Topic: Explanation of contradictions, in messages from spirit.
ED. COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No.641 held 4th October, 2006.

Contradictions in Messages from Spirit

Spirit (Ling): Greetings. A question often asked, by the recipients of messages from spirit, is, why are there contradictions? Now this can be explained.

When people ‘pass over’ (for want of a better expression), they see before them their life, earth life, and according to it and the discussions they have with their spirit teachers, they are allocated a position in the ‘hierarchy’ (again for want of a better word), and it is of their position there, around them, that they will tell you, because it is what they understand death to mean, - that is the problem; it is only to them because the level that they have come to is what they have earned, what they have achieved.

So someone going to another medium may get a totally different aspect of life after death. The clarity of the message, the philosophy, the knowledge, the teachings, depend very much on the ladder of achievement, of these spirit communicators. So you may get someone who is a highly developed soul, who may not talk about Grandma and Aunt Lizzie, and Fred from over the fence, but they will talk more on perhaps, ‘Bettering your way of life’, or ‘What you may achieve’, and general philosophy… which they feel may help you, and the people around you whom you spend time with. Whereas someone now in spirit, perhaps nearer the earth, a kind compassionate soul who as yet hasn’t moved on very far, will be the one who communicates about your friends and relations, and these two different types of ‘spirit’, shall we say, would come through two different mediums. They would go to people like themselves as near as possible, because ‘like draws to like’. So though you may go and hear one medium tell you all about Granddad, you may go to another one the following day who says, “Oh I’m sorry your grandfather is not here”, (if you’d asked for him particularly), “I have no communication with him whatsoever”, and will proceed then to tell you something totally different. So you come away, and many do, with the feeling that “These people don’t know what they are talking about. I get two different answers from two different people and they are supposed to be in contact with spirit”.

Those particular mediums may be not fraudulent in any way, they are giving you what they perceive and believe in, at that time of their development.

Then again you may get someone who is in it for a lark, who has a very low sense of responsibility and doesn’t care at all about you, or your emotions, and who may start filling you with grandiose ideas, and a lot of wild stories. Many people are gullible and accept them. But, it is the standard that you expect, hope for, and are in yourself, that helps you to achieve communication, with those whom you love, with someone who is a little similar to yourself, and perhaps even, you will get some teachings, as this does happen with all mediums throughout the world.

Many tell one type of story, many tell another, but you must not believe everything you hear. If you have someone come to you and say, “I want to go to a medium, can you recommend anyone?”…. You may recommend someone whom you believe is honest and will give a true rendering of what they hear or see, but explain to the person that it is a difficult thing, communication, and there can be errors.

For example the spirit souls themselves may make a mistake, it’s what they believe at that time, they may not be lying to you, but perhaps they haven’t got to a plane that will enable them to realise that what they are saying is not really quite the truth. So question everything you hear and that includes myself. I expect you to question what I say. I am telling you, or trying to explain to you what I believe, but I am not saying that I may not in the future change my mind, and this is the same for all mediums.

So when you get people complaining to you, about the weird and wonderful stories that they are getting from many mediums, try and explain to them, that there are various levels, some which are mischievous, some, well I don’t like to use the word ‘evil’ (we must love all souls), but are disruptive. And then there are others that are joyful, they are very near earth but they are joyful, they are a pleasure to listen to, and then there are others who are advancing further and further in various fields. Explain this to people if they ask you, and that is why we get such a mixture of messages going to you people on earth.

I hope I have made this clear for you, so you may help others.

Is there anything you would like to ask?

Sitter: Yes please Ling… With blending of a spirit to the medium, I understand that that is important, but is it also important that the medium and the person seeking information need to blend also?

Spirit: It helps. It helps considerably. But it is not always necessary.

Sitter: Thank you.

Spirit: So I will now go, and all of us send our love and blessings on your circle.

This was Ling.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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