Topics: Animal Care, Young People and Meditation
COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No 677. Held 9th October 2007.

Animal Care, Young People and Meditation

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

There are a number of related subjects that we would like to cover if we can tonight, because as you are well aware we are already coming to the end of another year. It’s not far off. Now first I think we will deal with animals.

Topic: Care of Animals.

There is a tendency with people, (not necessarily you people. When we speak we are referring to the world in general usually), to look on animals as a commercial product, whether it is fluffy little kittens or elephants.  Money can be made out of them!

What people must realize is that animals are life too. They are souls living in a different body to you, but they are still little souls, and should be treated as such. If they have to be killed for food, it should be humane in every way. The animal should have a good life, and its end should be as peaceful as you would wish for yourselves. And that applies to your pets too. They must have discipline the same as children, the same as adults, and they must also have love, a good home, a warm bed, (not necessarily your bed, I can’t imagine you sleeping with an elephant), (Mirth) but just use common sense. Let the animal be itself, but if it is living with you it must obey the rules of your house, which are taught by you in a humane manner.

If you can get this across to the younger people who are developing, they too, will care more for their animals, particularly those who are making money from them commercially. They will see that they go into good homes, on to good farms, or whatever. And remember, the birds are the same… all living things!

Topic: Helping young people find God.

Now, young people today, they are trying to find God, many of them, and they are not going to the churches unless it is forced on them as it is in many countries. But in your country they do have freedom of choice, and because it is fashionable they think that seeking Spirit is the way to go. You people are aware that it is the way, but it is not for the very young. They have to have some worldly experiences first, unless they are exceptional human beings, and remember when the time is right, the teacher will be there.

But for young people, who are sincere, (whom you may come across and you judge to be sincere), direct them away, from many of the psychic people who are around. Suggest that if there is a group of friends, that they not try to use a Ouija board, or any of the other various known ways of possibly communicating - but  that they quietly meditate. They could sit together by all means; play very soft music, very soft, of a pleasant nature. I would suggest that the Be-Bops and whatever they call them nowadays are left out of this, and they spend initially ten minutes, then quarter of an hour, and just relax, just enjoy the music… and they will be reaching spirit in that way, and will in the meantime be having worldly experiences, all of which come into the lives of everyone.

They may lose a brother, or a good friend, or a parent; all experiences that help awaken the spirit thoughts in people, it makes them think. Great joy can bring them closer to God, but it is in themselves that they must develop. If they try drugs, alcohol, (which their friends assure them, give them a high), they may possibly reach spirits, but for them it is the wrong spirits, because people do not change when they die, so they are contacting the drug addicts and the drunkards who are still seeking contact with the earth. That’s not what young people who are seeking God want.

Suggest they read, and only accept (as we have told you), what they can see as true logic, true understanding… and all their lives they should question it. That is the best advice for young people.

And as they develop, as they have more worldly experiences, as we said before, when the time is right a teacher will come, and they may find themselves with the ability to communicate with true spirit, with people who are teachers, people who have understanding. It is most unlikely to be any of the ‘Great Ones’, but they will have someone if they are fortunate, who is very capable of giving them the knowledge they need.

Topic: Meditation for our Circle Members.

Now you my friends we realize are not meditating.  Meditation is good for all of us. We ourselves get together in groups and just sit. We may decide that we are going to sit in a field, and so we all picture this field where we are going to sit, and so on… and we will pick on something that has been taught to us and we will meditate on that, (only for about fifteen minutes), and then we will discuss how it has affected us, during the time of that meditation. (NB: there is no 'time' in Spirit. J. H.)

You may find that you question it to the extent that you cannot accept it… or that for you it was right, in fact it has progressed, you have been aware of an extension!

So once a month we would like you people to try to do this. Instead of just sitting quietly and helping us with our experiments at the end of each weekly circle… once a month, (and it will only be probably, a couple of times this year), we would like you to have a meditation circle sitting. Begin by reading one of the talks that we have given you, (at random, each of you a different one), and try to relax as we do.

Now that is difficult, because we want complete relaxation for that is what is needed in true meditation, so take it in turns to be the person who is aware of time, because it is not good to extend your meditation indefinitely.

When you yourselves develop sufficiently highly, that you are completely in control of yourself, and all around you, then by all means if you wish - you could extend it.  But it is not something that we would suggest for anyone, until their teacher, (if they are aware of one), suggests that they do extend it a little longer.

We would like you to think on this. If you yourselves do not find it acceptable, we understand. Every step must be taken slowly and must be accepted by you, because you have ‘faith’… do I see a smile?

Well that is all for tonight unless there are any questions?

Sitter (K): I’m not sure that I fully understand what you would like us to do. Do I understand correctly that we take one of your previous talks, (each of us taking a different talk at random) read it through, meditate on it for ten minutes or quarter of an hour, and at the end discuss what is was, and any outcomes. Would that be correct?

Spirit: That is correct.

Sitter (K): Ling, when did you want this to start?

Spirit: Well we are too late for this month, so we’ll start in November, the first meeting of each month.

Sitter: Right. Thank you.

Spirit: And in the meantime, by all means if you wish to sit quietly by yourselves and meditate, it is a good idea, but no more than ten or fifteen minutes!

But you must be in a position where you will be completely uninterrupted by pets, telephones, or any of the other things… you must know, that for that period of time, you are communicating, or thinking, on very serious subjects, so you don’t want any interruptions. Do you understand this?

Sitters: Yes, thank you.

Spirit: By all means go out into the garden if you wish, or in your own home, (where someone is physically there to protect you). Before you start each time, just ask us, “Please look after me, friends?” and we will hear. But there are physical things where we may not be able to help. We cannot stop your neighbour coming and knocking on your door for example, (unless we trip him up of course). (Mirth).

Well bless you in your endeavors, and for any young people that you speak to, try and guide them correctly, because it is an important thing if they are beginning to ask questions - but they must have experience in their life.

Bless you and your circle.

This was Ling and friends.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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