Topics: Learn to focus in music and Healing thoughts.
COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No 683. Held 20th November 2007.

Focus In Music and Healing Thoughts

Topic: Learn to focus in music.

First Spirit (Su Lee): Su Lee, Su Lee, Su Lee.

Sitters: Hello, Su Lee.

Spirit: Do you remember me?

Sitters Yes very well.

Spirit: Oh, I do like your music it was so lovely. (Note: A CD of classical piano music called ‘The Maiden’s Prayer’ was left playing in the room before circle commenced.) We too have lovely music, and that’s why I wanted to come and talk again of our music.

Here, there could be many instruments being played together, but you will hear but one (the one you want to hear), because you are one with the pianist.  He knows what he is playing we hope, and you are one with him - because it is mind to mind! That is how an orchestra works here… where I have said on a previous occasion that everyone can be playing something different, but you hear what you want to.

Perhaps you could try it yourselves. When you go and hear an orchestra play in your town hall, or wherever, as long as it is an orchestra of reasonable size you focus on the instrument you want to hear, and with practice that is what you hear.

Do you understand what I am trying to say, do you understand?

Sitters: Yes, thank you.

Spirit: It is a matter of mind to mind, something very important to develop. It takes practice, lots of practice.

It has been lovely being here again and I’m so glad you appreciate beautiful music because it is a joy to many people.

Sitter (H): Thank you, Su Lee, thank you very much.

Spirit: Wait for a little while and Mr. Ling, Mr. Ling will come and talk to you.


Sitters: Goodnight.

Topic: Anyone can be a healer. You don’t have to be in a circle and you don’t have to be psychic.

Second Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Sitters: Greetings Ling.

Spirit: There are a number of questions (that we are aware of), that people ask to do with healing, and that is something you are interested in too, so we will try and answer them that you may benefit possibly yourselves, or pass it on.

Now it is asked, “Oh I can’t be a healer. I’m not in a circle”. That my friends is quite ridiculous. You do not have to be in a circle to heal.

Then, “I am not psychic. I cannot be a healer.” Being very blunt - rubbish! That also is not true.

The gift of healing is there for everyone, everyone has that gift, but, (and it is a very big ‘but’), it has to be developed, and the way to develop it, is to improve ‘self’.

Become the person who loves humanity, who has compassion, who has sympathy for all, good or bad. The sympathy for the bad, as you know in yourselves if you are compassionate, is that that person has a long, hard path to follow, but with time, and remembering that we don’t have time here that can mean perhaps hundreds of years, that soul will develop, will learn, and the more the development, the more is learnt, the better healer they will be.

So you yourselves and any of your friends or acquaintances who talk on healing, explain to them that they can be a healer, even if they don’t believe in life after death, as long as they love their fellow man, as long as they have compassion for them, as long as they look on each one as brother or sister, some very young in the development of soul, others no doubt a far greater person than perhaps the questioner or you are.

They may not realize this, but by the way they live (and also remember the way they think), has a very great affect on the development of their soul and their ability to heal.

If in the course of your life (and I don’t mean necessarily you people), but you see someone, perhaps they smell, perhaps they are quite repulsive, in many ways you don’t like the look of them, but if you can have compassion for that person, feeling, “Well I’m fortunate, I can clean myself without much effort, I can do this, I can do that”, and you realize that on your side you have possibly got a lot of help, and you wish that that person may have the knowledge that they too, can get that help. They may have to alter their habits in many ways, but no doubt you’ve had to too.

Perhaps as a very young child you loved playing in the mud, but you’ve learnt that that is not acceptable when you are dealing with spirit. Because in your healing you are asking spirit for help for another spirit, and you are spirit, and earthly things, material things, are not part of that. It is just a love of humanity.

Remember that friends, in your healing try and love, and I don’t mean sexual love, I mean the love of people. The same as you may say that you love dogs, or cats, or horses – you love humanity. Explain this to people, so that they know that they can sit themselves and think of the person they want to heal, with simplicity in their heart and with no ulterior motives, that they just want that person well.

Or else if it is very serious and it is a physical… or is something where they would be better to die, that they can have the understanding that because the person has died whom they asked help for, that that too, is part of a healing for that person. They are no longer in pain, they no longer feel sick, and they are moving on.

Anyone can be a healer, you don’t have to be in a circle and you don’t have to be psychic. Do you understand this?

Sitters: Yes, thank you.

Sitter (K): I do have something to ask you. How many times should one ask for someone whom you have asked for before, and maybe they have made progress or maybe not… but just how many times should one keep on asking, in the hope that things will all come right?

Spirit: In sending loving thoughts to a person, and the fact that you have asked for help to do it, not week after week, but there is no reason at all why you shouldn’t repeat it, no reason at all because it all helps - it is that thought, that ‘mind to mind’.  You may be fortunate in getting directly to them, then again you may have a healer on our side whom you have contacted, and they will try and help too. Your asking and thinking of that person is never wasted.  Be sure of that.

Sitter: Thank you.

Spirit: Well my friends, if you have no further questions I think that is all for tonight, and we would like to have our usual half hour afterwards please.

Bless your circle and do please keep up the healing, even if you are by yourself and you see someone who needs help, give it there and then. You don’t have to go rushing up and put your hands on them, just think, “I wish you health”, and really concentrate on that person, perhaps just for a very brief time. You may even see them straighten their shoulders, because someone has thought of them in a positive manner.
Remember that you can help many people.

Goodnight and God bless you.

Sitter (H): Goodnight and thank you very much.

Sitters (J) & (K): Thank you Ling.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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