Topic: Could I live with myself?
ED. COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No.645 held 31st October, 2006.

Could I Live With Myself?

Spirit (Ling): Greetings. There are many things we can talk on, whether it is to do with your lives on earth, or the aspects that you may encounter at death, but one important question that you could ask yourselves, is “Could I live with myself?”

Now behind that question, is the fact that you are with people after you have died who are very similar to yourself. So look to your bad points, your irritating ways, your thoughts that are not always good, your emotions, (the fact that you may always scratch your right leg or something like that, does not apply because you haven’t got a physical body here), but all other things do apply. So think on that, could you live with a person who is identical to yourself, or that near that it wouldn’t make any difference to yourself? It is a thought worth dwelling on, because it possibly will help you to see the faults which you have, and to try to overcome them (dare I say), before it’s too late. Because many of us, many, many of us, think that we are right. That what we do and what we think, and our attitudes to people, to animals, to the world in general, and to religions, is the right way… the only way!

Now if you were living with someone who thought that way, felt that way, you wouldn’t be very happy, so think, “Am I inclined to be like that myself… that I know best?” Because in someone else you may find that you don’t know best after all, and you wish this person would be quiet about it. This continues until you have learnt, and can move on, but in the meantime you’ve got to put up with the unpleasant aspects of yourself in someone else. Mind you, there is the opposite side too, the best of them and the best of yourself, it’s still applicable. So while you have the opportunity, think on these things.

And another aspect that you may think on, that many people question, is this statement “When I am perfect I will be with God”. Let me tell you friends that the more you learn, the more you find that you don’t know. The universe is evolving, things are changing continually, and man has to adjust. Look on the history that you know of the world, and let me assure you that there is very little that you do know, and it is continually changing. Think how much change in your own lifetime, so how are you ever going to know everything? It just needs, for example, a meteorite to hit your world as you know it; everything is turned upside down and starts more or less again. We know this has happened, you know it has happened. So spirit, mind, has to work it all out once more, with the knowledge that they already have.

You have got, (well I cannot put it into words, the time involved), eternity, to develop in, to keep on developing, and you will never be bored unless you want to be. There are some people who stay in the one plane for a very long time, time that you probably can’t calculate. They are happy there, but with minds, with spirit, that seeks knowledge, there is always the opportunity to move on… but perfection - I don’t know of anyone who has reached it yet! Think on the most perfect evolved soul that you know and I’m sure that you’ll find that there are imperfections. It is only natural, because we cannot in a knowable time, reach perfection.

Now on what I have spoken about tonight, is there anything you would care to ask, that I may or may not be able to answer, but I will try?

Sitters: No thank you Ling.

Spirit: Now may I be very human and say, “Thank goodness for that!” (Laughter)

The one thing that I would advise you… love - and I don’t mean that overdone word that is in the world today, but love of mankind, love of animals, love of your world, love of the universe… expand your souls!  That is the best advice I can give anyone - ‘love’ in its truest aspect.

Sitter: Ling, earlier you said something like overcoming faults while there is still time. Does that presuppose that when we get over there, that that can’t be done, or is it much more difficult, or what?

Spirit: It can be done. It is more difficult, and with others the same you might not be very happy… unless you yourself are a happy and good person. Can you imagine, (I’ll give an extreme example), but two Hitlers being happy together?

Sitter: (Mirth) No.

Spirit: And there are many people we could speak of in history, who no doubt we would like to think of, as having moved on and have learnt their lesson, but there are still many, not at all happy, living with others like themselves. So think on that. You have the opportunity, it is easier at this point to correct your faults, and as I said before it is not such a thing as having a physical habit of scratching your leg, or anything like that… it’s your thinking!

Well on that note I will wish you well for the coming week.

Bless you.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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