Topic: Playing With a Ball and Healing Self

Playing With a Ball and Healing Self

Topic 1. Hello.

First Spirit (Humpty): Mm, I play with a ball.

Sitter (K): Oh hello.

Spirit: I’ve got my ball.

Sitter: Good, and what’s your name?

Spirit: Humpty… Humpty.

Sitter: Thank you.

Spirit: I wanted to come and talk, see?

Sitter (J): Nice to hear you.

Spirit: I don’t want no help.

Sitter: What colour is your ball?

Spirit: Red, and white and blue.

Sitter: Oh that’s nice.

Sitter (K): What would you like to talk about Humpty?

Spirit: Just being. I’ve been here a long time and I like it.

Sitter (J): What do you do?

Spirit: Play. I growded.

Sitter: Have you? (Mirth) And how old are you?

Spirit: Oh Granddad said that if I was with my mummy, I’d have a tooth missing.

Sitter (K): Oh that’s probably about six.

Spirit: Thix.

Sitter (J): (Mirth) Six, yes that’s right.

Sitter (K): And are there some friends over there with you?

Spirit: No, not my old friends, got new ones.

Sitter (J): That’s nice.

Sitter (K): Is Granddad with you too?

Spirit: Most times. Can’t be with me always ‘cause he’s got to go to school.

Sitter: And I suppose you go to school too do you?

Spirit: A little bit.

Sitter: Can you tell us about it?

Spirit: Well I’ve got to learn sums, lots of sums, and we learn about the stars, and being kind, you’ve got to be kind and pat animals…

Sitter (J): That all sounds like fun.

Sitter (H) Do you see the animals?

Spirit: See them sometimes, just sometimes.

Sitter (K): Have you ever met a lady there who’s a friend of ours, whose name is June?

Spirit: Lots of ladies. Don’t think so.

Sitter: Oh I know she’s interested in animals, and people, and children.

Spirit: No. No ice cream.

Sitter (J): (Laughter) That’s no good.

Spirit: I’m told I’ll get better about liking ice cream.

Sitter: Yes so you will, and have you got any fruit over there on fruit trees and things like that?

Spirit: We see them, but don’t want them.

Sitter: No. Just look at them.

Spirit: Mm. I miss Mummy.

Sitter: Yes but the time will come when you’ll meet mummy again.

Spirit: I go and see her sometimes. Granddad takes me. She doesn’t see me but the cat does.

Sitter (J): (Mirth) and what does the cat do?

Spirit: Stares.

Sitter: (Mirth) Oh does it.

Spirit: But it knows I’m there.

Sitter (K): What happened to you dear when you left this earth?

Spirit: I fell off the wall. I used to climb. I was told not to. That’s how I got my name.

Sitter (J): (Laughter) Oh, from ‘Humpty Dumpty’. That’s a good one.

Sitter (K): And what happened when you first got to where you are now?

Spirit: Had a sleep. Good sleep.

Sitter (J): And when you woke up?

Spirit: There were lovely smells, flowers… and Granddad.

Sitter (K): Good and have you any toys to play with?

Spirit: Just my ball, because you can learn things from a ball.

Sitter: You tell us about it.

Spirit: Well do you know that a ball is round?

Sitter: Yes.

Spirit: It’s called ‘round’, and where you live is round, and if you cut it in four pieces it can be called ‘quarters’, and a ball bounces, but only if it’s made of… stuff from trees.

Sitter: Rubber?

Sitter (K): And I think they make plastic ones nowadays too.

Spirit: Mm. They used to make them, we are told, of iron.

Sitter: I wouldn’t like to get hit by one of those… oh yes, cannon balls.

Spirit: That’s right. Did you go to school?

Sitter: Yes, I went to school. It’s quite a long time ago now because I’m about the same age as your grandfather.

Spirit: Ooh.

Sitter (J): (Laughter) We’re all quite old. But we still have fun.

Sitter (K): Can you see any of us here?

Sitter: Only pretty lights.

Sitter (J): Coloured lights?

Spirit: There’s a blue, blue, and one person is goldy colour goldy-white , shining. All of you have a little bit of goldy white.

Sitter (K): Well you are lucky to see lights like that, because we have heard about them, but most of us don’t see them.

Spirit; You will when you come here if you are good, you’ve got to be good so they say, you’ve got to be good.

Sitter (J): We try to be good.

Spirit: Mm, I try. And when I go and see mummy I want to pull the cat’s tail so it will look at me.

Sitter (K): (Mirth) We have another friend over there who is a little girl, called ‘Little Pompom’. Have you ever met her?

Spirit: Oh, she laughs.

Sitter: That’s right, she always does.

Spirit Well Granddad says I’ve said enough for one night.

Sitter (K): Well it’s been lovely having you and thank you for coming.

Sitter (J) Yes it’s been lovely talking to you and thank you so much.

Spirit: Now remember about the ball and about the stars, because they’re things we’ve got to learn about.

Sitters Yes you’re right.

Spirit: And I’m thix.

Sitter (J): You’re six, and a lovely age to be.

Sitter (K): And if ever you’re allowed to come again, we’d love to have you.

Sitter (J): Yes we’d love to talk to you again.

Spirit: Thank you. ‘Bye.

Sitter (J): Goodbye and lots of love.

Sitters (H & K): Goodbye.

Topic 2. Ask for healing for yourselves.

Second Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Sitters: Greetings Ling.

Spirit: As you no doubt can guess we are a mixed bunch, but what we would like to emphasize on you people… with your healing… is to remember yourselves!

You are giving of your energy, mental, and to give of your best you need to be feeling good in yourselves. As I well know, with advanced years one does have problems but whatever your problems, try and mentally overcome them.

Apart from that, ask for healing for yourselves. We would suggest that during the course of the day, prior to you wanting to give healing whether it is in the circle or on some other occasion, ask for healing for yourselves, so that you will have the feeling of upliftment, the feeling that all is well with your world, at that particular time. And this will help you to help others, which we understand you are wanting to do. It is a matter of adjusting the particles in your own physical body. It is not always possible for you to do it yourselves, but if you are fortunate enough to contact, I will say a fellow healer, whether it is on earth or on our side, they may be able to give you that extra stimulus that you may need.

That is all I am going to say tonight, so we wish you well in your healing. And I have at the same time a message from Alan, who was going to speak to you initially, but our little friend was more or less jumping up and down in her anxiety to have her turn. He wishes to apologise for being remiss in what you were talking about earlier Ken.

(Note: As to whether we talk or not talk now during the experimental half hour, at the end of each sitting)

By all means if it helps you in your half hour, talk together, but please every now and again, stop just for a minute or two, to listen.

Sitter (K): Ling we know that you were experimenting in trying to bring people through, and I understand that when you were doing this we were not to talk, but that was when there was light coming into the room; and we thought that in darkness when you were doing your own experiments, talking made no difference. Can you tell us what is happening nowadays, since we are now in darkness all the time?

Spirit: It is a mixture Ken. We are particularly anxious if we can get mediums, communicators from higher spheres, down without the trauma which is usually involved, as much as you perhaps experience in trying to get to us.

Sitter: Would it be a help if we had say fifteen minutes of quiet and then fifteen minutes of talking? Would that work at all?

Spirit: Well it is an idea, I suggest you try it, but during your fifteen minutes of talking could you stop just for a minute or two sometimes?

Sitter: Oh, certainly.

Spirit: I’m sure Alan will understand our discussion and approve.

Sitter: Thank you.

Spirit: So on that note we will say ‘Goodnight for now’ and I’m glad you enjoyed our little ‘Humpty’.

Sitter (J): Yes she was lovely.

Sitter (K): Well thank you Ling for bringing her and for your teachings as always.

Love to all of you from all of us.

Sitters: Goodnight.

Spirit: Goodnight, bless you all.

Note: I liked the conversation with the little girl, especially where she says her grandfather is going to school. It seems she knows about the need to learn and talks about being 'growd up'. In the case of Lilly, who spoke through Lucy Hale, she had also grown up in Spirit but, in contacting the earth plane, had to become as she was when she 'died'. J. H. Dec 2010.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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