Topics: A further idea on the value of ‘healing’.

Further Ideas on Healing

Spirit (Elizabeth): Good evening, it is Elizabeth speaking.

I come tonight to give you a further idea on the value of healing.

As you well know, doctors on earth have what they call ‘follow-ups’. They want to know how their patients progress, and though most of your healing is ‘absent healing’ to people whom you may know by sight, but are not necessarily really acquainted with, the link is there once you have made it.

But you can reinforce that link by when you next see the person, and if you have known of their illness you can go and ask them, “I know you haven’t been well, are you feeling better?” and at that stage, if you can put your hand on theirs, or on their arm, just for a moment as a friend might, it too can help. And once the contact is made you can refer to that person continually and we will know who you mean.

Healing is one of the most worth while projects that you people, and others similar, can do; particularly with the ‘absent healing’, because you can reach people that you may never see.

But if you do have physical contact, try and get the opportunity to actually touch them, or stand reasonably near, because it is the energy that is coming from you that may help them just a little bit more, because no doubt living where you do, many of the people that you are wanting to help, are lonely. And to know that just one person, a mere acquaintance, is interested in their well-being… it not only helps the spirit of that person, but that contact helps their physical body, and after all that is what you are aiming at initially, to get healing and upliftment for the physical body, so that they can continue on their journey, their seeking, and their learning, because after all, as you are well aware, that is what you are all on earth for, and it is sad when the body lets somebody down through disease, or accident, or the many things that can happen.
So I hope that will help you help others, because after all it is what we are all here for, either in spirit, or on earth, to help one another unselfishly no matter what creed or race we belong to. If we can open our hearts to our fellow mankind or womankind, (as people are now insisting on), we are doing good.

I hope this can help you in some small way in the work that you are doing, and I hope you will continue tonight to carry it on, and you good people who are going on your holiday, (Note: Two sitters will be in Australia next week - the Circle meets in New Zealand), if you get the opportunity, think on the people whom you know need healing.  One does not have to sit with a group in a room… one can wake in the middle of the night and think of people who aren’t well.

At any time that you have just a moment to spare, those thoughts of yours and people like you have terrific power, and they go on and on, helping humanity. It seems so infinitesimal to you, but when it is a combination of many of the wonderful healers and their students that are in this world, it can make a difference.

Is there anything possibly that I can help you with, that you might like to ask?

Sitter (K): Yes please Elizabeth.

I am wondering, if once we have asked for healing for somebody, do you folk follow up with more healing for that person, without us specifically asking again, or is that not so?

Spirit: We are aware of that person. A thought can never be broken, (that’s why you have to very aware of your thoughts), but if you can add further knowledge, and with your extra help, we perhaps can give even more help, to that person. But once your thought is there… (you are personally responsible for thoughts, and had you thought ‘Why?’, because they don’t go away), a thought is always there, and perhaps when you activate it, it gives us a little push in the right direction too, because we have so many people to look after.

But if you forget, don’t worry, someone will pick up your thought somewhere and carry it on.

Is that what you wanted to know?

Sitter (K): Yes thank you.

Spirit: Well as you know it is quite a journey for me so I think I will retire at this stage. Bless you all and your healing. You are much loved, and I hope your path doesn’t become too difficult… but it is with difficulties that we learn. I hope you understand this.


Sitter (H): Yes. Thank you very much for coming through. Goodnight.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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