Topics: 1. Have positive thoughts when requesting healing. 2. Astral Plane - continued.
COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No 680. Held 30th October 2007.

Positive Thoughts for Healing and Astral Plane contd.


(1) At the beginning of the circle, Spirit Alan was asked whether it would be all right for us to invite two of Hilton and Jenny’s granddaughters aged 18 and 24 to a future circle, as for some time they had been very genuinely interested in learning more about spirit. Permission was given, that in a fortnight’s time they could come and observe by sitting outside the circle. Then later for the healing section, they could move into the circle and take a full part.

(2) During last week, sitter Ken and medium Joyce had discussed a part of last week’s talk about the Astral Plane that in hind-sight seemed unclear. This discussion was obviously picked up on by our spirit friends, and tonight further information given.

Topic 1. Have positive thoughts when requesting healing.

Spirit (June): Hello.

Tonight I’ve been asked to talk on two things, and we will begin with healing.

With your healing you are asking for a positive fact, therefore you yourselves must be positive in that thought.

The example here given is that you are asking perhaps, for an old friend who is possibly bedridden, and in your mind that’s how you see them. But if you know this person personally, think of them in health, because that is what you are wanting for them; either that or a peaceful passing. It is that positive thought on your behalf that we are able possibly to transfer to that person, so they begin to feel as perhaps they once were. Have joy in your heart, think of them as they were at their best, certainly add the years that are involved, but not the sickness, not the breakdown of the physical body.

If it is a child who has ended up in hospital for some disastrous reason, think of the child as perhaps you have seen them, happy, playing with their school friends, or whatever, picture the person in health. If they have a broken arm, think of it as it used to be, and as it will be! It is to get across to that person, the belief that the good times will come again. Do you understand what we are getting at?

Sitters: Yes thank you.

Sitter: But there is a difference of course if you don’t know the person.

Spirit: Well in that case you know the approximate age, and you try and imagine the person well, not lying in the hospital bed, but getting out of it perhaps.

Sitter: Thank you.

Topic 2. Astral Plane - continued.

Spirit (June): Now the other thing we are wanting to talk about, is something that you question a bit Ken…
When we die we go to an Astral Plane, where are met by friends and guides, and then we move on to places that we have earned.  We didn’t mention ‘Hell’ and you wondered about the punishment of people who weren’t spiritual. As far as I have been told, and I think to me it makes logic, they return once more to earth, because progress isn’t until the soul starts to develop – the spirit of the person.

He or she can be an Atheist, or could have no religion whatsoever, but can still be a good person. It is people who have a light shining in them who make progress, and they don’t have to have an affiliation to anything except nature, God and human beings.

But when you get a person who is completely self centred, completely without  soul of any sort, (and there are people like that, you have perhaps seen it in some youth, in dictators, in some parliamentarians, in some business people, it’s everywhere), and those people have a lot to learn. And this takes all of you, hundreds of years in our time.

When people speak of ‘Old Souls’, they perhaps are speaking the truth though they may not realize it.  People who have a certain tranquility about them, or a joy of living… they have found something, and that enables their guides to help them, to work with them… but when there is nothing they have to come back and try again.

Sitter (K): What was concerning me June, was it appeared from last week’s talk, that the people who were going to make progress were sent on to a happy plane, but the others, (the really bad people), seemed to be escaping, for if they stayed on the Astral Plane always they then escaped going to the dark plane, to be with others of like type. That didn’t seem fair somehow.

Spirit: For the duration of time that they are over here, they will be with similar to themselves, but they are going back to learn that spirit has to develop in every physical body.

Sitter: Are they then in fact sent to the plane of similar people, rather than remaining on the Astral Plane?

Spirit: Yes, but it may be for a very short time.

Sitter: I see. Thank you.

Spirit: It is like a pupil who goes to school and won’t learn, not because he or she can’t but simply doesn’t want to, and it is the same with the human being, if the spirit doesn’t want to develop, you can’t force it to.  It is only by experience… time, and time, and time again, possibly for some – but that is part of life.

Sitter (H): So there is reincarnation sometimes?

Spirit: Yes as far as we understand it, we believe this is so, but for those I’ve spoken to none can remember ever having friends reincarnate, but voluntarily some do, because they themselves feel that they need to learn more.  It gets to a stage where it would be an option, rather than a must.

Myself I don’t know. I don’t know whether I’d want to come back. Your world is so different to the one I knew.

Sitter (H): Yes it’s sometimes not a very nice place, and when we talk about it and think about it, we wouldn’t want to come back if we could avoid it that is.

Spirit: Well remember it’s up to you, ‘as you sow, so you shall reap’.

Why did I reap being a teacher because that’s what I seem to be developing into? (Mirth) But in my case I wanted to help people, and they thought that this was the best way I could do it, so I go and listen to others and then I come and try and repeat it to you. But I did enjoy being in London. It was fun.

Well my friends, for tonight, love from us all, and work hard and be joyful, and appreciate each other.

God bless you. Goodnight.

Note: Regarding reincarnation (coming back to learn and do more in the physical) I am told, or read somewhere, that it is like an itch - sooner or later you have to scratch it. J. H. Dec 2010.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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