Topic: Keep asking 'Why'

Keep Asking 'Why'

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Approximately one point five million years ago, human beings as we know them today, evolved.  But it wasn’t until approximately two thousand four hundred and ten B.C. (I say approximately, I’m not exactly sure of the date), a man came into being who stimulated the brains of human beings.

Up until that time the majority of people obeyed those who were leaders, but not necessarily leaders of education. They were dominant people, and so you as a minor part of the population did as you were told, but this man who had done as he was told for most of his life, started to think, “Why?”

And so he would go into public squares and people would listen to him. Now you no doubt have realised of whom we are speaking… Socrates!  And because he was a revolutionary, he was put to death because he had rebelled against the Gods, and he had disrupted youth.

But what had he done really? He had stimulated thought. “Why do we do this?” And his method of teaching would be for example: - a man might say “That is the best horse” and he would say “Why?” And always it was “Why?” He may make a statement such as, “We don’t need maths” for example, and then he would say, “But why?”

So it is that ‘Why?’, that I would like to bring into your lives. At the beginning of our life each one of us no matter what nationality, have asked “Why?” in our youth. But unfortunately people get impatient, or they don’t answer adequately and it becomes something that you no longer use. Many of you keep on with your ‘Whys?’ in your own mind, and by looking up in your books and perhaps asking your teachers.

We would like to think this goes on all your lives, but I wonder how often do you read what we have said to you, (because we know you print it out), and have said, “Why? Why have they said that?  Are they right, if so why are the right?”

Question everything my friends. Because you believe that it is coming from Spirit, does that mean it’s the truth? If so, why? Why should Spirit, (which you are), always speak the truth? You must question those who talk to you. In you minds, think, “Is this an honourable person?” because it is not necessarily so. In many ways you have been fortunate. You have a very good person who watches over you, but still you should question. “Why should this man do this?” “Why should he look after us?” “Why should that spirit (meaning our joyful June), come and talk to us?” “Why?” “Why?”

It is a word that is used in every language in the world. There is always “Why?” “Why doesn’t the crop grow?” “Why does that girl not smile on me?” “Why does the moon rise every so many days?” “Where does it go when it’s not here?” “Why do these things happen?” It doesn’t matter the nationality, there are always “Why’s” in our lives.

You have a computer, each and every one of you. It is your brain. You are Spirit, use that computer, ask it “Why?” Don’t necessarily go to your manual computer.  Look it up for yourselves, you will retain it better… not always, for sometimes you can’t find it and your mechanical computer in that case, may be the answer.

But when you enjoy a day, ask “Why?” “What is there about this day that is so special to me?” “Why am I feeling cold?” “Why do I like that breeze?” “Why is that man aggressive to me?” “Why does that child want to hold my hand?” “Why does that animal avoid me?” “Why does that one want to sit on my lap?” “Why?” “Why?” “Why?”

We don’t expect you to question every single thing in your lives, there are things that automatically happen, but stop sometimes and ask “Why?”

We asked you about mathematics as being an important part of your world. You came to that conclusion. Could we say that ‘Why?” is possibly the most important word in your language. It opens new vistas. It opens the whole world, and it was started as far as we can tell (records were not kept so well in those days, there wasn’t so much paper used), but by a man called Socrates, who had done as he was told most of his life, and then he asked “Why?” and he spoke to the people around him, and got them to ask “Why?” I certainly hope that no one is going to poison you when you teach people to ask ‘why?’

Is there anything pertaining to this that you may care to ask?  We will try and answer it.

Sitters: No thank you Ling.

Sitter (K): Perhaps the reason we don’t ask questions enough as to ‘why’, is because your teachings are made very clear and we don’t need to ask “Why?”

Spirit: But are they all acceptable to you?  Think carefully on it… 

The statements I have made tonight… “Why has he said this?” “What is it about that man Socrates?” “What do I know about him?”  “Why should I read up about him?”  There are some whys in what I have been saying tonight, and that is why we would like you to not rely completely on your computers, but to discuss even amongst yourselves, sometimes. “Is that right what they said?” “I think a bit differently” When you come to think about it you may, and who is to say that you are not right? And if you are, “Why?”

It could go on and on friends, but it makes an interesting subject.

So we will leave you with that for tonight, and we hope for all of you, that there is an improvement in your health.

(Note: Last weeks circle had to be cancelled, due to illnesses.)

God bless you and keep you.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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