body, so once more it moves in harmony. It is a very remarkable machine and if the human doctor can’t help, as you know, it is often the mathematicians on this side that are able perhaps, to help the doctor, or even without the physical doctor, help the patient. Just another aspect of maths.

Before we go any further, is there anything you care to ask on that subject… and I am not a Mathematician! (Mirth).

Sitter (K): I think you asked us also to give ten things that were not involved with maths, and personally I couldn’t find any.  Would you care to let us know if there are any?

Spirit: As far as I know my friend, everything is balanced on maths.And at the head of it is our greatest mathematician, the one you refer to in your language as God. It is a perfect balance of the universe.

Sitter: Thank you.

But at times as you know, for one reason or another, it does get out of balance when something seriously goes wrong, like the balance of the poles. But I am now not speaking of things that happen hundreds, thousands of years apart, but of the earthquakes, the excessive flooding.

Unfortunately this is caused by human beings, when they themselves put the earth out of balance, for that quite often brings the flooding that we are referring to. It is this stripping of the blankets of earth, the trees, and of course the taking from the earth of the oil, and transferring it into the heavens above or the sky. That with time will be overcome, I don’t know when, but it must be, or gradually earth will die… but it’s not likely to happen in your lifetime.

Anything further?

Sitters:  No thank you Ling.

Spirit: Thank goodness for that. (Laughter)

I hope you don’t mind my being flippant at times.

Sitter (K): No, it cheers us all up.

Sitter (J): That’s good.


Topic 2. Religion and a poem by Pythagoras.

Spirit: I cannot prophesise as you know, but religion, (and in this I’m speaking of the mantle of religion that covers the world, not of specifics), it is not as many, particularly Europeans think, that it started two thousand years ago.

I suggest you read, possibly in books about some of the poets and philosophers, a poem written by Pythagoras, I cannot quote it, but I have read it and I should imagine that the fairly new religion of Christianity, (that is covering all its various branches) would like to claim the poem as their own, because it speaks of their religion, because over many thousands of years there have been men who have taught Spiritualism, (or Christianity if you like to put it that way)… but it is the priests that have had to bolster their churches, their egos, no matter what religion, until the true teachings get hidden under the mantle mainly of fear, but also of physical constructions, beautiful alters, wonderful stone images, great temples… and the basics are forgotten.

So if you have the means of looking up this poem, (and I don’t know if it even had a title but it was Pythagoras), then it may surprise you, because that is someone who lived many thousands of years ago. It is just something to think about.

Sitter (J): Thank you very much.

Spirit: Well I think we will leave it at that for tonight. Keep on thinking friends, think mathematically of many things and wonder why, ‘Why is this balance here?’ ‘Why do things work out like this?’ ‘Why did that happen?’ And remember, the moon, the sun, the tides, the seasons, they’re all run mathematically. It is a very interesting thought.

On this note I will leave you, and bless your little circle.

Good night, this was Ling.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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