Topic:Think carefully about what you would say to a dying person.
ED. COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No.642 held 10th October, 2006.

Speaking to a Dying Person

Spirit (Ling): Greetings. You know what death is, because you have been educated by us and by reading, so if you were told that tomorrow you won’t wake or that you will die in a week, you might be shocked, worried about those you are leaving, possibly your finances, that type of thing, but that’s all. But my friends there are millions of people who haven’t got the knowledge that you have. You can’t initially do anything about those millions but you can for those whom you will meet, and you will meet them because, well, you know yourself the age factor.

So if you get the opportunity help these people, it may even be a child, because if they haven’t been given what we believe to be correct knowledge, they are like a person in your world who has lived in the mountains well away from what you call civilization, or other people, and they are ignorant. They have no idea what it is like in a city… and that is what a person is like who has no idea of the world that is waiting for them.

You can’t give people who are dying a quick course… it is not possible probably to discuss it very much, but try and assure them that there will be someone, who will meet them. They may immediately say, “Oh I wondered because I have seen my mother”, (or someone), and for those people you can just add a little bit to it letting them know, that at that time they put out their hand and that person will grasp theirs. They no doubt will think ‘physically’, but no, it is their spirit which has left the body and is attached once more, completely to the soul, that can acknowledge that person who has come to help, whether it is a friend or one of their teachers, or someone who dearly loves them.

That is another aspect that you may be able to help families with. It takes what you call time, perhaps as much as three days for people who are not aware of what is happening. The spirit is perhaps still clinging a little to the body, because it too has to adjust, so these people left on earth need to give that spirit ‘time’. So approximately three days wait is advisable before cremation or burial. And in that time the person who has left and come to us, will quite comfortably accept that they have a different sort of body.

What it is like as best as I can describe it to you, is when you are lying, perhaps even sitting and you are completely relaxed… there must have been times when you have been quite unaware of your body - you are so relaxed - but you are still alive - it’s rather like that. It is your mind, your soul that automatically develops or is aware of a body that suits it. The body will be like your physical body, but it won’t have the creaks, cracks and all the other things that many people have had to put up with, in their earth life.

But if you go into describing these sorts of things to a person who is quite unaware, and perhaps talking to you the fact that “I’m going to die soon”, it is going too far. Just ask them to acknowledge anyone they see and to relax, and to perhaps hold out their hands. It is only a very simple little bit of education as far as dying is concerned, but it may be enough. If they are frightened, it may just give them that peace or relaxation that they can let go, and not fight and go in a panic into their death.

There are people who have been so selfish that they may be thinking, “Well no one loves me”. Perhaps on earth there is no one who has ever loved them, but over here there will be someone who is only too willing to help them, because the more we help people whether it is for the love of them, or just for the love of humanity, the more we can develop, so no one will ever be alone.

And that is why we feel it is so necessary for people to know what it is like to pass peacefully. It is very possible that you may not have the opportunity to pass this knowledge on, but be aware that you have got it, and think of what you would say.

Sometimes it could almost be done in a frivolous way. Someone may say, “I’m terrified of dying”, and you could make a joke out of it and say, “Well I guess many people have been terrified, but when you think of the beautiful angels you see in paintings… who would be terrified of that?” and they will laugh and you could go on to say, “But I don’t think they have wings, I think it is just our friends; people who have gone ahead of us”. “Do you really think so”? “Well it is my belief, I feel quite happy about it”, and that may be just enough to make them think, “Well he certainly seems rather relaxed about it, and perhaps I should try and be relaxed too”.

It is your judgment at the time, which may be able to help someone. It is important, but by all means don’t go quoting any particular religion, religion as such… just a way of life, and a way of dying.

Goodnight and God bless you all.

Sitters: Thank you Ling. Good night.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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