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Aspects of Prayer

First Spirit (June): Hello loves, this is June.

Tonight I’ve been given as a job, to tell you something about healing, and I hope I can get it across to you.

A number of us were listening to someone who was explaining prayer to us, and it is what they said, that I hope to convey to you people.

Now many people may ask, 'Why are my prayers not answered?' 'What is the use of prayer?' etc. There are many aspects.

First it is the sincerity of the person saying the prayer. Repetitious prayer (as we have explained before) has no effect, insomuch as the soul is not involved, (probably the physical body is working out plans for the next holiday, or whatever.) In other words, it is a type of learning by heart, and that doesn’t really convey the meaning.

The prayer depends on the individual who is saying or asking for something. Now the best way I think I can explain it is by taking individuals. These are not real people. It is a story I’m telling. There may be a lovely little child praying for help for her father who is a ruthless, cruel, drunken man. Now why doesn’t that child’s prayer get answered?

For two reasons: one, she has been taught to pray to God.  God is something that we cannot fathom, we cannot perceive, but we know is there.  If this child just asked a friend to give her help, she is more likely to be heard, because that innocent little soul would most likely be heard by someone who is as innocent as she is, but whether that prayer would be answered is uncertain, because that soul who would be trying to help her, may not get through to that man. If he hasn’t got a soul that is open to the heavens, to the goodness in this world, her prayer may go unheard; not unheard by her helper, but unheard by her father.

In that case we would hope that with time, she would be able to move away and develop into a finer soul, from the trauma that she has gone through. Because in asking for something, and this applies to all of us, whether it is help for one’s self, for your country, for friends, whether it is healing, upliftment… I can only describe it as that there are layers, or steps like a ladder, and for the person who is in the material body it depends how far their soul has travelled up that ladder, and who they are able to contact who also has climbed a little higher than they have, and may have more power available to them to help in whatever the answer is, to that prayer.

So the more pure we ourselves think, act, and consider our prayers, the more likely we are to achieve the help that we are asking for. A lot of it appears to depend on ourselves. To give an extreme example: if a person, who doesn’t think of the wonders of the world, or look kindly on anyone, is purely selfish and money making, wants to win some particular horserace, and they say, 'Well I hear that prayer works', and they ask… well I can assure you that they would not get help. The horse may win, but only because the animal itself and the rider were exceptionally good.

It wouldn’t be that that man had been helped; in fact it would have an aspect to it that was probably unpleasant. Because in praying for one’s self, (I think you may have heard 'Be careful for what you ask, as you may get it'), and in a case like that, because that man is purely selfish, it would have an unpleasant effect on him.

But if you are asking in your prayers, for better health for yourself, for help for your family, for your husband to get a job, or your wife to have help as she needs it… in every way that is possible, someone, some other soul who just has a little more knowledge that you, will do their very best to help you. It is sincerity that counts so much in prayer, and although we don’t always get the answers that we hope for, never stop asking, as long as it is sincerely and unselfishly prayed for.

I hope I have remembered everything, but it was something like that that we had explained to us… that in praying we are praying to someone, another soul who has greater knowledge than us, and so on. The more progress we make, the higher up that ladder we can contact people with our prayers, until one day we will be able to help others… and we can do this too on earth, to a certain extent.

Is there anything, in case I’ve forgotten, that you may want to ask that I might be able to help with?

Sitters(H&J): I don’t think so thank you. No thank you.

Sitter (K): I understand when a person who is praying for something possibly like the child that you spoke of, and isn’t able to contact a suitable person on the other side, but why is it, that a thousand or more people praying on some of these combined prayer days, don’t seem to be able to make contact either, because in many cases nothing happens?

Spirit: That child can make contact, but whom they make contact with may not be able to contact the father. And mass prayer, unfortunately it is not always very sincere. People go along because it is the thing to do. In reality you would be lucky if you got, (and these are not my figures, it is what we have been told), twenty per cent of people who are sincere, who are not praying with ulterior motives.

Sitter: Not many is it? The other thing that I wonder about… If you’re praying to help heal somebody as I understand it, it is ‘from spirit, through spirit, to spirit’. We have been told that you shouldn’t do healing if you are not feeling particularly well yourself, but if it is 'from spirit through spirit, to spirit', how does one’s body feelings have anything to do with one’s spirit?  I would have thought, that the spirit healing could go on irrespective of how one was feeling physically.

Spirit: If you are feeling ill in any way, you haven’t got the ‘dedication’; I think that would be the word that they might use in that aspect. You haven’t got the will.  You are probably thinking more of your own physical body, and healing then is secondary. It is taking energy from you too, because all this is energy… that may be the better way of my trying to explain it.

I don’t feel very happy with the talk I’ve given tonight.

Sitter: It was very good. Just what aspect is worrying you?

Spirit: I shouldn’t say I’m worried, but I’m wondering whether I have made it clear to you people that prayer is important. All of you at some time in your lives should pray, if not for yourselves, for others, but it has to be with your whole soul, complete dedication, no taking off corners, if you understand what I mean. Sincerity, to really mean it.

Sitter (J): Yes and if we see someone during the course of the day who is ill, or looks as though they need some healing help, is it o.k. just to pray for that person at that particular time?

Spirit: Yes, because at that time you are probably very sincere because you are seeing the person, and that gives not necessarily a cure, as you understand, but upliftment.

Well I think I’d better go. (Laughter). Goodnight.(Laughter).

Sitter (K): Thank you and I’m sure you did get your message across.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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