Topics: The God within you.

The God Within You

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Sitters: Greetings Ling.

Spirit: The talk tonight will be, (the only way we think we can put it), is ‘The God within you’.

People expect to see God. I doubt if in any time of your perception you will.

It is very hard to explain to people in your material world, the vastness, the opportunities, and the work that is ahead of you as a developing soul. There are many layers, many facets of the universe, each of which over great periods of time you will climb to, will learn from, and pass on.

There are some incredible souls that occasionally visit through a medium, but it is not possible for them, to stay within the orbit of earth’s magnetism for very long, and that is why it is so infrequent that we hear from them. Many others, who are teachers, also to a certain extent have difficulty, and that is why at Christmas and possibly at Easter, when most European countries, in fact many countries of the world that have a tendency towards Christianity, have those holidays that enables us to return to the sphere to which we belong, and then we become more ‘us’, because as you learn, as you develop, you become bigger, bigger in mind, and in colour… you develop.  And remember, you have been told, it’s eternity!

When are you, if ever, going to get to the end of eternity?

The more advanced the soul becomes, the more it is able in some small ways, to perceive the possibility of this.  It is no longer absorbed in the material, the physical, and as you yourselves know, in a small way, that there is a lot of scientific knowledge to be learnt. You have a mere smattering that we were able to pass on to you, but it has enabled you to see that there is the possibility of something other than the physical. In developing you will learn a lot about what you people on earth call quantum physics. You will learn to understand what earth is all about, but as you develop each layer of your development, you will learn about other great and wonderful things. There will be greater colour that comes into your life, incredible sounds, and as you take these into your being, it develops your soul.

Now there are very few people in your world that we can look back on and think of as great. They are usually people who haven’t had great physical beauty, but they had what you would call, ‘hearts’ so big, that they want to pass on their knowledge, and were willing to sacrifice themselves for that. Think of Socrates, he knew what he was doing and he understood a lot, and he tried to pass it on.

There are people whom you have probably met in your lifetime who are great in their own way, plain simple people who give of their heart, who give of their soul… to help people. An example would be your Mother Theresa. What a simple little woman she was, but what a soul, and there are others. Usually they are people who have a religious bent – the Christian Jesus of Nazareth, a simple man, he knew what he was doing but he still wanted to teach and hand on knowledge – the Buddha who gave away great wealth, so he could go out and find out why his brothers, people as good as him, lived in such poverty.

Look around you at the people you personally know. Everyone is touched by perhaps one person in their life who can open a gateway to help the soul’s development. And in seeing these people, perhaps in talking to them or reading about them, you are touching just a little bit of God, and that God potential is in each one of us.

Make the most of your life as we have tried to emphasize… not necessarily accumulating wealth in gold, but wealth in knowledge, wealth in appreciation, and wealth in the love of mankind. This is sometimes very hard to do, but don’t let bitterness enter into your souls.

Try and overcome the dislike that you naturally and quite often can’t help feeling for some people. It is in overcoming this that you are developing your own soul. And feel sorry for that person that they perhaps are going backwards because we all can, we sometimes can take a step back…  but there is no excuse for those who have the true knowledge, the true ability to continue to learn, to continue to develop that soul, that part of God, which is them.

You may have some questions to ask?  I may not be able to answer them or I should say, “It is not the time perhaps, for you to accept what we might say, and on that understanding on your part we will ask you… is there anything that you would care to ask?

Sitter (J): Yes Ling… the God part, is that the love, the compassion, the understanding, are these the most…? (Pause)
Spirit: You are asking…?

Sitter(J): Yes, are these… you were saying we all have God within us, and I was saying, is that like, when we show love, understanding, compassion?

Spirit: It is the very beginnings of development, but without those you are a mere flicker of life. You are wanting to develop your soul.

Sitter: Thank you Ling.

Sitter (K): Ling I think your talk was clear, but I am just a little curious about when you were saying that you go back to your own level at Christmas or perhaps at Easter. Does that mean that you stay down at our level teaching other circles along with us, and are not able to go back to your own level each week?

Spirit: It is hard to explain this because time is something that is so different for us. We have no clocks, we have no sense of time, but we go back because we get involved in learning and sometimes these talks as I think I have explained may go on for, in your time, days.  So when we go back, at we will say Christmas, we know we have time to go in depth into a learning.  The rest of the time… yes we may visit other circles, but it is mainly discussing with like souls, what is best to pass on to the people on earth, and who is capable of receiving it.  There are many aspects to our being too.

Think of us perhaps as learning mediums – like you people. But we perhaps have had the fortune to go on a little further, and so we return to what is our home… another aspect of ‘self’. Rather like the blacksmith who may work in his forge, but at night he becomes a scholar. It is still the same person, but another aspect of that being. Well it is like that with us, we are perhaps teachers and mediums, but there is another aspect to us, and we go back to that when we can.

Well for tonight I think that would be all. Bless you and your circle. Goodnight, this was Ling.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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