Topics: War can help develop the God within you.

War Can Aid Your Devolopment

(Note: This was received on the eve of Anzac Day, and was originally from the medium’s Uncle, Alf Torrens, whom she had never met.)

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Sitters: Greetings Ling.

Spirit: This evening I will try and pass on a message from someone else.  It is very much along the lines of our thinking too.

Tonight there are many young men (or were young) crowding around to try and bring messages to you people of New Zealand, of peace and goodwill to family and friends, and one of them spoke with me and asked that I pass on a message really, from Heaven. It is Jean’s brother.

None of you have known him, but he was one of the many who were killed at Gallipoli. He explained that he had been brought up in what we call a Christian family, but by the time he got on to the sands, the rocky shore of Gallipoli, any thoughts to do with the teaching of his church had gone. As he explains it, the Hell hole that he was in with so many other fine people, he just couldn’t, to use a modern word, compute, as to the meaning of what was going on.

In one way he was fortunate, he died on the very first day, but, because of lack of knowledge he stayed a long time, and watched and learnt. Over the years it has been his observation that many people, who speak of their spirituality don’t even know the meaning of it.

On looking at the battle fields and seeing both sides, he saw some wonderful deeds being done.  The men were fighting because they had been told to; they were desperate on both sides.  But the, (he used the word Christian), the Christian behaviour of both sides, amongst people whom you wouldn’t expect it from, was quite outstanding.  He came to the conclusion that it is easier for an agnostic, or an atheist, (no matter what their religion should be in their society), to have a greater chance of developing the essence which is the soul, in themselves.

He saw this happening in the battlefields, men who were really tough, blasphemous, perhaps hard drinking back in Civilian Street, but their humanity, their compassion… it uplifted their souls as they helped others; and some of them were still able to watch a bird or a setting sun… and they realised in watching, and helping the passing over of many, that there was a dignity in it.  He was able to see these souls passing, and he realised that it is not just the earth that we live on, but there is something more… and many of these soldiers, hard bitten men that they were, realised too, that there was something rather wonderful happening at times in the development, not of the soldier himself, but of what you would perhaps call his soul.

Some succumbed, they became bitter, greedy and in it for one person – themselves. They made the most of opportunities and they didn’t care what happened to anyone else. But there were many, many who rose above it, and were able to communicate with each other as they passed and went on, arms around each other.  “I used to watch them going on, but I wanted to see more”, he said.  “I wanted to understand it, the thinking of these people”.

And he carried on saying, “The people today must look on that time not always with sorrow, because there was great development, great sacrifice, great love, and it was not always with their own side. They often gave help to each other, and it is that, that people must try and do today, to love each other, no matter the nationality or even the circumstance. If they can rise above themselves, rise above the physical ties, it enables their souls to develop, because in that there is true glory, there is true knowledge of the God that is within every one of us, and once people can appreciate this, they can go on, helping others, and becoming bigger themselves”.

This young man, because that’s as I see him, a young man, has advanced considerably, he has been a great help in two wars in helping distressed people. He is there to help them and even in the present day, wherever there is trouble this man continues to help, because he learnt on the battle fields of the Somme, and on that first day at Gallipoli, how wonderful the soul of man can be.

“It is bigger than anything on earth we can conceive” and he went on to say, “It is that in ourselves that we must develop.  Look to all goodness, look to all beauty, look to loving and helping one another at every opportunity, develop the God that is within you”.  That was his message, and that is more or less as he said it to me, and asked me to pass it on.

Goodnight, this was Ling.

Sitter (K):  Thank you very much for that Ling.  It was of special interest being from Joyce’s Uncle.

Goodnight from us all.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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