Topics: A counter, to present worldly ‘doom and gloom’ prophets.
COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No 681. Held 6th November 2007.

'Doom and Gloom' Prophets

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

In your world today there appears to be considerable disaster, and shall we say that there are a number of doom and gloom prophets.

But my friends remember this, ‘Spirit is eternal!’ and think also how in your world as far as we can trace it (and that is not very far back in the history of the world), there have been major disasters and upsets, sometimes involving almost the whole planet, sometimes in small areas, but life has evolved, and survived.

There is still a lot to learn on earth, and people will overcome any disasters there are. Because some people survive and others don’t, it is not ‘divine intervention’ on the part of some mighty god for those particular people; it is just part of their evolvement.

So though perhaps things may go wrong in your world, as far as life is concerned it may change, but it will not end. You only need to think of the Ice Age… what a disaster, what a calamity, as far as many animals were concerned, but survive yes… life is still here… change perhaps, further development over thousands of years.

There is so much of your history (meaning the world’s history) that there is no memory of, and for the future there is no knowledge of, but as for doom and gloom, think positive! At the moment, the world for you people is wonderful on your island. There are minor things that you probably don’t like, but humanity must learn not to be selfish, not to be grabbing, to love one another, and the world itself will survive better for it… but it’s going to take a long time in man’s evolvement, for that to occur.

In the meantime, you know, and must live knowing, that life is eternal, it cannot be extinguished!

That is all I have to say on this subject, and I hope for you people at any rate it will make you think on a wider field, make you feel that your life is safe, because it is… your life is safe it goes on. I’m not saying anything about your bodies, we all know that they have their moments, some of great joy and some of great sorrow, but the ‘soul’, the ‘life’ is still there, even in the very sick, even in the dead, the life is going on!

If the water floods, the fires rage, if the oil runs out, if you can no longer drive a car, there is still 'life', and after all you are equipped with two good legs, so if the oil runs out people are going to have to learn to use them properly again.

Food shortages – oh all the drama that is going on in the world at the moment, of all these things that are going to happen! A food shortage, well fruit and vegetables are very good for everybody, and there is land enough in the world for each and every one of you, to have a small patch and feed yourselves. It may come to that, because if means of transport are suddenly curtailed to a big degree, you’ll have to learn to be more independent, self sufficient… but it won’t do anyone any harm and you are certainly not going to die forever! So this world as you know it is a wonderful place, but you are only a small part of the vast galaxy that surrounds us, life will go on. Remember that.

Well I don’t know that I can answer many questions on that subject because I myself am only repeating what I have been told, but perhaps I can help if there is anything.

Any questions?

Sitter: Ling I suppose in a way our world couldn’t be allowed to end, because as we’ve been told, if we are here learning in preparation for moving into your world and our world ended, could that mean that there wouldn’t be anywhere for the necessary preparation to continue, and what would happen then?

Spirit: You would move on to another galaxy because you are capable, your spirit is capable of existing without its human body. You’ve got to get into your minds that materialism isn’t necessary.

Sitter: For us it is isn’t it, we can’t move on just yet?

Spirit: (Laughter) No you can’t just yet, we don’t want you. (Laughter)  but I can see your point of view. You will have to try and understand what I am saying too.

Sitter: Right.

Spirit: Get rid of materialism, material thought. Thought, that’s what you have to get rid of. I don’t mean you to suddenly sell your house and get rid of all your various things that you enjoy, but don’t think of them as necessary, they are lent to you while you are here, just think of them as a loan and you are going to manage quite well without them.

Sitter: Thank you.

Spirit: Well I believe that later this evening you are trying just something a little different.

(Note: See meditation suggestion in Circle No 677.)

We are hoping that in reading back, on what you have been told at various times, you will get a better understanding of them. I presume that you are not looking back on any of the people who have just come and talked about themselves, but rather on the teachings.

Sitter: We are randomly opening different books containing teachings of past years, and then just taking the teaching we see. So if we see one as you describe, we’ll bypass it.

Spirit: It would be best, unless from memory, you can remember that there was something in it that you would like to read again; but otherwise this is a learning curve, we hope for you, and that is what you are aiming at.

Sitter: Good, thank you.

Spirit: Well all the best from all of us. We hope that you enjoy this experiment and that you get help perhaps, in some way from it. It may be coming direct from yourselves, because you will possibly get greater understanding.

So bless your little circle and your experiment.

Sitter: Thank you Ling, and thank you too for the opportunity that we are going to be trying tonight. It sounds very interesting. Love to you all, from all of us. Good night.

Spirit: Blessings on you all.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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