Topic: How Old Do You Think You Are?
ED. COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No.644 held 24th October, 2006.

How Old Do You Think You Are?

Spirit (Elizabeth): Good evening, this is Elizabeth.

Sitter: Good evening Elizabeth and lovely to hear from you again.

Spirit: It is my pleasure. People occasionally ask how old you are. May I make this statement, and it is true try to accept it, that you are as old as spirit itself, as life, you are eternal - you always have been and you always will be!

You yourselves at this state of your being, are (now don’t take this as complete truth because I am only estimating), but along the path of eternity, your development to being perhaps where I am, would be half way. For myself, I still have so far to go, that it just is beyond my comprehension. But this is just an idea of what it is like.

You are on earth at this moment to learn. You have comprehended the being of spirit, also that your life will go on… but as yet we don’t feel (and it is natural), that you have comprehended how far you have to go, what knowledge you have to gain, and what galaxies, and arts, and beauty, you have to comprehend. In one lifetime, looking back on yours now because you are of advanced years, how much have you learnt?  And when you think of the knowledge that man has accumulated, and knowledge that he is trying to gain, and the knowledge that he hasn’t got, it makes you realise, (or should do if you think about it) - how far you have to go.

Take for example one of the arts, think of music, how far you still  have to travel if you are to know everything that is to be comprehended on earth, let alone what spirit can further teach you.

When you are highly developed and have knowledge of many of these things, of the vastness of eternity, and as I think I once described to you, there is no body, you are pure spirit, then you are able to blend with any wonderful object, being, or animal. You may for example, see a squirrel sitting with its nuts. You are spirit and you can be up close, you can be with that squirrel and feel what it is feeling… or you may hear a beautiful tune played on a violin and you are there with that musician, wielding the bow. Where there is great sorrow, you can comprehend what that spirit is going through, and in one way that is how we are able to bring great joy to people, to give upliftment to the sorrowful… but it is not until you are completely free of material things, and have learnt so very much, and there is always more learning, it never stops.

Think how old man is, at this time, and how little he really knows. You know yourselves, mankind, many of them, can’t control their tempers, or their greed, or their physical wants - they forget the spirit! There is so much wonderful joy awaiting everyone and sometimes it is a very long slow process… but it is there for everyone!

So each day in your life, when you get time, think on the beautiful whether it is music, or God’s creations… the cat washing its face, the feel of the sun on its back, the cow with its calf, the seagull riding the airwaves; we let these things go past but with practice, and with comprehension, understanding and love, you on earth, can practise these things and can combine with them, and it is all a form of development.

Many of the animal world are well aware and are capable, of doing it with you. You may say that your dog reads your mind, and that your little cat knows what you’re doing - it is true. They are not worried about accumulating money; all they want is their little tummies full! Well that’s understandable while you are on earth and that’s what you want too. You don’t need much more.

But when you are with me and others like me, you are pure spirit, and you are looking forward… because there is always more to learn. And you my friends have the opportunity to pass on your knowledge, and also to practise the way of learning more - and you always have help. In your minds, in your spirit, you just ask and we will do our best, to see you receive.

This was Elizabeth.

Sitter (J): Thank you Elizabeth very much. Good night.

Spirit: Bless you, bless you.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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