Topic: Positive Healing and Exercise.

Positive Healing and Exercise

Topic 1: Be positive with Spirit Healing.

First Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Sitters: Greetings Ling.

Spirit: We would wish to discuss a little further… ‘Healing’.

As you may realise it is a very important aspect of spirit. It is the one way that we can ‘physically’ for want of a better word, help the souls that are on earth, but this cannot be done if there is a negative force present. It must be positive at all times, on our part and on yours.

You must expect the healing. Naturally you are grateful when this achieved, that is only courtesy between one soul and another, but you have been told and have read that you ask for healing, expecting it.  The same as you would say, “Pass me that apple please”, “Excuse me I wish to move over here”, or “May I borrow that book?” You are more or less positive that you will get it. You are asking and expecting. It is a positive vibration and that is what you must engender into your healing. You have read in the Christian bible, “Ask and you shall receive”, you don’t beg, you ask, and you ask with a positive thought… “I am going to receive this”, “The person is going to improve”.

They may not necessarily be cured. As you know this is not always possible, but there will be improvement in their mental outlook if nothing else, but it is positive. If you ask positive you will receive positive. When there is a negative thought or an apprehension, or a maybe, this puts up a vibration against the healer. As you know, the body consists of very small particles which are continually on the move, and need to be adjusted if you are asking for healing, and if you are putting out a negative thought, and spirit calling ourselves spirit, are putting out a positive thought… well it stops halfway, because each is more often than not, equally strong.

You in your experience have had quite a number of successes as you know, people not necessarily cured, but they feel better. But there have been some where only “maybe”, and it is those ‘maybes’ that we want to do away with. We want healing if possible, but we want positive thought and emotion in the person. In that person, we want ‘upliftment’, and that is always possible if you are positive in your thinking… even when the person’s spirit is leaving earth and moving over, we can help them make it pleasant.

You may think this rather strange, but it is true. We can make it a tranquil, pleasant experience, like falling asleep in your own comfortable bed at the end of a busy day, complete relaxation and drifting, and that is a type of upliftment…rather than the poor soul, who perhaps is fighting, with negative thoughts against what really has for them, become inevitable.

Now for the moment that is all I have to say. But we have someone hopping up and down beside us here, who wants to add her bit (Mirth), and it is another positive form of healing. So may I introduce, though I don’t think she needs it, but our friend, June.

Topic 2. Exercise will assist healing.

Second Spirit (June): I try to comport myself with dignity, now isn’t that a new word for me? (Laughter).

Now, all that Ling says is perfectly true, I wouldn’t contradict him, but there is another aspect to healing which I remember from when I was on earth, and you’re probably going to groan when I say, “Exercise”.

But exercise is not necessarily getting on a bike and pedaling for miles, or running, or all the vigorous things that people do on earth. But it could be singing, for one thing.  Singing if you can, fills your lungs with air, it is good exercise for your lungs. It helps your heart. So does clapping your hands. If you don’t sing, listen to music, clap your hands if it is suitable for the music, or wave them from side to side, or if you have an arthritic condition, it’s very good for your fingers just to move them up and down to the best of your ability.

When you have a little baby in your arms, or I should say, lying on its little back in front of you, you may have had the experience of getting the baby by its legs and of wriggling them up and down, exercising the little limbs. As you get older if you are not going to go for a run, exercise your limbs.  Put your arms above your head, put your arms out to the side one at a time, or both together. Do the same with your legs.

Think of the people who were in the shelters like we were during the war, very cramped, unable to move, getting quite uncomfortable, then someone would sing out merrily, “Let’s sing and do some moving”.  If it was possible we’d get up and have a little march but we only may go about six feet one way, and six feet the other, but those who couldn’t move because they were so cramped, would wriggle their feet, move their arms and that stimulated the body. It all helps, no matter how sick a person is, if they can move some part of their body to exercise.

It is another form of healing that people can do, without necessarily having the assistance of Spirit, but believe me, the Spirits are there to help you, and please in your healing, in your asking, don’t put up barriers, and do your exercises!

Well that’s all from me. I’m blowing my own trumpet there a bit, but I certainly believe in those little mini exercises, because I have seen them do good for people of all ages.

This was June. Goodnight and God bless you.

Sitter (K): June before you go, could I please ask you a question?

Spirit: Certainly.

Sitter: There is something that puzzles me. I understand that when we ask for healing for somebody, we are directing the healing to that somebody, we are guiding you to a person to be healed and you do the healing. How important is it, once you have been guided to the person, for us to continue to try and keep our minds geared on the healing process, because I find that almost impossible to do for the whole five minutes. Is it very important that it must be done?

Spirit: It doesn’t have to last the whole five minutes, but it so often happens with people on earth that they cannot direct their thoughts to the person to the locality straight away. They, well to be honest may be more interested in what is going on in the engine of their car, or how they are going to cope with the next day’s meals, and it is not until they can completely relax…

It’s all very well saying ‘Please give healing to say, James”, but you have got to picture James as best you can in good health, and hold it, even if it’s perhaps only a minute. It is pure forceful waves that you are sending to us, and to James, [to enable us to make the connection], with no interruptions from your other, perhaps positive but for him, negative thoughts… and also for us because we want that clear tunnel of power from you, as well as what we are giving.

Does that help you at all?

Sitter: Yes. Thank you very much.

Sitter (J): And June, just one small question. When we ask for healing for someone we do not know personally, like we cannot picture them because we have never seen them…

Spirit: That’s why we ask you people, (because we haven’t seen them either), to give us as good a description as you can. So you should have in your mind a person, and give details like as near as possible the age, the build, where they live, and if it is possible also give a little bit of the personality, they love music, they used to do a lot of swimming, they live by themselves, they’ve just had some tragedy in their lives… all these things help, and it builds up for you and for us, a bit of the personality of the person.

Sitter: Thank you June.

Spirit: I’m not very good at this but is there anything else while I’m here?

Sitters: No thank you June.

Spirit: I’ll admit I’ve been getting some prompting. (Laughter)

Sitter (K): Thank you very much the information we’ve been given, and for answering our questions. All the best to you and to all our other friends there with you.

Spirit: Thank you, and as Ling says, “He and his friends, companions, send blessings to your circle.” Goodnight.

Sitters: Thank you. Good night.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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