Topics: Clarifying the expression ‘Go towards the light’

Clarifying the Expression ‘Go Towards the Light’

Spirit (June): Hello, it is June.

Sitters: Hello June.

Spirit: I’m not sure but we may stop abruptly, as Joyce (Medium) has been having a little trouble with a minor cough and if she starts to cough again we will terminate our talk – that is what Alan suggests. That’s why I have come on straight away without him talking first, so that there is no change of vibration.

Sitters: Thank you June.

Spirit: Now what the talk was going to be tonight, (and I will to the best of my ability with the backing of Ling, try and pass it on), is about light and misapprehensions that people have, in saying, “Go towards the light”.

One misapprehension, no doubt in many minds is of a glowing light at the end of a tunnel. It is not quite like that, unless you have earnt it.  There are many levels, many plains, and each individual, no matter who, will be joining ‘like’ people, and so for some, it may not be a very bright light.  If one was directing people, it may be best to say, 'Go to the light where you are happy, because it is waiting for you', and this will vary considerably. There are planes of many types and abilities of people.

On earth, you in the course of a day may meet many people, many nations in some cities, many abilities, and many levels of soul progress. But when you leave your earthly body, you leave the gravity of earth, you will go to people similar to yourselves, and depending on the type of person you are, you may be very happy or you may be quite disgusted, particularly if you don’t recognise your own self, in other words your own faults, and you have at no stage tried to alter them.

Because in your trying to better yourself, and by this we do not mean materially but of the soul, you will soon start to distinguish what is right and what is wrong, and it is in the environment that you have created and those around you have created, that you will be most happy, until the time comes, when, through visits of some of our advanced souls and their teachings, you will realise that there is somewhere a bit better, and you will move on to another level and another light, when (where) there are no shadows and you will learn as you progress, (because there are many levels), to appreciate the light that is perhaps in a flower. You normally look at a flower, be it a dandelion or a rose, and you admire it for it’s colour, perhaps it’s shape… but with your advancing sight, and this is not physical sight, you will see a radiation that is coming from that flower, and you will see new lights, new manifestations around you, and this, though you may not be aware of it, is happening to you.

As you develop, others around you will be able to see the glory that you are gradually building up in your own soul, until we are told, the light of God is so great, is so encompassing… Ling is laughing and saying: “It brings the peace and the comfort, and almost the loving of a hot water bottle when you go to bed on a cold night”.

And that is what each and every one of us who has begun to think about the Essence of mankind, of life, all life, eventually aims for, because there is great peace, great love, and great satisfaction in the attainment. So that every time you have a disadvantage, something goes against you… if you can overcome it no matter what it is, you have achieved something towards that light – you have blotted out a little corner.

So remember when speaking to people, if you are trying to explain what you mean by going to the light, explain to them that it is the light that they have created in their souls, that they will see, and that there is even a greater light, for them eventually, as they move on to other states of being.

Now this was not June speaking… well at least it was through my mediumship but the thoughts were not mine, they were Ling’s, I must be honest.  It is what I believe, it is what I wish to attain, but I couldn’t have put it together quite in that way.

Is there anything that you would possibly care to ask, I may be able to help by asking others? We may manage to bring something through… I’m not sure.

Sitter (K): I’m not at all sure I understand. It has been my thinking that one says to somebody that, “Perhaps it is the light at the end of the tunnel that you will see”, believing that we all go to the same plane, (and into a hospital for some and so on), and that from that plane, one stays for a while or moves on one way or the other, but from what you have said today it appears that whoever is dying, sees a light commensurate with the level that they are going to immediately, rather than to a holding level. Is that right?

Spirit: As I understand it, if it has been a traumatic, heart rending, painful, all the negatives forms of death, there is a time of shall we call it hospitalisation, where they rest.

Sitter: Is one of those on each level?  If they go immediately to the level that they have earned, maybe there will be a hospital there.

Spirit: The hospital is for all people, because it is only of short duration until it is felt that the soul can cope with what it has to achieve.

Sitter: Does that then mean that all people go to one level where the hospital is, if they require it?

Spirit: Yes.  That’s as I understand it.

Sitter: And those who don’t require it just go to the level, that the light indicates.

Spirit: Yes. That they have earned by being what they are.

Sitter: Thank you June.

Sitter (H): I’ve got a question very similar. I was just thinking that for the four of us in this room… could it be that the four of us, could go to different levels? Could be, I mean, could it be, I don’t say will be. (Mirth).

Spirit: It could be, but as you are very much of a type I don’t think that there would be a great difference in it, like someone is not going to go into a murky black, and someone into a brilliant moonlight for example.  There will be a level.

Sitter (K): Thank you June for clarifying these things.

Spirit: We do our best, but as we say and I am repeating Ling, as he says,"Question everything you are told, question it in your own minds, don’t necessarily believe what we tell you, question it, think, 'Is it logic?', because the whole world, the whole universe is disciplined and works on a type of logic".  This is repeating Ling’s words.

Sitter: Thank you June, thank you Ling.

Spirit: Well friends… goodnight!

Sitters: Goodnight June. (Mirth).

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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