Topic: 'Soul' and 'Spirit'.
ED. COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No.639 held 21st September, 2006.

'Soul' and 'Spirit'

[Note: Giggles were heard from medium, before spirit began speaking].

Spirit (June): (Mirth) Hello everyone.

Sitter (H): June?

Spirit: Yes. The medium gave me away by giggling. (Laughter).

Well I was going to tell you of something, and I described myself as looking more like a mandarin than an orange, and she agreed, and we started giggling.

Because everyone seems just a little bit down in the dumps at the moment, Ling thought I might be the better person to talk, and Alan says I talk so much that I could probably tell you a tale. But first of all I want, we want, you to understand a little more clearly about ‘soul’ and ‘spirit’. No one seems to clearly understand, and Ling has just been talking to someone and he has passed it on, so I’m passing it on.

As Ling has always said, “The Essence”, is you. The ‘Essence is ‘Soul’. The soul is manifested with ‘Spirit’. Spirit is what is with you in your ‘Physical Body’. It is the ‘Soul’, (another word being ‘Essence’) that you are wanting to develop, and it was likened to an orange where the sweetest part is in the centre, the protection is the pith (I think it was called) that is around the fruit, and the outer layer is the physical body; and when this was explained to me I said “Well I’m not a round orange, I’m more like a squat mandarin” and that’s what the laughter was about.

So I hope you can understand a little bit of what you are. You are ‘Soul’, ‘Spirit’, and a ‘Physical human being’, which is activated by ‘Spirit’, which protects the ‘Soul’. So that’s what I was told and I’m still trying to…

Sitter (K): Me too I’m still trying to figure that one out.

Spirit: Yes, so am I. (Laughter).

Sitter (H): I thought soul and spirit were the same.

Spirit Yes a lot of people have that… (what were we told?) ‘misapprehension’. But the soul is such a wonderful thing that it is protected, because the earth can be very hard and cruel.

Sitter (K): If our brain works the body, and spirit works the brain, where does soul come in to it?

Spirit: The ‘Essence’

Sitter : When we die do the soul and the spirit both leave, when we pass over?

Spirit: Yes. It is just the skin that you throw away, we were told. (Pause). Don’t ask me too much. (Laughter).

Sitter: I am still trying to think it all through. (Laughter).

Spirit: Well that’s Ling’s idea, to make you think!

Sitter: He is succeeding very well. ((Mirth).

Spirit: It is ‘lightness’ that is needed to enable the spirit, or the soul, (let me get this right), the ‘Soul’, to manifest itself through the spirit.  This does not happen very often, only very occasionally and usually under unusual circumstances, and because I’d been talking about this with Ling and others, they wanted me to tell you this story, because it indicates in a way that lightness of heart, (oh, spirit, soul or something) (Laughter), is necessary for us on this side, to be able to come through mediums on your side.

Now this story goes back to London during the time of the war and as you know we had underground shelters. We used railway stations, and there people would congregate night after night and it became almost a home away from home. Many had musical instruments and there was much singing and joy, and the more frightened we were, the louder was the singing, and some of it at times was very beautiful. And then there were some who just sat, and it was those people who were uplifted by the joyousness of the frightened people around them, who on many occasions saw what you would call spirit. One person may whisper to another, “I saw my Johnny just now, as clear as anything”, or “You know, I think Mabel has gone, I just felt that she’s gone”. And this sort of thing was happening so often, and it was brought about by the tension that we lived under, the thought that we had to live every moment, because we didn’t know when it was all going to end. The music and the singing, it all helped, and there was this feeling of doing battle, of going to win.

It was a most extraordinary feeling we Londoners had. We were not afeared for ourselves, it was for those who were in Europe and the men who were flying, but we were all determined.  Once the ‘All clear’ was given, everyone rushed out and if we weren’t just dog-tired from having sung all night, we would go to work with determination to do it better than ever.

It was what you might call ‘upliftment’, and so many spirits were able to touch the people on earth and in many cases communicate with them. This was because of the feeling of determination that overcame any horror, or any depression, or negativeness, which would have stopped the communication.

And I was talking about this, here, and everyone seemed to understand and were saying how it works in the spirit world too… because the likes of me, I cannot communicate normally, with we’ll say the likes of Alan, or Ling, because they have evolved beyond me, but they can come back as what you might call missionaries. But they cannot communicate with even greater people, unless those people come back as missionaries. We don’t know the end, but we are all trying, the same as you people are, and we are all missionaries trying to help other people, trying to understand what it is all about, but I can tell you one thing… it’s a wonderful life we lead, and when we speak of life I don’t mean just on earth… it’s life eternal. It goes on and on, because there is so much knowledge available for everyone. 
But in the meantime, pick on your citrus fruit, because you’re one of them. I suggest that you don’t go for a lemon! (Mirth)

Well I don’t know whether I’ve been able to help you, but I thought you might be interested in how spirit communication even took place at times, with various people in the air raid shelters of London, and no doubt in many other places in the world as well.
Is there anything you… (now I’m really putting my foot in it here but I’m saying), ‘Is there anything you want to know, that I might know?’

Sitter (J): I feel that I’ve gained another part that I didn’t know I had. (Mirth)

Sitter (K): Well I’m trying to think this one through, I’ll have to read it later to get it all in my mind but if we have a soul and a spirit, both of which go over to your side when we die, what happens at that stage. because as I understand it you are a spirit. Are you also a soul?
Spirit: I gather (mind you this is only my interpretation), that the soul (or as Ling says) ‘It is the ‘essence’. That is the important part, but it is so important and so delicate, that in coming in to the orbit of material things it needs protection, and the spirit gives it that. That may be the… oh it’s the only way I can put it.

Sitter (K) Then I would imagine that when we left this world, there would be no further need for the spirit, therefore why does it have to go as well?

Sitter (J): And why is everyone on the other side called spirits not souls?

Spirit: You’ve got me. (Laughter)

Sitters: (Laughter) You’ve got us.

Sitter (J): We’ll all have to think on that one.

Spirit: You know, I’ve got an idea that we’ve been put in (oh here’s a big word that came to mind), an ‘invidious’ position (Laughter) by Ling. I think he is wanting us to think.

Sitter (J): I think he is making us.

Spirit: Me included. (Laughter).

Sitter (K): Well thank you for helping us too.

Spirit: Well I don’t know whether I’ve cheered you up but…

Sitter (J): You have really, as you always do.

Spirit: Right, I’m going back to my books! (Laughter)

Bless you all. It’s a wonderful world (oh world, that’s earth isn’t it?) it’s a …well… oh I know I’ll get muddled with that too in a minute. (Laughter). It’s a wonderful existence we have.

Sitter (K): Well thank you very much for coming, and thank you very much for your teachings… even if it is going to take us a while to really work it all out.

Spirit: Thank you for putting up with my inabilities.

Sitters: Our pleasure.

Spirit: God bless you.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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