Topics: How spirit teachers use their spare time.

How Spirit Teachers Use Their Spare Time

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Sitters: Greetings Ling.

Spirit: Recently one of you was asking what we did from one week to the next in our spare time, and we tried to explain at that stage, but a group of us have been talking recently and we thought it might be an idea to give you a small example of what we do in our spare time.

So remember over here you haven’t got a physical body, you are spirit, soul, and there are a group of us, all who work with circles such as yours, some bigger, and on one occasion just recently someone said, “I was asked a question which annoys me though I shouldn’t let it. They asked me, “Had I had ever seen Jesus Christ? Now the question itself didn’t annoy; the spirit went on to say, to communicate, “But the word Christ… that was not his surname, he was Jesus of Nazareth. He always called himself that and when he travelled, which he did a great deal, that’s what he was known as. It is only the church (which for many years denied the man), that gave him that title, and each time I hear it I have to overcome my feeling of annoyance, with the person who asks the question.”

At that stage someone else joined in and said, “Well none of us are perfect yet so that is understandable, but what annoys me a little, is when people say, “I don’t know why things go wrong for me as I try to follow the teachings of Jesus, and love my family and my relations”, but do they realise how little they are following his teachings, because that man wanted you to go outside your neighbourhood, outside your town, your city, your country… across boundaries.

Try and think of everyone in the world, they are all souls travelling like you. As he said, “Try and turn the other cheek to your enemy”. Even in the big world wars there were enemies that met, and still appreciated each other. I think that that is what he meant. So having explained that, I said, “Yes I had met this great soul over what you call the Christmas break. He sometimes comes, the spirit of the man, the soul, he comes and talks, and we learn from him, because he is a perfect example amongst many others, from many other countries, many other religions, who was the personification of God in human form. He is not a materialist, a material body, we don’t see bodies very often when we are at these meetings, it is soul to soul.
And from there we went on to discuss mediums, or psychics, because someone had been asked, now they couldn’t quite remember whether the person was talking about mediums or psychics, they seemed to be in a muddle themselves, they didn’t know, but what they were interested in were these advanced souls.

Well in the material world we like you to use common sense. Could you in thinking for yourselves honestly say that all psychics or mediums were advanced souls? Well though we have the ability to laugh out loud, their impression seemed to ripple round the group of us because we knew, as many of you do, that there are many bad people who call themselves mediums or psychics. They are in it for ego, for money.

Understandably if they are genuinely sincere, and doing their best to bring truth to people as a full time occupation, they are entitled to respect, and to a means of clothing and feeding themselves, and family, because when you look back on the man who we will say the Christian people think so much of, he had a job. But once he went out on his mission, once he started really talking to the people, it was their kindness to him, which enabled him to do it. So though a good medium can charge, a good medium does not make money; if you can recognise what we were discussing, and the difference.

When a soul comes to earth, through their physical body quite often it is an inheritance, but many times it is someone who is advanced, it is their opportunity to see if they can cope, but it does not make angels of them. They are not perfect, they are human. If they were well advanced or perfect, they would have stopped revisiting earth, they would continue on without having to come within the earth’s orbit again.  They would possibly become, teachers, teachers of people in circles, or the more advanced ones, teachers of people like myself.

This is the sort of conversation we were having. There would be contradictions, there would be open discussion. Sometimes rather foolish things would be thrown into the circle, and would be pulled about and discussed – but this is mainly done when we too, have our break.

Now every religion is based on brotherhood, but unfortunately it is brotherhood within a small orbit.  What is wanted is when it can extend to brotherhood of the world… that the great teachers have asked to have happen. Because then, there will be a world of peace without wars, a world with no greed. Not everyone wants a big castle, only the few who aim to outdo others and it is those few who need education.

I don’t know whether this has helped you to understand a little bit of what we think and what we do, in our spare time, because remember we don’t have to cook meals, we don’t have to build houses, and we don’t have to tend our gardens. We can if we wish to, but mainly it is thinking of the problems that come to us through the world that you live in, and how we in our own way can help others overcome them.

There are many teachers, there are many good mediums. Don’t condemn them all on what we have said, because there are some wonderful people who have dedicated their whole lives to teaching others, to opening their eyes, opening their souls, their sixth sense, to what is there. Because it is there my friends, it is there!

Well for now I think that is all unless there are some questions, and if I can’t answer them they will go into that circle again that we just talked about, and we will pull them to bits, and perhaps bring you the answers back.

Sitter: I think in your talk you said that one of the people you were talking to, said that he couldn’t remember how the question that he didn’t agree with, was put to him.  I had an idea that on your side memory wasn’t a problem. Would you care to comment?

Spirit: In that case I can’t really say, although I imagine it was the muddled speech of the person asking the question.

Sitter: Oh yes, thank you.

Sitter: Thank you Ling, for a very interesting talk.  Our love to you all. Goodnight.

Spirit: God bless you all.  Goodnight.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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