Topics: 1. Avoid coming to circle tired out. 2. Some little time daily should be turned to God.

Daily Thought and Tiredness

Topic 1: Avoid coming to the circle tired out.

First Spirit (Alan): Good evening this is Alan.

Sitters: Good evening Alan.

Spirit: We are very aware of, for words of better explanation, a cloud of weariness over our circle tonight.
You people must not exhaust yourselves; you must conserve your energies because it is necessary in helping us. So for tonight for the healing, will one person please take it and make it in general, so that we do not spend that much time. Apart from that, June has quite a lot to talk about, and we would not like to in any way curtail what she has to say. So look after yourselves friends, each and every one of you.  Don’t deplete your energies, more than of course happens in the normal course of events. But to come to your circle without tranquillity, without a feeling of restfulness, is perhaps a disturbing factor for both you and for us.  Not so much disturbing, perhaps that’s not the correct word… but there isn’t the clarity of communication.

So for tonight we will just shorten the healing… we feel it is best on this occasion. Normally we have no problems; and now for June…

God bless you.

Sitters: Thank you Alan.

Topic 2: Some little time daily should be turned to God.

Second Spirit (June): Well you know who it is without an introduction.

Sitter: Yes June we know.

I wonder if they were formally introducing me, what they’d say. It would be interesting to know. But many of us at this time of the year have been on… I think you call them ‘tutorials’ and this one if I have remembered correctly, would be standing in the hierarchy as we understand it.

First they emphasize that there is but one God for all humanity, for all life, but no one could say what God was, or who he was, if it is a he, but what they did emphasize is every day of our lives, life eternal, for just a minute or two (longer if you wish), but at least some little time should be turned to God… which is eternal love, love for everything including yourself, because it is all part of God. So daily, extend your soul towards God, in whatever or any way, you personally interpret God!

And then there are the many wonderful teachers in all nations.  There have been men and women and even the occasional child who has such wonderful knowledge that it is passed on to others. So when you come across this, this wonderful being - as Europeans it may be Jesus - but there are others too; wonderful beings who have great words of wisdom, send them your love because they love you, the same as God does, as all are part of that universal love.

And then, your family, the immediate friends who are around you, think of them with love because most of them you have probably known, for hundreds if not thousands of years.  They are part, of what modern people call ‘a group soul’.

There is really no such thing. You are individuals with the right to think for yourselves, but they are people you have known at some stage in your development. You have perhaps intensely disliked some of them, but through your own development you have learned to accept their faults and love them, as you must accept your own faults and understand them, and overcome them.

And then we would like to think that people can extend that love to every living thing. You may be scared understandably of the big sharks, and the crocodiles, but they are part of God’s world they are part of a balance, which unfortunately man is inclined to disrupt, but that is another aspect.

In the meantime look on these animals, these plants, the mountains, the stars, with wonder – they are all part of God, they are all part of life; life eternal.  And the more you can develop in this way the more you can appreciate, even the very small right through to the greatest that your mind can create, it is all part of living, is part of developing, which after all you wouldn’t be on this path of thinking if that wasn’t what you were aiming at.

But on your way, though there may be tears, fear, perhaps even hatred sometimes of situations or people, do your best to overcome them, because you are climbing a ladder and sometimes the steps are slippery, but know yourself, and in knowing yourself you will have greater understanding of others but understand that this must apply to all colours and all races. It is no good saying, “Oh he’s a coloured man he wouldn’t understand”, because they have some understanding that you haven’t got. Each and every one of us can learn from others, as we climb that ladder, so that one day we will see and appreciate God.

It really gave us a lot of, I think you call it ‘upliftment’, to hear these wonderful speakers talking to us with such power and such confidence and such belief, that they carried you along with them because they truly believed, they understood! It wasn’t a matter of faith, they understood, and that is what I am trying to say to you… delve into things, try and understand, because it really is wonderful! I know I’m going to try, inspired by those wonderful beings who spoke to us.

Now I don’t know that I could answer any questions on what I have been talking about, but if you have anything, perhaps we could discuss it if nothing else.

Is there anything?

Sitters (In turn): Not from me thank you Ling.

Spirit: I’m sorry Ken. Perhaps I have been talking too quietly. I know that sometimes lately you are not hearing as well as previously.

Sitter (K): It’s all right thank you June, I heard all that you were saying. (Laughter).

I did wonder though, whether more emphasis could be placed on God being an intelligence, responsible for the creation of everything.  You made the point, but I wonder if maybe it should be made more strongly.

Spirit: That is up to you as an individual. Each person will have their own idea of what God is. As you know, some people put all the power of God into a stone, it’s a means of directing their love, and if that makes them happy so be it.

Sitter (K): Thank you.

Spirit: God bless you and perhaps one day we will see each other on the ladder.

Sitter: That would be lovely June.

Spirit: Good night and God bless you.

Sitter (J): And thank you very much, good night.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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