Topics: Overcome your fears and then help others.

Overcome Your fears and Help Others

Sitter: That chuckling I hear, I wonder if it’s June.  Welcome!

Spirit (June): She (medium) gave me away by laughing.

Sitter: Yes. Good evening June.

Spirit: I was just saying to our friend that we would only have a small talk tonight.  I have been given the job and what I don’t say Ling will say later, perhaps next week. But I was saying that the talk is to be on overcoming ‘fear’, or trying to, and I just happened to say that a good old cup of the char would fix it.

Sitter: (Mirth) Oh I see.

Spirit: But somehow I don’t really think that is the answer, although in some ways it helps.

Now ‘Fear’. It’s different for just about everybody. You for example might be frightened of being short of money. The person sitting on the other side of you couldn’t care if they never had a penny in their pocket, they’d get by, that’s their attitude – but they might have a fear of dogs.

Someone might have a fear of little insects, or of water, we just don’t know what people’s fears are. There’s a fear of persecution, a fear of being found out for having done something that’s wrong. There are so many fears, and unfortunately, this is what Ling and others, many others, are concerned about, in your world today there is fear in just about everyone’s heart. They are frightened of war. It is dotted all over your world, it’s in…oh, they told me the word… insidy, insid, it’s ‘insidious’, I think that’s the word.

Sitter Yes that’s the word.

Spirit: And it creeps up on people. And then there’s trouble with your weather, well that’s a big problem… (oh I am having trouble getting my thoughts through), but basically what they are wanting you people to do, and others like you, in fact every one in the world if they can, is to look and act positively, against your individual fears. In doing that, it frees your mind to send positive thoughts out into, I guess you’d say, the ‘ether’ as being the best way of describing it, so that your thoughts of positive-ness, can reach to others… because as it was explained to you in healing, it’s cumulative. (That’s another big word eh!)

Sitter: (Mirth).  It’s a good one that one.

Spirit: And so if you and many like you are sending out positive thoughts… think of the power there would be behind it, if everyone in New Zealand sent out positive thoughts to depressed people, in some of these countries that are having a hard time. Those who have not died might think, “Well”, (we’ll say for the floods), “It has stopped raining, what will I do when the tide subsides?” They start planning perhaps.
So you, in your thoughts, think of these people, or people in any other mishap that you know of, or illness, (rather like healing), and overcome your own fears, or do something positive about them, to free yourself to think positively out into the world to help other people, or other animals, other forms of life, the world in general.

Part of the trouble of course, as you realize, is perhaps a couple of hundred of years ago there wasn’t the means of communicating. I didn’t even have a radio, I couldn’t afford one. So my news came from meeting people at the market, talking to the neighbours, and therefore our news was contained within a small area, until of course when we went to war, and that was an example of where people at war in Britain became so positive in their thoughts, that we could make a joke about it. We didn’t know whether we’d be alive the next day, but we made a joke about the planes, the bombing the shortage of food, the queues… we’d get more upset about not getting enough butter, than we would about losing a house quite often. You had to think like that, you had to be positive - and it worked.

And we’ve got to get that feeling back again. We have to think wider or should I say bigger, because the world has become so big for all people on earth. Where you hear the bad all the time, make an effort in yourselves to think of something positive that has happened in your day. It may be difficult sometimes when perhaps you are suffering from arthritis, and it has ached all day, but there is something positive – for at least your house is dry!

Look for the positive. Cast out your fears and send positive thoughts out into the world - for every living thing.  It will also help make you happier, help you overcome any fear you’ve got… because crikey I reckon everyone’s got a fear tucked away somewhere.

Well I don’t know whether I’ve said quite what Ling would like me to, but I’ve put it to you my way, and don’t forget that cup of tea with a good spoonful of sugar in it – it can help!  (Laughter)  That’s better than going for whisky or anything like that, for that cheers you up for about five minutes and then you start getting a sore head, or some people do. But a cup of tea doesn’t do us any harm as long as we can get it, because during the war that was another thing that we had to think about, but I don’t want to go down that path, not at this stage.

So I will leave you in peace for tonight, hoping that it may give you some positive thoughts of another way, of helping your world, and the living things that are in it.

This was June.

Sitter: Thank you for coming June.

Spirit:  Lots of love from us.

Sitter: And our love goes out to all of you.

Spirit: Thank you and I hope you enjoy your cup of tea afterwards.  (Laughter)

Sitter: Thank you.  Goodnight.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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