Topics: Various aspects of prayer.
COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No 678. Held 16th October 2007.

Aspects of Prayer

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Tonight I think we may discuss various aspects of prayer.

Now we have more or less come to the conclusion that there is not a God as is taught by the Christian churches, and many others. It is a power, a law of cause and effect.  So… what good is prayer?
Prayer has its uses my friends. For example, you may need help with health, and you pray, talking, discussing, “Please I need help. I have arthritis in my leg” (This is just an example), and you in your praying, if you are sincere (and seeing it is for yourself no doubt you are), you will possibly reach someone who is slightly higher in our travels, in the universe, than you are.

But they can only help you, if you help yourself.  For example, you have arthritis, (and unless you have been burdened with a body that is not completely functional), and this arthritis develops, and you don’t look after that body by keeping it dry, warm, and all the many other things, your prayer may not be answered, for the simple reason that you have not done the best to help yourself, as part no doubt of a learning.

People ask also, “The world day of prayer… does it do any good?”  Individually, we will take first. 
If Mr. Brown goes along because it looks good at the firm, that he is seen there in the house of God, adding his efforts to this world day of prayer - it could be absolutely useless if at the same time he is working out an aspect of his business, or job.  In other words, there is no sincerity.  The same applies to Mrs. Brown who does it as the thing to do.  It is the correct thing to go to church on that particular day, and join with others all over the world.

But the person of Mrs. James we’ll say, who because she is looking after someone, (whether it is a child, or someone sick or elderly, or someone’s pets perhaps), hasn’t had time to go, but she remembered that it’s the world day of prayer.  So she makes two or three minutes available where she can be relaxed… and then sends her mind out into the universe.

And that little bit of goodness that is her, her well wishing for the world, along with many millions of others, who are doing the same with the sincerity that she is using...  yes it builds up an atmosphere of ‘good’ if nothing else, whereas those who have done it because it was the thing to do, well they may as well have stayed at home and had a sleep. Prayer is only as good as the person who is praying… their sincerity! 
The person who calls on God because they are in some dire trouble with the police, or whatever, “God help me!” they’re selfish, they are thinking of one person only. They have done something for which there is an effect - they have been the cause, and now has come the effect.

So there are many aspects of prayer. You no doubt can think of some yourself.  Prayers are not always answered in the way that we wish, so be careful what you pray for. Pray for each other by all means, pray for the health of others, (you giving the help), ask in all sincerity and according to who you are, is what you will most likely get in return.  Prayer is a very strong vibration if it is done with all sincerity, but as mentioned earlier, prayer can also be absolutely useless.

You may say, “How about the atheist?” “Does he deserve to have his prayers answered when he doesn’t believe in anything?” Of course he does, depending on his sole thought. There are just as good people, who call yourselves atheists or agnostics or whatever, as there are those who call themselves ‘Really good people’. Look carefully at the person who thinks of himself as someone above others because of his thoughts, his religious thoughts no matter what!

The humble truly sincere persons, who love the world and loves who they are praying for… depending on themselves, will get their prayers answered, to the best of our ability too. Because you are on earth to learn we help when we can, for your good, because we are speaking of love, and those who are around you know you, and love you, and do their best for you.

Now it is possible that you may have a question. I cannot say that we will be able to answer, but at least we will try.

Sitter (J): No questions tonight thank you Ling.

Spirit: That I find difficult to believe. (Laughter)

I hope tonight’s talk will be of some use if not to you people, who should, had you thought about it, really thought it out for yourselves, but in being able to pass it on to others who may in disgust say, “Oh I prayed for years for this, and never got it”, and you can perhaps give them an answer.

But when you are giving an answer, don’t sound as if you personally are the font of all knowledge because I can assure you, you are not.

Sitter (J):  (Laughter) Yes we know that too. (Laughter)

Thank you very much Ling.

Spirit: Bless you and your little circle.

Good night.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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