Topics: Thoughts about Spiritualism’s decline.

Thoughts about Spiritualism’s Decline

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Sitters: Greetings Ling.

Spirit: Continuing our discussion of last week (or the discussion that my friends and I were having and passing on to you people), there is something that is often stated amongst people on earth at this present time, and it has been mentioned periodically too over the last century. Some speak of the Spiritualist Movement and how it is going into decay, or it’s not being run properly, etc, etc, and this may possibly upset some of you; but from our point of view it doesn’t worry us; we don’t care.

It is not the society, it is not the exams passed, it is not how many attend the church, it is not how great is the building, etc.  It is the people within the church, or the building, or the society, which make or break it.

We have had some wonderful mediums who have never crossed the threshold of a spiritual building, or what you would call a spiritual building, but they are still wonderful mediums.

With the materialism that is manifest in the world over the last sixty or more years, the societies, churches etc, are more interested in how much there is in their bank accounts, than how little Mary Jones is developing with her mediumship, or how many souls they have possibly have been able to guide. It’s an unfortunate fact.

There are good people within these societies who are doing good work, but there are many more, who are not in them, who are doing invaluable work!

The people who set examples, they themselves know, they don’t need to be taught, they know, that there is life after death, and that there is a soul that carries on. Those people carry about them, and quite unconsciously more often than not, an air of peace, tranquillity, happiness, an atmosphere that affects others, affects where they live, and radiates out from there. It is these people at various stages of mediumship who are the backbone of what you call Spiritualism.

They are people who are sending out healing, they are helping their brothers and sisters in spirit to develop their souls. They may not know who they are helping, they may not know in what way they have helped.

So yourselves, remember it is what you are, and how you help people whether it is physically or mentally, or by just being yourselves, because you are looking at spirit, you are developing the spirituality that is within yourselves, you are appreciating God’s works, and you are helping to develop that aspect of living in others.

It may be unconsciously but it is there, and so when people speak of the Spiritualist Societies, or whatever they call themselves, being on a downward slide, this is possibly true. But there are still those there, still a core, the unsung heroes to us, who are putting time aside that they may think of others, help others, and live a life that when they pass on, will leave a pleasant memory. It may only be that a person will say, “Well they were always smiling”, “They were a delightful couple”, or “She was always there with a cake”, or “He was a man who would willingly help.”

They may not be great people. They may not be president of societies, because when you think of it, what is the president of a bank when he dies? He is a spirit, a soul that has ‘passed over’ as you would say. But unless he has helped, apart from his job, because no doubt a bank manager may lend money to people but it is not his money after all, but if he has helped people in other ways, then he has led a good life. But if his life has just been the making of money, without the time to smile, to laugh and to appreciate what’s around him, that man may not have moved one step further up the ladder.

It is the little things, the little aspects of life… the appreciation of the birds flying overhead, the hearing of waves and appreciating what they mean, and in your mind perhaps following that wave in thought, “Where has it come from, what other lands has it touched?” instead of thinking, “Oh I must see how much money I’ve got in the bank and see if I’ve got any more interest!”

Understandably everyone has to look after themselves, to protect their physical bodies, but if it becomes the one thing that matters, that soul hasn’t developed, and you people with the knowledge you have got, have every opportunity to pass on the message without being dogmatic, without overdoing it, by just setting the example, and it is people like that that we appreciate. It is not the big societies, the big churches; because they are quite often hollow. To bring it down to the material we should say, “They haven’t got a heart”.

I hope you understand what we are trying to get at, that it is the small person who is struggling to understand all about Spiritualism, what it means… give it any title you like, but that oneness with the Great Spirit that rules and guides us all. It is that knowledge that we are all seeking and hoping to achieve through leading an exemplary life ourselves.

Because I am talking to you doesn’t mean to say that I am perfection, for I am still struggling - after all I’ve got eternity and so have we all, but it was something that we felt should be put into the minds of people who are wanting to help, to help others, and to help themselves understand the great spiritual pathway, that lies ahead of us all.

Is there anything that you would care to ask, where we may be able to help?

Sitter (K): Yes please. Ling I wonder if you would care to comment about many people nowadays who seem to have just a smattering of knowledge. Some call themselves ‘New Age’, others by a variety of names, and they all seem to be involved with the psychic, more than anything. Do you think that will lead anywhere, another approach, or is it just going nowhere… for there are hosts of people doing that sort of thing now, but few developing mediumship?

Spirit: That could be true, but it is a beginning for them. Many of these people are in it to make money - that is sad. They won’t get far. But those who are truly sincere, who really want to know, will realise perhaps that their path is wrong and perhaps not in this life, perhaps not until the end of their lives, when they suddenly realise that there is another way and it is straighter, and think, “ If I get another opportunity I’ll take that straight path”. Because mediumship takes a long time to develop. It may not be in one lifetime, because in discussing with my friends we feel that there are so many aspects, and so many religions that have got something that can help everyone, that we are beginning to feel sure that there must be more than one lifetime, and what we would like to know is when that cycle stops and we can go on and on, without being held back by a physical body. It’s a thought and something perhaps for you people to think on.

Sitter (K): Thank you Ling.

Spirit: And remember in giving your healing you may know nothing about what happens, but the mere thought, if it is sincere will help in some way, those people, because thought is so very powerful, more powerful that you people probably realise. So in doing your healing you are certainly helping, and even with your five minutes in helping us with experiments, apart from what may slip through your mind, it is an opportunity to send out love, compassion and help, all over the world. It is time when you can relax and do that.

We hope you will be able to spend the five minutes tonight as usual?

Sitter: Certainly. But is five minutes sufficient because we would be happy to increase that?

Spirit: At the moment we will stick to the five minutes, because the weather in the winter… for people who are physically advancing in years….

Sitter: Oh I like the way you put that… (Laughter)

Spirit: It is better that we curtail it to the five minutes, until in Spring and you are all well, all on the upward path, then we will perhaps increase it… but every little bit helps, be assured of that.

Goodnight and bless you and your circle, from us all.

Sitter (J): Thank you Ling for coming and for your talk, and our love to everyone. Goodnight.

Sitters: Good night.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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