Topics: Thoughts concerning aspects of spirit

Thoughts Concerning Aspects of Spirit

Note: Before the circle we had spoken about bogus phone readings.  

Spirit (Ling): Greetings,

We still haven’t got our clear frosty night. (Mirth). In fact it is quite misty and therefore a little difficult with communication. But nothing like last week, or what happens in other countries… you are much blessed in this country.

Now earlier, you have been discussing the negative aspects of Spirit, or Psychics, or Spiritualism, or Mediumship, or whatever title you are wishing to give it, and as tonight is more or less random thoughts, we would like to join in on this a little ourselves.

Purity of spiritual thought and purity of the vessel, the medium, is rare, but we will look at it from various angles. We could say for example, that “Music today is shocking… do away with it, have nothing to do with it”, but that wouldn’t be right, because there are aspects of great beauty in music. So you tune into what is right for you. The others perhaps are slow learners and may come to appreciate beautiful music later, so think of it this way with spirit.

Unfortunately, there have been very stormy battles for people believing in spirit, but nowadays, though many are inaccurate and are downright dishonest, the thought of spirit, the thought of ‘Life after death’ is far more widely accepted than it was approximately a hundred and eighty, two hundred years ago.

Everywhere amongst the rich and the poor, educated, uneducated, there is still the talk of what we are referring to as spirit. It is now more acceptable, But, in accepting it as your way of life, it is up to the individual to clarify it, to pick out the gold that is amongst the dross, to listen to those who have put thought, and are perhaps more advanced in their thinking.  There are people who are very advanced in their thinking and reasonably accurately so, and these are the people that we would like everyone to listen to. These are the people that we ourselves try to help, try to give more knowledge to.

The others who are greedy and who are making up stories… we are sorry for them, as they have a long way to go, but they will learn because the thought has touched them. Over a great period of time, in your estimation of time, they too will develop because the thought is there… they have accepted the possibilities.  But they have got to realise that they are personally responsible – and that is where they are falling down, but they are educating others at the same time… educating them into the possibility.

The gullible, well it is also opening the path a little bit for them, it’s a beginning…  the uneducated that I mentioned or you mentioned earlier, have far greater opportunity of accepting spirit in its true form. So though you may say and others may say, “Spiritualism is losing its way, the souls are foundering”, it’s not altogether true.

There are more now that are accepting the possibility of life after death, there are more now seeking, but those who are following a narrower and harder path, must be the ones to pass it on whenever possible.

It is no good stating anything to people as a fact. They have got to realise it themselves, within themselves.  You can only pass on what you have learnt, and if they accept it well and good, if they don’t well it’s a pity, but they’ll come to it because their eyes have been opened.

Another aspect now, totally different, for you possibly to think on.

Our physical bodies can cause a lot of trouble, from the top of the head to the soles of your feet, they can ache, they can burn, they can freeze, all sorts of things can go wrong, but, instead of saying, “Oh my leg is aching because of sciatica, or a burn or whatever”, try in yourselves to think, “My soul is fine, it feels great, but the body that it’s living in is aching” - because 'you' are all right. It is just a different way of looking at things, a more positive way, and sometimes it can really help.

For one thing our healers would possibly, and quite often do, receive the message of someone trying to overcome their own difficulty, and will tune in and try and help. So remember, next time you stub your toe… it’s not hurting, your soul’s all right, it’s only your toe that’s worried.

It’s just a different way of looking at things, because we’ve all got a long, long way to go. Your friends that are forever helping you, they haven’t got that much knowledge more than you have. We probably haven’t reached the half way mark in our development, far from it, and once or twice when you’ve had wonderful souls visit you… that is very special, and we hope you too will join their realms one day.

Now in our various aspects that we have spoken of tonight… is there anything perhaps, and I say, Perhaps,” that we can help you with, because remember we too are learning.

Sitter: Just a thought… unfortunately these quacks, charlatans, money grabbers and people who are off on the wrong track, make it very difficult for people on the right track; because the world seems to hear so much of these others and then knocks everything in together as one, in other words… well maybe I won’t try and put it in other words, I’ll just leave it as it is. Thank you.

Spirit: (Mirth) We appreciate what you are trying to say. Unfortunately it is true what you are trying to say, but try and look at it from the point of view, that they in their careless haphazard way, are perhaps opening the eyes of more people, so that the likes of you, or people with similar thoughts for good, when you speak or when they hear of you, or they come across an aspect of your teaching, they possibly, depending on their stage and their willingness to accept, will listen a little harder. People who are depressed, greedy, it’s harder for them certainly to accept the truth, but everyone must develop. Think of your ‘Seventh Principle’.  It may take thousands of years, but it’s an upward climb for everyone.

Does that help your thinking just a little bit?

Sitter: Yes it does, thank you.

Spirit: Well I hope our random thinking tonight, has made you people think a little too and given you another aspect of this universe; this wonderful life that we all have!  Speak about your wonderful life, and if you can’t think of anything that’s wonderful… look out your window!

Bless you, and keep you looking upwards in this following week.

Love from us all.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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