Topics: The soul is the essence of your being and Stored Information.

The Essence of Being and Stored Information

1. Two weeks of circle meetings had to be cancelled as Sitter Ken and his wife Joyce (the Medium) were away, due to a hospital operation for Ken.
2. During that time Joyce felt moved to meditate, and some lovely spirit gift wishes came through for Ken. (Ken gave thanks at the opening of the circle)
3. This next  is largely a follow on from questions raised during last circle meeting.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Sitters: Greetings Ling.

Spirit: Your thanks were appreciated and those messages were sent with all sincerity.

Sitter (K): Again, thank you very much.

Topic: The soul is the essence of your being.

Spirit: Now just briefly tonight we want you to understand, that the soul is the essence of your being.  The spirit, is with the soul, and the material body though it enables you to have experience, it also hinders.  So you are part of three things but the basis, the Essence, is the Soul.

Now to partly answer one of your questions, everything that is of value to mankind is available to the soul, depending (I must qualify this), on the standard that soul has reached.

Topic: About stored information here and in the next world.

You spoke of libraries and of music. Both are there forever of varying standards until as Soo Lee has said, “Music that at this stage of your development, you would not comprehend”.  It is stored ready for your perusal, and the only  way I can liken it for you to understand would be, your discs of music or of books, because books are put onto discs now.  You can have a complete author, all his works on one disc, all the music of one composer, or of one orchestra, all on one disc.  Now you may wonder about this, but this is so - and it is the souls through spirit that have enabled mankind to develop discs.

If you think back to the approximate time when people began really to communicate in the world, spirit communication, when it became more well known… that was about the time when music became recorded.  As you know, (well you know Ken, I don’t know whether our other two friends know), there is a recording of Chopin playing his ‘Minute Waltz’.  It was one of the first break-throughs, and that was because of spirit… influencing, teaching, and helping mankind to develop.  This is another way in which they are helping human beings, bringing them a little closer to what people call Heaven.

And when you are free from the materialism of your bodies, our discs, which are not quite the same as yours, are available.  Depending on the development of your soul you can have anything you want in the way of knowledge.  But it is not given to you, you work for it, and the more developed you become, the more loving, the more compassionate, the more understanding of the beauties of music and the written word, and other things too of course, the more is open to you.  But it is no good us taking. for example a villain, someone who is self centred, who thinks of no one but themselves, and offer them the opportunity of these things. They would not appreciate them and possibly would destroy, given the opportunity.

So it is in the development of self that one comes closer to all the glories that are open to the soul.

Now I don’t want to keep you Ken, particularly tonight. We understand the difficulties of the physical body, we have all been through it one way or another, so for this evening we will bring everything to a close, and I hope that in some way this has helped you a little in your seeking.

Sitter (K): Thank you very much indeed Ling for going to the trouble of sorting that out, but this one thought occurs to me that if the ‘Soul’ is the ‘Essence’, is that another word for ‘God’?

Spirit: You are part of God, everyone is. That God particle is within everyone, but you’ve got to develop it!

Sitter (K): Thank you, and thank you all for coming, and as always to you Ling and to our other friends there with you, we send our love.

Spirit: Goodnight and may the blessings of the eternal spirit, of which you are part, and the eternal soul of which you are also part, which is the essence, be with you always.

Sitters: Thank you. Goodnight.

I have been told, at various times in various places, that people in Spirit who, when on the earth, were scientists, engineers, etc, did that work for the love of it and continue their work with colleagues who have gone before. In so doing they are ahead of us and, when they think the earth is ready for something new they try to inspire people doing that work on earth to think in a certain direction, leading them to some 'discovery'. This is sometimes called 'Inspiration', fortuitous, accidental 'Good Luck'. The telephone was 'discovered' by a technician noting a metal plate was vibrating with the transmitted sound; an 'accidental' discovery. This also true in music. Mozart said he heard music in dreams and had to write it down before he forgot it. Rachmaninov dressed up to compose as he felt he was in the presence of a 'higher power'. In my own small way I have been inspired by ' helpers' when doing some arrangement of hymns on the computer. J. H. Dec 2010

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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