Topics: Some thoughts on ‘What is God?’
COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No 675. Held 25th September 2007.

Some Thoughts on ‘What is God?’

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

We here, have been together in what you would perhaps call ‘a round table discussion’, and mainly… ‘Well after all what is God’?

We think of God as a finite being. God is infinite. We came to this conclusion because God is part of all life of the universe. It cannot end, even though it may change form it cannot end. Man himself has wanted to have something with an end to it that they can call God. It may be a stone, but it is the Europeans who have made it a man. Many of the native people of various countries know of spirit, they are aware of it. Perhaps you may call it, ‘Ancestor worship’, but they know that something goes on, and on.

God, we came to our conclusion, even if it is not yours, is all love, all perfection, all the good no matter how it manifests, and all the love and compassion of every living thing. It accumulates, and disperses.

Each and every one of you, each living thing, has a spark of what we are calling God in it, and this manifests in many ways. In some it is obvious, in others you have to look hard, and in every facet of the universe this happens.

So perhaps of all the religions that we know of, or I should say that you people are aware of, the Buddhists may be perhaps the nearest, because for them there is no God, not as many people picture it, no stone, no man, but a teacher, the Buddha.

And the teacher Mohamed in the case of many people, and the teacher Jesus for most Europeans… it is all those people who can teach us about what we think of as God.

The only advice we feel that we can give you people is, “Don’t try and bring what you think of as God, down to some small human being, or article, because God is within you and within every living thing… in the sun and the moon and the tides, in everything that grows, in all the animals, the stars of the universe and the infinite love that is there amongst the animals, of which you are one. Unfortunately as you are well aware this does not always manifest, but with time and learning it will. The same as in animals, it is there in some, more than in others.

But God is not a human being, is not an elephant, or a cow, or a stone, or a plant… it is all of them. And if you in your own way can realize this, you will appreciate your world far more, because you know as you look around, that that is what you call ‘God’… the universe and everything in it.

Those were the lines of our ‘round the table’ talk. We threw it back and forth. Some came up with arguments against but in the end we felt, ourselves, that the goodness in us all (because it is there, though it may be hidden), is part of God, part of the universe. It’s a wonderful thought, if you can accept it.

Does anyone want to ask a question that possibly we may be able to answer… but we are all so much individuals in this thought?

Sitter: If God is within us, and within the sun, moon and tides and so on, could we say that God perhaps is some form of good, energy source?

Spirit: Yes that would be a very mundane practical way of putting it, and it would appeal to you. I just like to think of it as love, love personified in everything we look at…

You were going to say something else I think…

Sitter: Just that I was going to follow up with, that love is all very well if it does something, but in order to do something, it needs energy… or am I off the beam here? (Pause)

Spirit: I am just thinking that through myself. (Pause) Yes in one way you are right because thought is energy, and thought is part of love and if you love someone you think of them with love, and that is a form of energy because you are thinking.  Is that the sort of thing you are meaning?

Sitter: Yes thank you.

Spirit: Well we will leave it at that for tonight.  There is plenty to think about there.

God’s blessings be with you all.


Note: I cannot let this go by without adding some comments: Seth, who spoke through Jane Roberts, stated that 'God is everything that is'; this was the best he could do with our terms and our language. People have spoken about the 'Web' and I am reading Greg Braden's 'The Divine Matrix' where the same ideas as the Web are put forward. It goes a bit like this: The only thing that exists is the 'Matrix' (or Web) and everything exists in it and is made from it; there is nothing else. There is nowhere where the Matrix (or Web) is not. We cannot imaging infinity. For example, in a Circle a communicator asked if we could imaging life going on without end - we said we could; we where then asked if we could imagine that there was no beginning - we all said we could not. It was outside what we could accept, conceive of, yet we all knew it was true. In our thinking there has to be a start point also, but not so insistently, there should be an end point. We can deal with no end point. E.g. space goes on without end. J. H. Dec 2010.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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