Topics: Aspects of 'Fear'.

Aspects of 'Fear'

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

We wish tonight to speak on ‘aspects of fear’, because fear can be a block to most work, knowledge, joy, even love; and you may be able to help someone overcome this problem, if it is not something you suffer from yourself.

If you were to ask people, “What is your greatest fear?” most of them, the biggest percentage we feel, would say “Death”.  Now if in your heart of hearts your have overcome this fear yourselves, what joy it has brought you, so the more you can spread the knowledge that this is an aspect of life, eternal life, then you may take a lot of the fear from people’s lives.

But there are other fears. We know of people who are frightened of leaving their homes, who are frightened of spiders, or confined spaces; these are physical aspects that they, with help, can talk their way through, and possibly overcome them. But they have faced up to it and that is the important thing, facing up to your fear!

Another example is the ‘hit and run’ drivers. They know that they have hit someone and they are fearful, not of what they have done, but of what will happen to them – but thank goodness many overcome that and eventually stop, or give themselves in. And in facing up to their fear, it is never so bad, as if they had never faced up to it and went all their lives with the knowledge, that someday someone might tap them on the shoulder, because they had been found out. That is a terrible fear.

There is the fear of the criminal… the person who has embezzled, cheated in some manner, stolen. If they can face up to it during their life, they will make their life on earth much happier, because they do have to face up to it when they die. 'Personal responsibility'. And in facing up to it, they overcome their fear. 
There is the person all ages who may be fearful of driving a vehicle. He or she may be fearful for a number of reasons… their lack of knowledge, their inability physically, because they feel that they are not capable physically of doing it.  True this may be some aspect that is not easily overcome, but there are many people with physical disabilities, physical, almost one could say ‘inabilities’, who still drive and do so satisfactorily because they faced up to it.

Another small example would be a person learning, perhaps for the very first time, to make something.  In the case of a man, he is fearful of spoiling that piece of timber that he has in front of him.  With the ladies it is more likely, to be that they are afraid of cutting into the fabric… that what started out to be a dress may end up as an apron, or possibly even a duster – but they faced up to it, they tried, and next time they will be more successful.

The man may manage to make a dog kennel instead of the bread board that he had managed the first time.  It is facing up to these things that matters. ‘I will never know if I can do it until I have tried’. The same as so many people say “I cannot draw a straight line, I cannot draw”.  I wonder if they have ever tried. It is that negative aspect, that fear!

Think of the people who are in wars. They are facing up to their fears continually. No one wants to live in a place that is being bombarded or blown up for some reason or another; or if they are a soldier, to go into battle, but these people face up to their fears. They are the brave ones; they know they have to do it, so they do it!

If in the course of your life, you are talking to someone who says, “I am afraid of…”, no matter what it is, try and point out to them how they can face up to that particular fear, and overcome it.

Fear of the dentist is a common one, but people face up to it daily and when they leave, they think, 'Well that was a fuss about nothing', because fear makes it far worse than it will ever be.

We build up this huge mountain, and our imaginations run riot, because fear lowers our physical well being too, and fear can step in and do a lot of damage. It is something that we must overcome.

Many of the youths of today are very stupid. They over-drug, they over-drink, they over-drive, and there would be quite a number amongst those, who do it out of fear! Fear of ridicule from their contemporaries.  You yourselves perhaps in your own childhood have seen aspects of that. A person perhaps says, 'Oh I can’t play tennis' or 'I can’t run' and they won’t because of fear of being laughed at, by others.

Overcome all fears to the best of your ability. Remember, you are capable of anything… and you have a lifetime, life eternal to prove it!

I don’t know if this has meant anything to you people, if you yourselves have had fears that you have overcome, but if there are any questions you would care to ask we will do our best to answer them… on ‘fear’.

Sitter (J): Any questions Ken?

Sitter (K): No, no questions thank you.

Sitter (H): I don’t think I have either thank you Ling.

Sitter (J): I don’t think I have either Ling, thank you.

Spirit: Well that makes us very pleased, if we have three people who have overcome or know how to overcome, who feel they are capable of facing up to, any fears that they may have.

We can understand the concern, rather than fear of death, for some people when they are leaving, or someone has left who they care dearly for. In leaving, of course you wonder whether the person you care for will cope, and if they leave you, you think, ' Well I will cope but I wonder where they are?'

Well you know this, and so to the best of your ability, try to help other people to know this too… please help overcome other people’s fear.

Sitter (J): Certainly Ling and thank you for being with us tonight.

Spirit: Bless you. Bless your little circle and all who work in it.


Sitters: Goodnight…

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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