Topics: June Reminisces and Clarification of ‘God’, ‘Spirit’ and ‘Soul’.

June Reminisces and Leave Out the Spirit

Spirit (June): Hello everybody.

Sitter (K): Hello, hello June I guess.

Spirit: Yes it’s me; I don’t seem to be able to get away with it ever. I thought I was being different. (Laughter)

Sitter (J): Our medium starts to laugh, and we know you’re close.

Spirit June Reminisces.

Spirit: Well I’ve got two things tonight. One is sort of a story, and the other is being a bit serious, but I’ll start off with the funny bit.

It was your music… I was enjoying it and it brought back memories. We used to hear music like that sometimes. It was the bands playing in the parks.

(Note: A Strauss waltz had been played before the circle).

Now the likes of us weren’t very welcome in the parks. We were quite often asked to stay outside the fence line, and we played up a bit I’m afraid. We mimicked the ladies walking past and we‘d dance too sometimes, and we enjoyed it! I don’t think we were very popular but we weren’t doing any harm, and we were happy.

And that’s how we should look at life. As long as you are not doing anyone else any harm, and you are happy… that’s good. You may say, “Well we were laughing at the other people”. Well they were so uppity and I suppose we shouldn’t have, but I know who was the happiest. We were natural like you people are nowadays, and yes, we might have pulled up our skirts a little, and we really went to town with some of these dances particularly when the bands really got going, ‘cause it could be the King’s or the Queen’s, whoever was there as the guest, it would be their bands, their choice. The Coldstream Guards… the Guards when they played that was really something, we marched to that, which was great fun.

It would have been nice to have been amongst the others too and danced with them, because they could have taught us something and we could have taught them something – we could have taught them to be happy because they were very stiff and starchy.

But that’s just a little bit of fun that I enjoyed and I don’t regret it. I did no harm and we were happy, a lot of us, it made a lot of people happy. And I must admit there were some of the people in the park who looked at us and smiled, and then they turned round with very straight faces, because they didn’t dare let Mama see, or Papa, or whoever it was. Poor things, I felt sorry for them really, although I did like their pretty clothes… but getting back to something more serious.

Clarification of ‘God’, ‘Spirit’ and ‘Soul’

Your circle on this side have been having a little talk, and Ling thinks that perhaps my straightforwardness might help explain things a little bit, that you are getting in a muddle over.

Now it’s this God, Spirit and Soul business. We think it would be best for all concerned, at this stage if you forget about spirit, because many people think of spirits as those things that run around with sheets over their heads, tap you on the shoulder and go “Oooooh” and generally haunt places, where it’s not like that at all.

But there’s a miss… ooh now I’ve forgotten the word, miss something or other receptions, would that be it?

Sitter (J): Misconceptions?

Spirit: That’s it! That’s it, misconceptions! So we think it best now. if we speak just of the ‘Soul’ and ‘God’.

Now I know there was a great teacher whom you’ve read about, who was an Indian chap (Note: The American Indian ‘Silver Birch’), and he speaks a lot of the Spirit, but that’s just his word for God, so when you are doing your reading you have to interpret yourselves what these people are talking about, but for us it is the ‘Soul’ and ‘God’.

Now the soul, for you to understand plainly, is the little bit of God that you have within you. It is your life, it is the love you feel for people, it is your essence, it is all part of God, and that you will never be without no matter how far advanced you get, no matter what plane… because you think, “Right, we rise to perfection”, but think how long it’s going to take you, for what there is in your world alone to learn about, apart from other worlds.

You are part of God, of the Almighty Being that is Unconditional Love, and that is what we are going to refer to, the ‘Soul’ and ‘God’… and unless it’s really necessary we’ll leave out the spirit that a lot of people speak of, and perhaps don’t understand that it is really for many, just another name for God.

I think in your Christian church there is some talk about spirit, quite a bit, (the little I went to church I seem to remember them talking about it and I never understood), but I’d seen pictures. They used to illustrate pictures of the soul moving out of the body and going to Heaven. Now that I can understand, and that is what is perhaps best, for you to think of… the ‘Soul’ is your part of God that has eternal life, eternal progress, and eternal love.

Sitter (K): Would I be right in thinking then, that your soul is your individualism that makes you different to everybody else?

Spirit: Yes because you are working on it all the time, but you are still part of God. That is why there should be ‘The Brotherhood of Mankind’, because you are all part of God, even though some people are very bad, very wicked… but with encouragement, with time, there is progress for even the worst. It may be for many, hard going, but progress is achievable.

For others, it may be a little easier, but if things are too easy you are not learning. So when there are struggles just think, “Out of this struggle I’m going to know a little bit more, I’ll understand a little bit more, I will be more compassionate, I will appreciate the things that are in this world more”… it is all progress, going on and on and on.

To me music was just something to dance to, but I’ve realised since that it is the sound. You don’t have to be moving to appreciate music. You can listen to a band, (that’s what we were talking about) and you can listen to the various instruments and pick them out… it’s all learning, it’s all to do so Ling says, with atoms, and splitting atoms, but I don’t understand that, that is something for me to learn someday. But I hope you understand a little bit more and we will try and leave out that word ‘spirit’ unless it is really vital… and I can’t see that it ever will be because I’ve managed to cast it to one side, for the moment at any rate.

Is there anything else you would like me to try and explain or else I’ll possibly ask others.

Sitter (K): Thanks for that explanation June, it makes it clearer.

Spirit: Well for tonight I think we will leave it at that, and we wish you all well, and I believe you are talking about resuming healing tonight.

Sitters: Yes.

Spirit: Well we will see that you are given assistance in helping others, because that is a good thing too.

Good night and bless you all.

Sitters: Good night June and thank you.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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