Topics: More on ‘Conscious selfishness’

More on ‘Conscious Selfishness’

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Sitters: Greetings Ling.

Spirit: We wish tonight to go back and speak on a subject that was mentioned quite some time ago – ‘Conscious Selfishness’.

Unfortunately the world is full of ‘conscious selfishness’. Everyone appears to want more and bigger, even to the small child who sees a bigger ice cream than he has and doesn’t mind how he goes about getting it.  And the parents are sufficiently selfish, that they don’t take the time to correct the child, and so on and so on, until that child becomes an adult who is looking at bigger things than ice-creams, looking at mergers within the country, small ones, but it works by putting a foot on the neck of opponents. Why stick to the one country?

He and they start spreading, until possibly that man or woman (because they are both equally capable of doing it), become power hungry and forget about the little man right at the very beginning who is struggling with his small business. Is a helping hand put out? No. The helping hand that is put out might be the one that takes the mat from under his feet, and his business is added to the bigger organisation.

But what is happening with the big business and in politics?  Eventually it is not enough within their own country… they are spreading.  But it is not only the business, or the food chain or the skills that are grabbed, all into the coffers of that organisation that is getting bigger and bigger, they begin to look at other countries. It has happened before, but for some reason mankind ignores it, and it all starts off with being selfish, not willing to share no matter what it is.

In a lifetime, we are not saying that there are not thousands, millions of people that learn the lesson and move on, but now there appears to be an apathy.

There has been one war; (to those in spirit probably one of the worst there has ever been), the American Civil War between North and South. It had good motives on one side, to give liberty to mankind, to another man in another nation and in another colour; and it was selfishness on the other side that wanted to keep the luxury of living that they had had. But what was so terrible about that war, was brother against brother. Ultimately right won, but there is still as underlying bitterness as you are probably well aware, and that was a long time ago in your time.

But what I am wanting to emphasize, is that all these things start off very small, like if the smallest pebble is thrown into a pond, but that small pebble can make huge circles… and it is you as individuals who can set an example with your everyday living.  You probably know people who are goodness, unselfish, doing their best. They make mistakes; they wouldn’t be in a human body if they weren’t there to learn, so they make mistakes. But there is something there; they know what is right, as you people do, and it is only people like them and yourselves, who can set examples. So that when it comes to borders of land one can come to the edge of a country and say, 'We have much behind us that is not used, so we can take in so many people', or 'We can produce so much, and help your country, seeing you are not capable of supporting yourselves', instead of the attitude that appears to be so prevalent now, where it is 'Take' and not 'Help'.

So in your everyday life and when talking to others, try and help with the thought of conscious selfishness… 'Am I aware of my selfish ways?' 'Are we even in our own homes consciously or perhaps unconsciously, a bit selfish'.  Think on it.

If you were perfect my friends you would be in a plane far higher than I am, and you know and I know, that we still have a long way to go. But every single soul, no matter what colour, age, nationality, could make a wonderful difference to this world because it is a beautiful place, but man is destroying it as you know, and if you think on it, it is probably through sheer selfishness.

Well I think tonight it has been rather a depressing sort of talk…

Sitter (K): So true nevertheless.

Sitter (H): We all need to be reminded periodically.

Spirit: Well if you receive it like that, and take note and work on it, in some simple way because it will be there for you, there’s always a way.

So let’s hope this wonderful world you live in, can develop into something that is really the 'Brotherhood of man'.  It would be a wonderful thing to have happen.

So on that note, and hoping that you will not forget it… 'Not to be selfish' and that’s a very hard thing to say, to do, to be – but, it is a way of development.

Well put a smile on your lips, and continue on this following week when we look forward to being with you, and perhaps you will have observed someone who is living what we have discussed tonight, and that will make you feel better too.'

Goodnight and God bless you.

Sitter (H): Thank you Ling, very much.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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