Topics: About ‘Armageddon’ and Prayer

About ‘Armageddon’ and Prayer

Note: Unfortunately the circle talk tonight did not record, yet the tape recorder was later checked and found to be working perfectly. One sitter suggested (and perhaps quite correctly), that maybe this may have been a wake up call from spirit, for after many years we possibly were not listening as closely as we should to take it all in; but relying instead on being able to read the typed record later.

Here now, (as best as we can remember), are tonight’s teachings:-

(Speaker: Spirit Ling).

When Ling came through, he said that tonight they wished to speak about two very common misconceptions, the first of which was about the church teachings of Armageddon.

At the time Armageddon was written into the bible, there were many simple people who had psychic powers and who would occasionally make contact with like minds in the spirit world. These simple and often mischievous spirits thought it fun to respond with flattery and by inventing silly things, which many believed.

These psychics were mostly not mediums, and therefore could not make contact with the higher minds, to receive proper teachings, yet even so they were listened to and given respect, as Mystics, yet later the church arranged to kill off all psychics and mediums.

Ling said that if we thought it through, would a loving, kindly God create a world with animals, trees, humans and the rest; only to destroy it all again?

Easily answered… Not so, for everything has a purpose and life is eternal!

The second common misconception concerns prayer.

Many people believe that when they pray sincerely they are directly contacting a so called Saint, or Jesus, or God.  This is an error, for the mind of the person praying will only make contact with the similar mind in the spirit world – as ‘Like always draws to Like’.

What can happen however, is that the request might then be passed on to higher minds with greater experience, knowledge and abilities… and indeed, with spirit healing this is often done.

All prayer is heard, but because of the mind to ‘like’ minds restriction (among other things), the answer may not be what is expected.

Ling finished with the suggestion that if passing this on to others, we should not try to belittle or take away their religion, but just offer this as something that you believe, and that they might like to think about.

The evening finished with Ling offering to answer any questions.

It is quite well known that electronic things sometimes do not work around Mediums; microphones crackle or won't work, so the tape recorder not working - although it usually did - is not unusual. I have often listened to 'Messages' in church about lights that flicker, TVs that turn on or off, TVs that change channel by themselves; nothing unusual, happens all the time. Some 'spirit' or other, often recently deceased, is trying to say: 'I am here'. Also, but not quite the same, things being moved about. J. H. Dec 2010.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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