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Note: As this talk was not received clearly, every effort has been made to make this record as authentic as possible.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

There are so many tales, make believes, that if you don’t really realize them yourselves, we would like to make some clearer for you.

Are God’s rules and earthly rules the same when you are dead as when you are on earth?

Now think for yourselves… you probably know the answer but you probably don’t think about it.  Here on earth you mix with every nationality, with every colour, religion, and more important, with every variance of souls that you like to refer to as the personality, the development of the physical body that you are dealing with.

You are here on earth to learn, and without adversity, without light and dark, without joy, without sorrow, without all the adversities and pleasures of the material world, unless you are someone who thinks very much for yourselves, you are not likely to develop very much.

Now when you are dead you go on to a plane (as you have had explained to you before), that you have earned.  If you have reached a comfortable place in the astral world you may have your light and dark, you may have your comfortable home, you may have the things that make you comfortable on earth, and if it is your wish and you have no, for want of a better word, ambitions, you can stay there, in a very monotonous world that can go on indefinitely.

But, as you know there are soul levels, and the more you have developed both on earth and when you are so called dead, the higher you can get, until there is no light and dark, you are one with the light. Now this is an aspect that unfortunately we haven’t yet reached.  By we, I mean I’m on a level and it is not the highest, understandably so, because we in my group have only progressed so far.

But it is up to you while you are on earth to do everything in your power, to develop that aspect of God that is you. You are personally responsible for every word, thought and deed, and it is a very frightening aspect if you think of it because we are fallible. You may decide today that, “I will do everything perfectly”, but you are living in a material world. You are living with people who vary from you. You are living in a climate that varies. You also have the strong magnetic pull of the world, apart from the aggressiveness of other people, storms and various other aspects of nature, which are upsetting.

When you are dead, the higher you progress, the less this happens and the more you can then put in to perfecting the aspect that you, at that time, are following. It is almost, and I put this with a question mark, like having a hobby where it is a joy to do or to learn, and with that knowledge and ability, many of us, not everyone but many, want to pass it on. Some are able to pass it on to earth, others help those who
are passing over, but all of us return at some stage to the level that we are on, to learn more and eventually to advance more. But in your soul you have to develop that aspect of God which is you.

It is like a seed of a flower. You can put in the seed and leave it, and you get up a little plant. It will probably have a little flower, but if you put in the seed and give it kindness, food, and every chance to become a big and beautiful flower, that is what you will eventually get.

So that is what you people are yourselves… you are like a seed, but the person to look after them, to look after you, and develop, is yourself. You are personally responsible for that part of God that is within you to develop. It is quite a challenging thought.

So man made rules that are on earth do vary considerably from those of when you are dead, but as June has told you, it can be joy; joy of learning, joy of helping others and joy of climbing from one plane to another, until one day, goodness knows when that will be, we may all be bathed in the light of what we call God.

Can I help you in any way, please ask but as I have said, I too am learning as are my friends around me.

Sitter (H): Ling how do you move up?  How do you decide it is time for you to go up a plane?

Spirit: It is almost like an exam in your world. You get to a stage when you know on that particular plane, everything, and at that stage you may prefer to pass it on to others, to perhaps go to a lower level and help, or you have the option, (it is up to you, you are responsible), you may prefer to go on and learn more.

Does that answer your question?

Sitter: Yes thank you, so you can more or less decide yourself to a certain extent.

Spirit: Yes, you are responsible. Well we will leave it now for tonight. Goodnight and God bless you.

Sitters: Thank you Ling, Goodnight.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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