Topics: Two common questions.

Two Common Questions

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Sitters: Greetings Ling.

Spirit: There are questions we often hear people ask and if possible, we will try and answer perhaps two of them tonight.

One would be, 'Can I ‘sin’ (Question mark that word), 'when I am in spirit?' and I would answer, 'Of course you can'.

What are you? You are thought, an accumulation of all your thoughts.  So if you are selfish in your thoughts, even in spirit, it will show up, and if you continue your thoughts along these selfish lines – you can be demoted!

But you can continue to develop yourself, to accumulate good points, by your unselfishness in helping others. Life does not end! Thinking does not end!  You are a being that goes on eternally, your good and your bad, and everyone hopes, particularly those who are your teachers, your guides, your angels, call then what you will, they are hoping that their pupils will always advance – but the greatest sin for want of a better word is ‘selfishness’, and that really applies very much to the earth.

That is the answer we would give you for that question.

The second one, which is often heard… 'Can we help during our sleep, and what are we doing?'

Now often sleep is sleep, because the physical body does not want to be continually active, and often when working on earth, because of thought, body can become activated not necessarily by the waving of feet or arms, but emotions can be affected. So it is not a continual thing.

But, if the wish is there, if you say, 'I would like to help someone', it may be someone who has just passed whom you are anxious over, and you may be able to help them, because you know what it is all about. Many don’t, and these people sometimes have to literally have their souls sleep – many for a long time.

But souls that have knowledge, if they are willing, during their sleep time can help, help these people to realise that their life is going on, that they can still learn, that they can still have ups and downs, because it is based on thought.

You are waves. Thoughts are like waves on which emotion travels, emotion for good, for greed… for all the emotions that you have on earth are still there for you to either suppress (because hatred is an emotion), or to encourage.

And these people who have no idea that these things can happen, need help, and so if you are prepared and if you have the want, (a very sincere one this must be), to help, to open the door for some of these souls, you can… because as you know yourselves, if you are in a darkened room and you open your eyes into sunlight you are dazzled and for a time perhaps bewildered by that light, so that’s what they are like.

Many people need help when they die, and so during the time of sleep (it is by no means compulsory), it is voluntary, (yes voluntary is the word I want), on your part to do this, and if you are in the condition that you can help (because we would not put your physical body under any stress), you may be able to do this.
But if advice was given at all, we would suggest, that initially it is for someone who has recently passed, that you may send them love and compassion, so that they may feel at least relaxed in their new situation, because unfortunately, some come (as I’ve heard you people say in describing a situation), ‘screaming’. Now we don’t want that, any of us.

So that is how we would explain what you could do, during your time of sleeping… if the need is there, and the want on your part is there, to help.

I hope I have explained these sufficiently well for you, that you can understand.  Are there any questions that we might be able to help you with?

Sitter (H): Any questions Ken?

Sitter (K): Ling you have explained how we can help in sleep, but when we ourselves are over on your side, would be able to help other spirits in a short time, or do we have to go through an extensive learning program first?

Spirit: It depends how much you learn here on earth to begin with. If you have knowledge, more knowledge than those around you, you can pass it almost straight away, (once you have adjusted) and that doesn’t take long for those who already know. Does that help you?

Sitter: Yes it does thank you. I was just wondering if we can do it in sleep straight away, whether we will need extra tuition to do it more effectively once we get to your side?

Spirit: You are always guided by older brothers, by older tutors.

Sitter: I see. Thank you,

Spirit: No one knows everything so we all need guidance when we are doing something new to us, but if we have got the knowledge, the guidance we need is how to apply it to someone else who naturally is an individual, and so thinks differently to the way you do.

Sitter: Thank you.

Sitter (J): Just one question Ling. Now if we can help during sleep, is there any way that we can be aware that we are helping, or not.

Spirit: No. That is most unlikely.

Sitter: Oh, thank you Ling.

Spirit: It is two separate worlds. You may feel in yourself, perhaps brighter, healthier, something like that, a sense of satisfaction… you’ve had a good night’s sleep.

Sitter: Thank you Ling.

Sitter (H): I don’t have any questions thank you Ling.

Spirit: Well under those circumstances I hope you all have a good night’s sleep (mirth), and bless your circle and love from us all.

This was Ling.

Sitters: Goodnight Ling. Love to you all. And thank you very much.

Medium to person in church: Sometimes, when you wake up, a dream is slipping away and you cannot recall it and then it is gone. Person replied: Yes, that is right. Medium: Don't bother trying to remember them - they are not very nice. From what I knew of that person he was helping 'lost' people by talking to them; he would have been good at that. J. H. Dec 2010.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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