Topics: The simplicity of what spirit is. (For beginners).
COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No 682. Held 13th November 2007.

Simplicity of Spirit - For Beginners

Note: Tonight we have two visitors to the circle, Kylie and Gracie.

(Mirth is heard)

Sitter: Sounds like it might be June.

Spirit (June): You were right. There has been some pushing and shoving going on here (laughter), because I didn’t think I was the one to talk.

But Ling says that I must have practice, particularly getting across the simplicity of what spirit is to beginners. And he says, “First of all you cannot die. Remember that! No matter what your fears are of illness, accident, or anything else, you cannot die!” You may immediately after your so called death, see your body looking ghastly, but you’re still there, you’re still looking so you can’t have died. So remember that… no matter what your fears may be, have no fear of death.

And the other thing that we feel is necessary for you to know, is about a circle. There are so many people today who start so called circles. They think it’s fun to get a group of people together, “Oh lets have a circle”. This is what happened in the beginning of last century, in 1800, and perhaps for many hundreds of years prior to that, but in those dates I mentioned it was more likely, that right a family or a group of friends would have a circle, but it was a dedicated circle. But today it’s not like that any more, because families don’t get together so much, and friends if get together, it is for a bit of fun more often than not.

We’re not here for fun; we are here to help, to teach, to prove that there is life after death.

For an example of being foolish… ask the medium.  She will tell you of an experience she had… But apart from that, if you are ever wanting to start up a circle, it needs to be with a group of friends who must be compatible, they must like each other, (not necessarily love each other that they are in each other’s pockets all the time), but there must be that feeling, that if I need help, that’s somewhere I could go; or I wouldn’t mind asking them to do something for me; or if I was upset I would get sympathy; it’s that sort of compatibility, without being what one would perhaps, call love… ‘compatible’, that’s what you must be, and all thinking along the same lines.

Be prepared to listen, and ultimately to criticize, because “Everything that we tell you is what we believe to be right, at this particular time.” That’s what Ling says. However, if you believe a thing to be true at that particular time, it could be a lie later on. For example… everyone believed that the world was flat and you could fall off the edge, and that was a common belief, people told each other that, it was the truth as they knew it, at that time. We now know quite differently.

So question everything, everything you read, everything you hear… and even question the spirits. They are telling you what they believe, if you are in a good circle, but there are some who would lead you astray and that can happen too.

And don’t believe too much in the forecasters - we are not in it for that. Sometimes you may have a feeling, or an emotion, a warning, but that is all. It is very seldom that spirit will actually forecast great things, such as that there is going to be a war, or there is going to be peace, or that half of the world is going to blow up, or something like that. Don’t believe it!

There are always sensationalists on both sides because when you die, you will be exactly as you are this moment… if you were to die in a minute’s time. And as for sin, don’t let it worry you. As Ling also said, (I seem to be quoting him a bit), “Conscious selfishness”, is in our eyes, (in the eyes of spirit), the biggest sin one can make. When you are consciously selfish you grab for self alone, and any sins that you may have (so called sins), you have to forgive yourself, and once you are capable of forgiving that sin that is worrying you, then you move on. You know you have done wrong. If you can, put it right, but make sure it never happens again, and in that way you are developing your soul, you are becoming a better person. It is as simple as that. You get help from those around you and from those in spirit as long as you help yourself.
And be very cautious in those that you go to see who are so called mediums. Question everything they say, unless by some miracle, (well it’s not a miracle it’s a matter of engineering), you get someone who is ‘Direct Voice’, and you recognize the voice of the person - that is a wonderful experience.  But unfortunately you are not likely to find it very often because people are not sitting in circles with dedication. We have to build up a power, perhaps over many months, or many years for this sort of thing to happen, unless it is an exceptional person.

There are various forms of mediumship.  Just be cautious, and if a person is charging an exorbitant fee, question that too. Of course a medium that is making their living has to charge, but it doesn’t have to be excessive… it’s their job, and with the help of spirit they are doing it.

But particularly, even if you are not in a circle, there is no reason at all why people can’t heal, heal each other by loving thoughts and with the help of spirit, because if you are sincere and are really trying to help someone, we will do our best to help too.

Well unless there are any questions I think that is all I am supposed to say tonight at any rate…  I’ll be accused of going on too long.  But Ling says that I’ve done all right, so I hope you people have found it of some value, not so much our old circle but our two little visitors… you are both welcome.

Now from the circle are there any questions?

Sitters: No thank you June.

Spirit: Well seeing that we seem to have people here, who seem to know everything … (laughter)

The little ladies, have either of them got a question?

Visitors: “No thank you.” “No, I haven’t got a question either thank you.”

Spirit: Oh you’re shy. (laughter)  You mightn’t believe it but I used to be shy once too, (laughter) Mind you I was even younger than you I think, I had to go out and earn my living pretty young, so that really knocks it out of you.

Well friends, It’s been a pleasure being here and it’s been a pleasure having two little friends… two more who are interested in us, and we hope for you both, that your life will be long (as long as you want it), and a healthy and a happy one.

From all of us, good night and God bless you.

Sitter (J): Thank you very, very much June, and thank you all. It was lovely. Goodnight.

Sitters: Thank you June, goodnight.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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