Topics: Patience, Life needs contrast and avoid envy..

Patience, Contrast and Envy

Topic: Patience.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Patience is one thing we wish to speak about.

Probably all of you would like to set the world on fire, with your knowledge of spirit. (Thank you for the compliment) But it wouldn’t be right!  Each soul must come into the knowledge of spirit in their own good time.

If you have enabled one person to realise that they are a soul with a body, and not a body with a soul, in other words the soul is the most important part… then you have done a good job. One person truly convinced, is better than many who think “Maybe”, and you only need to achieve one, to have done a good job on earth.

If you are fortunate to influence others merely by being yourselves, an example of how what you call a Spiritualist thinks, or by your helping, perhaps with your healing, these are all facets that people may not comment on, but may see, and take note of. So don’t be in a hurry, don’t try and push things too fast, or too far. You yourselves, are individuals, so think back on your own lives… you didn’t all rush into church and say that you were God-faring people and that the spirit had come to you, like many religious people do, but from what we have seen of your lives you’ve quietly gone your way, and eventually in your own good time, not anyone else’s, your own good time, you came to the realisation that there was something there, something more than just living, and you accepted it and were happy.

Now someone along the way, has had that little bit of influence on you and they have done a good job, and you in your turn no doubt, have helped someone else. So don’t decry your abilities which many people do, but then again, don’t over-estimate either which is a fault that many have. They grasp perhaps, a facet of Spiritualism, of believing in Spirit, but they glorify not the Spirit, not the soul, but themselves. They forget that their abilities have been taught to them by others.

It is very seldom that there comes on to this earth a spirit that is ready to teach and to serve from childhood.  Each and every one of us needs guidance.

Topic: Life, like music, needs contrast.

“Life,” as Soo Li says, “is like music. When you listen to the whole and see it all as one, you realise what a wonderful thing ‘life’, all ‘Life’, is”.

Think on that. Life is eternal, how wonderful all life is!

She then made another comment that myself I’m finding difficult to put into a focus. But she went on to say, that every soul, every spirit, must have contrasts in their life, because it’s only natural for the human being to say, “Why does this happen to me?” “Why can’t that happy time, (or whatever) last forever?” But as she said, and I think I am beginning to understand her meaning, “That you listen to an orchestra and you perhaps pick out from a violin… one particular note that stirs you and makes you listen”, but as she pointed out, “If that one note continued without the surrounding sounds, some deep, some loud, some soft, if the contrast wasn’t there, that one note carrying on forever would become almost torment”. And she was putting that as an example, as she sees it, for life… that, “All lives must have the ups and downs of the notes, not one particular note forever going on. It is the ups and downs that make the whole harmony”.  That is from the point of view of Soo Li who, as you know, is very wrapped in her music and sees everything from that point of view.

Topic: Avoid Envy.

There are other people who make life a torment for themselves. They spend their life accumulating possessions and money. They cannot take it with them,  finally they’ve got to leave it behind and that worries them in their life too, as to who they are going to leave it to. It is better to focus on the middle path and if you have surplus, help others, whether it is a friend or a relative, or a charity. Those who collect so much that it becomes a burden are not always happy, they don’t even know if their friends are friends, so don’t envy people with many possessions.

Well that does seem to have been a mixed talk from us tonight, perhaps rather brief, but we feel that there is a lot there for you to think on. So when you read your paper copy which our good friend there gives you, read it more than once, because there is quite a lot to learn contained there, from various aspects of life eternal.

Is there anything at this stage you may care to ask on one of those subjects?

Sitter (K): Yes please. Ling, do you think that Soo Li was referring solely, to life here on earth, when she said that one must have variety in order to appreciate, in other words, do you have ups and downs over there, the same as we have here?

Spirit: In one way yes, but don’t forget there is no physical world for us. You do not have pain, you do not have hot and cold, you just have knowledge, and sometimes that’s a bit hard to find or to accumulate and keep to yourself, or when I say, “Keep to yourself”, I don’t mean that you don’t pass it on, but ‘to keep it in your memory’ would be a better way of putting it, in your physical terms. Does that help you?

Sitter: Yes and that brings up another question here, “To keep it in your memory” for I had an idea that memory was no problem over there?

Spirit: Only when you’ve learnt a thing properly, really learnt it, not just… I mean you haven’t had an apple until you’ve eaten it and digested it.  Does that help?

Sitter: Yes, Ling, thank you.

Sitter (J): I have one too please Ling. When grandchildren ask you about Spiritualism or about Spirit, how do you answer them correctly so that they will get a little knowledge?

Spirit: Just tell them a little, it’s their decision.

Sitter: Just tell them little by little as you go along?

Spirit: Exactly. Only if they ask questions. If you start saying, “This is!” it puts a rebellion in the young mind… but make observations, of the beauty around them.  Let their own souls develop, their own little spirits, develop. You cannot force this; it is something that must develop in the person themselves. Do you understand this?

Sitter: Yes, thank you Ling.

Well my friends, carry on your own ways, don’t be disappointed in perhaps lack of achievement sometimes, but rejoice in what you’ve got.

God bless you, from all of us.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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