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COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No 673. Held 14th August 2007.

More about 'Fear'

(Chuckling noises heard)

Sitter(K)): That sounds like June.

Spirit (June): Back again, I’ve got to finish the job. (Laughter)

Sitter: And good to have you June.

Spirit: I think it is what you might call… slang term for policeman… a cop, cop, yes ‘copout’, on our friend Mister Ling’s part, (Mirth)  because he said that as I made such a good job I may as well get on with it. (Mirth). It was nice of him to say it though, but he gave me the ideas, so he deserves credit too.

He says… (talking about ‘fear’, and carrying on from where we were last week), that fear is engendered by religions throughout the world, that people left to themselves to appreciate what is around them, and find for themselves their own personal idea of God, would be far happier, and that people who are putting the fear into them should use their energies into helping people overcome fears they may have.

Everyone has his or her own idea of God, and if they have no idea and just don’t believe in one, well they have that right too. But when they start thinking and developing, they too will have a God, a Great Spirit, a Great Soul or whatever they might like to lookup to, and in doing it that way, there wouldn’t be the fear that people have today, of ‘death’.

Another aspect to look at, is that there is in your world a disease, a malfunction that in various ways tackles many human beings. I think it is commonly called in your country, ‘the big C’, and you know why people are frightened of it… because they are told to be frightened, they are made to feel that the end of the world has come for them.

But many people, many, many people, clench their fists and say, “I’m going to get over this. Someday I have to die but it’s not going to be now”, and they fight against their fear. There are others who unfortunately become so despondent, and everyone else around them is so despondent, that they don’t make that battle and fight to recover.

So fear in all its various aspects, pulls the human body down. A number of ideas or thoughts on fear were mentioned last week so I won’t repeat them, but every time something comes into your mind that worries you, face up to it, battle it, and if you can, laugh at it. It is just as easy to laugh as to cry, but the world has taught people to cry.

I think again, (going back to the Second Word War) of where many people could have cried, but many others thought that there was a battle to be won and they went and did it. Some of them were very, very brave. They had fear in their hearts but they were determined to overcome it, not only for themselves but for the benefit of mankind - because they had the eyes and the mind to think ahead.

Our lives, because I’m speaking now of all of us, are to improve our souls, our spirits, to uplift ourselves at every opportunity… and the fears and sadness that overcome so many, can possibly be dissipated.

You people ask so often for upliftment for someone, and that lifts their spirit when we are able to help, but we are asking you to inform people how they can lift their own spirits, and at the same time with a cheerful aspect coming from you, it will help them, because you are probably aware yourself that if you hear a group of people laughing, it is quit common for other people to join in and say, “What’s the joke, tell us”, and they want to be part of that laughter. People want to be happy, but so many have lost the way, they would much rather be a bit gloomy, until it is pointed out to them that they, and really they alone, can overcome this fear.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have some fears, fear of fire, fear of drowning, sensible things. The fear is put there for those, but not the fear of living. We must overcome those fears.

Well I think I’ve covered what Ling wanted me to, I guess he’ll let me know if I haven’t, (Mirth) and I don’t know if I can answer any questions, but he suggested that I ask you, “Is there is anything you want to ask, on the said subject?”  How’s that for Ling’s words? (Mirth)

Sitter: No questions thank you June, you can relax.

Spirit: Whew!! (Laughter) ‘Cause I’m no academic but I’m doing my best.

Spirit: Well tonight seeing your friends are back, can we have the usual half hour afterwards?

Sitters: Yes certainly.

Spirit: That is after your healing session, and we will do our best with that too, all of us, as one big family eh!

Sitter: Lovely.

Spirit: Goodnight and God bless you all.

Sitters: Thank you. Goodnight.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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