Topics: 1. Astral Plane. 2. The time factor. 3. Aspects of communication. 
COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No 679. Held 23rd October 2007.

Astral Plane, Time and Communication

Topic: Astral Plane.

Spirit (June): Hello.

Well I’ve been sent. I don’t know whether you would call it a penance or not but I am here to try and pass on some information that they feel you should know.

You people I’m sure have heard of ‘Astral Planes’ haven’t you?

Sitters: Yes.

Spirit: Well you’re cleverer than I was, because I thought it was a plain in Europe until I died, (Mirth), but I’d heard of it; I’d heard of people speaking about it. But there seems to be amongst people quite a lot of misplaced knowledge as to the Astral Plane.

It is the next one after earth and you are all familiar with it! Now you are probably saying, “Oh she doesn’t know what she’s talking about”, but when you sleep at night, that’s where you are! Nobody dies at night (or at least a few pass over and stay there), but that is where you go at night when you are asleep. You can travel if you wish, the world.

Sometimes you meet people whom you have known; you might remember, you call it dreams. Sometimes you have horrible dreams; I think you call them, nightmares, some of them are quite disgusting, some of them can be beautiful and you wish the dream would keep going.

But when you do eventually die, that’s where you’ll end up - on the Astral Plane until everything is sorted out, (your good and your bad points), but you won’t feel unhappy there, it is just a waiting place, and you’ll be with those who know you. So that’s what the Astral Plane is.

So when you sleep at night and you have a pleasant dream, that’s where you have been. Some of you may remember dreaming of flying, well you have been, there is nothing to stop you. If you want to, in your sleep tonight, you could go to… oh what’s the fartherest point north that we can think of… well we’ll say ‘Greenland’, because that would be a shock to you people, it could be quite cold.

Then again you may not travel far away; you may just hover around your own physical body. But as Ling once told you, when you are engrossed in reading, or daydreaming, or something of similar nature and you get an awful fright, and you say, “Oh you made me jump out of my skin!”… As he told you, you are not jumping out of your skin, you are jumping back in. You have in a minor way, been astral traveling.

I hope that makes it a little clearer to you, just what it means. Don’t be frightened of everyone who says that they are from the Astral Plane. Many certainly never leave it and they are the ones that could be a concern for you, tied to earth those are the ones that we suggest you are very careful with.

I think one of you gentlemen was about to talk.

Sitter: Yes I was going to ask, that if the good dreams come from visiting the Astral Plane … where do the bad dreams and nightmares come from?

Spirit: The same plane. There are people of great variety, for a short time on the Astral Plane. Some never leave it, so that would be the source of your bad dreams. They’re unhappy and they don’t see why you should be happy.

Sitter: Thank you.

Sitter: Just one more question. Say our parents have passed over to spirit about fifty or so years ago… when we come to the Astral Plane, do our parents come down and see us or what happens? Will most of them have progressed to such a stage, that we are all separate?

Spirit: It depends on the love between you and your parents. People and animals you love will be well aware of your passing, but that has to be real sincere love between you and your animal, or you and your mother or father, brother, it may not be your parents, it may be a cousin or someone else whom you have particularly loved, but there will always be someone, someone you know that you’ve cared for. Mind you, if you’ve been a completely selfish person, you may be surprised when you expect everyone, who you think, thinks you’re wonderful, to turn up and no-one does.

Sitter: That’d be a bit of a shock. Mirth)

Spirit: It is a lesson. It is a lesson.

There is more on the Astral Plane in 680.

Topic: The Time Factor.

Spirit: Now the other thing I’ve been told to talk about, is the time factor.

As you have been told, there are no clocks here, no watches. It is always daylight, you certainly can still rest if you want to, and sleep, but there is no means of telling the passing of time, and you know yourselves that if you are interested in something, you’ll suddenly look up and say, “My goodness where’s the time gone?” But we’ve got nothing to indicate to us the time, so what for you may be an hour, for us may be two or three days. Days may be months. It is something that we have to get used to, and it is something that we have to discipline ourselves with in communicating with earth, because we realize that you are very much ruled by your clocks, and for a short period of time people who are communicating with you, also have to be aware of that factor. Do you realize this?

Sitter (H): I can’t really understand it. How do you manage to do that June? Every Tuesday night at eight o’clock you’re there, but you haven’t got the same mechanism to get you there.

Spirit: We’ve got you!

Sitter: I see.

Topic: Aspects of communication.

Spirit: And that is another thing that sometimes there is difficulty with. Depending on the type of mediumship, it is not easy for us always to know if the message has got through. You are experiencing a form of ‘Direct Voice’. Now it is not as you know, ‘Direct Voice’ as you people would wish for, but we are using the voice box of the medium, therefore we are able to communicate in a simpler version. Now if we are dealing with a medium who says’ “I see this”… there can be errors in that. We are never sure, unless they repeat exactly what they see, as to whether we have clearly got over our message. Sometimes it is symbolic and they have to interpret. Many mediums are not good at this and they will put across their own story.

So if you are ever dealing with other mediums, be careful, think carefully on what they say. They may be doing their very best, but it still can have errors in it. It is a difficult sort of communication if it is symbolism. You may only get half the story. You may get too much of the story. It is the same when they speak of “Hearing people”. They may miss words. Remember that words travel on waves, and where MacDonald may be a name you would appreciate, you may only get ‘Mac’, or ‘Donald’ and that is totally different from MacDonald. It is just something to be aware of in communication.

Well I think I’ve said everything that they want me too. Did I do All right?

Sitter: Yes you did very well indeed June, but just one question please… When you use Joyce’s voice box to speak through to us, can you hear what Joyce is saying?

Spirit: Usually. It is sometimes as hard for us to receive as it is for you, but on the whole, yes, we hear what she is saying. For us, it is quite a good means of communication.

Spirit: I gather there is nothing for you to upset me with by asking questions? (Laughter)

Sitters: No thank you.

Spirit: Well I hope that makes things a little clearer for you and, as you know, there are various levels, and communication between those levels can sometimes be difficult too.

And that is what you people are helping us with at night, after we talk to you. That half hour helps us to build up ‘power’ for want of another word, to enable people who are on higher planes, or finer planes than we are, to communicate with others closer to the earth plane. It is mediums upon mediums, upon mediums of various types.

Well my friends that’s all for tonight. I find this very difficult being so ladylike and precise and being a teacher. (Note: June is Cockney).

How did you do it for years Ken? (Laughter)

Sitter: Had more practice. (Laughter)

Spirit: Well good night from us all, and bless you and your little circle until we meet again.


Note: Going through these talks converting them from Ken's Word documents (he sent them to me on a CD) I find that Hilton, which may be a surname. and Jenny are married and this text says that Ken Hanson was a teacher. I wonder if any of his students will ever read this material. Some of it is very interesting. J. H. Dec 2010.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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