Topics: The fallacies of death.

The Fallacies of Death

Spirit (June): Hello, it’s June.

Sitters: Hello June.

Spirit: I was trying to think of something a bit funny to say about you people and your muddles, but I couldn’t think of anything, so I hope you’ve got over them.

Sitter: Oh thank you, we hope so too. (Mirth)

Spirit: Now it is suggested that I talk on some of the… oh now I’ve forgotten the word they used. Is there such a word as “fallacies’?

Sitters: Yes.

Spirit: Oh well I’ve got it right… ‘The fallacies of death’. That’s it, that’s what they said, and the rest of it I’m putting in my words.

Now you’ve heard about Jean. She told you about when she died.

Sitters: Yes.

Spirit: She had been sick for a long time and was prepared and, well you know what happened.  But in my case, as you know it was sudden, and people often say, 'Well what happens?'  We hear them in conversation because we are sticky-beaks sometimes, we listen in on conversations. (Mirth)

And what happens if you suddenly die, you know you are in a car accident or something like that? Well I died suddenly as you know, (Note: June died in WW2 during London bombing), and for me, I could just see the light as rescuers were coming to me and I felt, 'Oh I’ll be right', and the next thing (and it seemed straight away), I was helping them get this body out from under some rubble, and then one of the men said, 'Oh the poor old girl’s gone, so now we’d better take the lights' (they must have had lights, yes, because I saw lights), 'down to number something or other in the same street, because they can hear voices there'.  They knew people were alive.

'But I’ll cover the old girl’s face up first' one of them said, 'And we’ll come back and get her later.'

Well when I saw the face, it was me! I was looking at myself! I must admit I was thinking, 'Crikey this is one for the books. What is all this about?'

But I was also interested in the family down the road, because I knew them. So I thought, 'If anyone needs any help I’m going off down there'.  So I went, and there were voices, I could hear them talking, and they got them out.

But people… now this is another conversation we have heard, it was a medium actually who said this, and we have heard others say it, 'Where is heaven… three feet above the earth'.  Well have you ever heard of anything so crazy? (Mirth) I know that each of you have been in an aeroplane, therefore you must have flown through heaven! It’s ridiculous.

Think of it this way. You haven’t got a physical body so you are on a completely different plane. It is like, (you are not a radio wave but you know they are there), you are in the land of the soul when you die, and it varies considerably at the time of death as to how you take to it. For example, we were discussing it and some people were saying, 'It’s like crossing a bridge'.

If your family are with you and you understand that you are dying, their love walks across the bridge with you, because love is eternal, until you are met by someone else. You are never alone. Someone who is on this side is there and you go with them, so at no time are you alone. That is for a death which is expected. Perhaps it had only been expected for twenty four hours or so, but it is an understandable expected death.

Jean had no one with her at the time she died, but she knew in her heart that there was somewhere she was going to, and so those who were helping her, made it like a lovely dream.  She thought she was dreaming as you know.

In my case, I wandered round for a long time because I was interested in what was happening to people, until finally, it was an old lady who used to have a shop down the end of the road, who told me that it was time I took notice of things around and learnt a bit. She said, 'You are always helping people but you don’t know how to do it.  You’re a hindrance, but if you come and learn, then you’ll know how to really help those on earth instead of…' She said I was prying, but it wasn’t that really; I was wanting to help, and that can happen to a lot of people.

For others, perhaps someone who is very selfish, at first if they have died suddenly, they are a bit annoyed, they can’t understand it.  What’s happened? And they can almost become pests to those who are associated with them. We will say, (for an example this is), of a couple who have been married, she is the dominant person, (that means the growly person), and when she has died she is very annoyed. So she is forever around her husband and he is almost uncomfortable. It is not a feeling of peace he has, it’s a feeling of annoyance, until someone comes along and says to her, 'You are dead. You are in another plane of living; you are nothing to do with that house or that man until he joins you'. Then she usually gets the huff and says, 'Well I wouldn’t stay with him at any rate', and she has to start learning.

But it is the attitude of mind at the time of death.  If you are a person that likes to help others you will probably stay around earth a bit, particularly if you have died in a hospital where you think you may be able to help others, or if you have died in a multiple accident where there is more than one person, perhaps you are dead and the others are hurt, but the thing is that you don’t feel pain, you’re free.

And that brings up a learning curve for myself. I don’t know whether any of you have experienced the falling down or the breaking up of a building, because there are clouds of dust; it is intense, the dust. It gets into your mouth, you grind your teeth on it, it gets up your nose, it can block your nose, it gets down your throat; many people during the London blitz died from dust! And when I was being a nosey trying to help people, I suddenly realised 'Oh the air’s cleared, strange', and I couldn’t understand it. But of course if I had had any brain at all I would have realised that I was dead, therefore I didn’t have a physical body, therefore the dust didn’t worry me. I wasn’t aware there was dust.

That is something that people really find hard to comprehend, particularly those who have had a long illness that has caused them a lot of suffering, pain… it has gone! That is something that they have to adjust to. The same as someone who perhaps has had trouble with their brain, which really is just a computer… and suddenly they are thinking clearly again, they can calculate, work out things, learn things and that is because they are not using a physical body.

So death can be a very wonderful thing. It has its drawbacks in some ways because emotionally you may be very upset, with parting from someone who you are particularly fond of, or a child perhaps whom you wanted to see grow up, but you soon realise, with the help of others who are there to explain things to you, that the person you love will join you; love for those who really love each other can never be parted. The time will come when they are together on the same plane and if there is a child that is worrying you, in your own way you soon learn to communicate with earth, not necessarily as I am at the moment, but to be able to go to that child and influence him or her mind to mind.

That is what is so important in the world of the soul, that we are minds communicating with each other, and death has no sting!

Everyone should have no fear for death is a natural phenomenon; a natural part of life. As they say in the spirit churches 'There is no death'. But the soul, your thinking capacity is there forever, and that is the you, that is the essence.

Well I don’t know whether that has explained it at all to you, but I hope it will give you a little bit more understanding, of what it is like to die and what you might encounter if you are a reasonable thinking soul.

Are there any questions that I can pass on to someone else to answer for you because I don’t know that I can? (Mirth).

Sitter (K): Any questions Hilton?

Sitter (H): Yes I just want to ask June, How did you get on with having an old lady, another spirit I take it, saying to move on? How did you move on? Did you…

Spirit: Well she just told me that I was not really doing any good with what I was doing and that I needed to go and join, I suppose you’d call it a class, where it was explained how I could really help. It was a matter of learning to work mind to mind.

Sitter (H): You were sort of on the earth plane so did you leave it at that stage?

Spirit: Yes, although it… there aren’t doors actually, or staircases that you climb. It’s a state of being. You are told that there is this learning and you adjust your mind, your soul to this thought and you’re there. I hope that helps you.

Sitter (H): Thank you.

Sitter (J): June once you had passed over, when you were first aware that you had passed over what was the first thing you saw…

Spirit: Myself (Mirth) I must have moved. Well as you most likely know, the soul, when it departs goes up through the head, and a soul is not solid, so I (my soul) could pass, through the debris that was holding my physical body down, and I was above it looking at myself and wanting to help these men who were trying to clear the debris off me. There was no fear involved, it was just wanting to help someone who was in trouble and it was a surprise when I saw who it was. I must admit it took me a few minutes of thinking about this, but there was such a hurry to go and help the others that I moved on quickly, to try and help. I didn’t worry about it. There was no fear.

Sitter (J): Right. You often hear that people first realise that they have passed over when they find themselves standing in a lovely paddock or in a field of flowers and things. Is that the sort of thing that can happen?

Spirit: Yes. It depends on the person. You see that was Jean, she had that experience, but her death was anticipated over some considerable length of time, so she was prepared for it. In my case it was a matter of seconds and it was all over, and when it is such a calamity, such a vast thing there is not always someone immediately there to help you, because this was world wide devastation and as you know there were thousands, millions…

Sitter (H): Thousands of soldiers dying every day sometimes.

Sitter (J): Yes. Thank you June.

Sitter (K): June what is the situation where people who have died, and (as has happened with our circle), are then sometimes brought to us to help them pass over?  Is it that they can’t see you people, or don’t want to see you people, or how is it that we are able to help, when one would have thought that with spirit ‘mind to mind,’ these people would have accepted your help far more readily?

Spirit: Many of them whom we bring to you are people, who for one reason or another, can’t accept that they are dead. They are aware of the world, they are aware of the people they know and they just… well their mind or their soul cannot accept that death can happen to them, or that they don’t understand it. In the case of children for example, their one thought is to be with those they love, their parents. In the case perhaps of an adult who is very dominant, they can’t believe that they could die, or in the case of a religious bigot, they can’t accept that what they have been taught has not happened. It is still a big learning curve for those people, far more than for one who perhaps goes through life not worrying about it at all; indifferent.

In my case I used as you know, to like the music in the church and I used to listen to Bill, but I didn’t worry about it, I don’t think I ever thought much about death and what happened afterwards. Myself, I lived for the day, and I did what I could to make myself and other people happy. But people who are selfish, unhappy, or bigoted… it’s more of a struggle I think for them to accept, and therefore they stay near the earth much longer than is perhaps necessary, because they cannot believe that this odd person whom they don’t know is talking to them.

Sitter (K): Thank you.

Spirit: I would suggest my friends that you learn what you can, but enjoy earth, enjoy your time on earth because as long as you are there, you’re still able to help people and enjoy the beauties of earth, the physical parts of it perhaps. In my case, it was loving the flowers, feeling the sun, listening to the birds; we have those sorts of things in another plane but it is different to earth, so enjoy what you have while you can…  Don’t go wishing death on yourselves.

Well my friends I think that is all from me tonight. I cannot at this stage myself think of anything else that may help you, but perhaps when Ling is here sometime if you have an questions, I am sure he will do his best to answer them for you.

So in the meantime, blessings from all of your friends on this side, because we are just the other side of the bridge.

Goodnight, this was June.

Sitters (J &H): Goodnight June.

Sitter (K): Thank you for coming June and thank you for your teachings. It is always a pleasure.


This is an interesting talk; there is mention of 'Rescue Work', which I have experienced in Lucy's Circle. J. H. Dec 2010

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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