Topic: To improve self, recognise and overcome personal faults. (etc)

Recognise and Overcome Faults

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

People often ask, “What can we do to make the world a better place to live in?”

If it is the perfection that you people would like, there is not much point in you living in it. You are here to learn, as you would say, “Warts and all”.

And we have often said, (and you may possibly have made the mistake of taking it too literally), of 'Don’t look back, always look forward'.  That is true, within reason. Bur how can one overcome one’s faults if one doesn’t look at them?

We would suggest, on occasions when you are perhaps by yourselves, that you start from when you can first remember. Did you like yourself as a child? You’re probably quite happy. But there may be an instance, something that you are not very happy about… think on it, don’t make a burden of it, and think, 'Am I better now, would I do that same thing now?'  If you would, then there is some correcting needed, but if you’ve overcome that, travel on, bring yourself right up to your present life, because if you don’t accept your mistakes and correct them, what progress are you making?

A soul that is perhaps advanced, and this could be selfish will think daily, 'What did I do today that was good?'  But also think, 'What did I do today that I would alter given the opportunity?' and if most of us were honest without going into trivialities such as stumbling on someone accidentally, or standing on the cat’s paw, little things like that, they happen and you are sorry at the time, so forget it.

But when it is something, perhaps deliberate, or calculated, or selfish, and there will be days when there is something like that in every life, because you wouldn’t be on earth if you weren’t making those mistakes and correct them. You may have deliberately dodged somebody who could have done with you saying a kindly word, you’re sorry for it so in your mind send greetings to that person and next time you see them speak. You have learnt.

Don’t make a martyr of yourselves, you’re human, but it is still something that everyone, and that includes the Kings, the Queens and the politicians, everyone should be doing that… questioning themselves… because there wouldn’t be many people in this world, (any at the moment), where one could say, “There is a truly very good person”.

Each and every one of us has some faults. Possibly you are the only person that knows them, until you die and then someone may tap you on the shoulder and say, “Do you remember this?” and if you haven’t already corrected that fault in yourself it is going to make it a bit harder for you.

Now we don’t want you to make life a burden because it shouldn’t be. The more joyous a soul is, the more appreciative then of the world around it, the more observant of the little things, or the hearing of the little things, the appreciation of other people… all this gives joy to you, and it makes you a happier, more understanding, appreciative person. So in that way you are also developing! Don’t make life a burden, but also remember you are not perfect. In looking at nature you will see imperfections, in hearing music, there are many imperfections, in my ears at any rate, but that is all part of living.

Listen also to the other person’s point of view. They may expand your thinking. It is a very big troublesome world you live in, and a lot of it is the people who live in it, and they are there, because they are learning.  But listen to those that are wise and each and every one of you must come across the odd person who may only say a few words, but it rings true for you.

It may be in reading a book and what you think is perhaps trivial, just a light novel, but from it you may pick out some very sound thinking. The author may not even realise that they are giving a gift to you, but they are passing on something that they have thought, seen, felt… and it is the little bit of God that is in them that has come in to that book, and you’ve grasped it.

So look for the joyous things in everything that is around you, and at the same time correct the not so joyous that is within yourself, because when you have done this the next day will be happier, and if you see that fault and can accept it and try and overcome it, which you may not do very easily because some of our faults are ingrained into us and it is an effort to get rid of them, but you are making the effort and that is something that gets appreciated too, by your teachers.

I hope that I haven’t made the world seem too grim for you because it isn’t! Enjoy every sunrise, every sunset, the world is a beautiful place and you can make it even better, for yourself and for other people.

Now is there anything you would care to bring up, to question, on the subject?

Sitter (K): I’ve got a question but it is unrelated. Would you have time to look at for me tonight?

Spirit: Well I can listen but I may have to come back on it.

Sitter (K): Well it’s a question with more than one part but all related to each other.

You say, that we should think of God periodically, but since we don’t know what God is, or who God is, or whether male or female… and you folk too don’t seem to be able to tell us, it all seems a bit pointless.

Part two… Perhaps it is, that our thinking and your thinking goes into some sort of bank, some sort of think-tank, where the ideas can be drawn out later and from those ideas, the answer would be gained.

Part three… If so, and if you don’t have the physical over there, I wonder what sort of holding vessel or whatever you could have, to hold all these ideas, as I can’t just visualise that.

And part four… You don’t have things physical over there, yet I hear that you do have some wonderful libraries, well this doesn’t seem to add up either.

Would you care to comment please?

Spirit: I don’t know where to begin. (Laughter)

Ken I would like to discuss this with others, but at this point all I can say is that I believe that every little bit of good that is in us, that is in each living soul, is part of God, so that in appreciating a person, landscape, animal, or glorying in a situation, it is all part of God. It is in us, and in what is around us. Now I must leave it because I cannot think of how to explain any further at this stage, but others may have ideas and with their knowledge we’ll discuss it.

Well on that note we will leave you tonight, and we certainly look forward to seeing you in a fortnight’s time.  Blessings on your circle, and in particular on your leader at this moment.


Sitters: Thank you very much and goodnight.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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